Gone Baby Gone

Well wadda ya know? Folks are beginning to miss ole George W. Bush according to a recent Gallop Poll:

Bush has maintained a fairly low profile in the four years since he left office. However, he returned to the public eye this year with the April opening of his presidential library at Southern Methodist University in Dallas.

Bush left office with 40% viewing him favorably and 59% unfavorably in January 2009. That worsened to 35% favorable and 63% unfavorable in March 2009, but his favorable rating recovered to the mid-40% range by 2010.

The June 1-4 poll shows further improvement in Americans’ ratings of Bush, which had not been more positive than negative since April 2005. Prior to then, Americans had always viewed Bush more favorably than unfavorably, including an 87% favorable rating in November 2001 after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. That is one percentage point below the all-time high Gallup has measured for any public figure, shared by Colin Powell (2002) and Tiger Woods (2000).

Bush’s lowest favorable rating was 32% in April 2008, as the economy was in recession and gas prices were headed toward record highs in the U.S. Also at the time, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were engaged in a spirited campaign to become the Democratic nominee who would run for president to succeed Bush.

As the article notes… former Presidents are generally treated kindly in hindsight. I offer an exception to that general rule — the truly bad ones: James Buchanan — aka the former WORST President ever and Jimmy Carter who has scooched down (or is that up?) to third-worst overall; second worst one-Termer slide down and I think Obama will go down as the worst ever — and generally thought to be so by a wide margin. George W. Bush might just be our King Josiah. In any case… take it away Cinderella (you’re welcome Eric).

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  • Daniel

    I guess it takes a while for the ‘fog of media’ to lift when it comes to Republicans.

  • -fritz-

    I always liked GW. He made a few mistakes, but When he was POTUS, I never went to bed afraid for the loss of freedom, or terrorism, as I sometimes do now. Sadly there are a couple things which he did that helped the current IIC to be where we find him today. The DHS has gotten totally out of control, and GW started the bailout problem. He was a bulldog on terrorism, however, and for that I will be forever grateful. He may not have gotten Bin Laden, but then the IIC now didn’t either…it was the Seals, no matter that the media gives him cedit for it! It did happen on his watch, but so did all the myriad of government scandals we see now. For those, he needs to be impeached and removed from office! The ASAPer the betterer! 😛

  • Raoul Ortega

    I would like to think that a half century or so from now, The Bystander-in-Chief would be down there in Buchanan/Johnson (both of ’em)/Carter territory. But opinions of Him won’t really change until we have another “minority” prez to compare against Him, one who is actually competent and not a liar.

    (Impeachment– Why would this time have a result any different than it did for Clinton? It’s a waste of time and effort and “political capital”. The people around the Bystander-in-Chief, however, those are some juicy targets just asking to be taken out. Isolate Him and make Him a liability to Dems up for reelection.)

    • -fritz-

      Apparently what Clinton did was not a “high crime or misdemeanor” enough to toss his can out of office. Anyway, by that time he was neutered by a Republican Congress, so we’d have ended up with Gore as POTUS and that would have been almost as bad as what we have now!

  • G.E. McCulley

    I’d like to mention the truly long lasting effects of two of the worst presidents whose legacy haunts us to this day on the domestic side.

    Woodrow Wilson can be proud of the income tax and it’s collector, the IRS.

    Lyndon Johnson and his Great Society bought us the modern welfare state with the war on poverty.

    Barack Obama is trying create his utopia with the nationalization of healthcare, the destruction of the insurance industry, and a food stamp nation. Obama wants to transform us into who knows what. My question is how will the United States survive his policies and his clear lack of character?

    Did I mention transparency?

    • Scott M.

      Good points.Woodrow Wilson was evil,the father of the left.Alice Roosevelt(bless her heart)was supposed to have put a curse on him when he returned from France in 1919.

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