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Naval Gazing

The U.S. Navy is joining the U.S. Air Force in protecting our shores from terrorists suggestive cartoons and song lyrics.

In line with Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel’s order for troops to have their workplaces searched for “degrading or offensive” materials — part of an attempt to curb sexual assault in the military — the Navy will inspect even its bathrooms.

While what’s degrading or offensive is open to interpretation, the material can include song lyrics and “inappropriate cartoons.”

In a memo sent on June 13, Navy Secretary Ray Mabus ordered that all sailors, Marines, cadets and civilian employees have their workplaces searched by June 28.

The “comprehensive visual inspections” of the workspaces conducted by commanding officers will “ensure they are free from materials that create a degrading, hostile, or offensive work environment.”

Such items are “contraband,” the memo says.

According to the order, “Workplaces include but are not limited to: Office buildings, facilities, naval vessels, aircraft, government vehicles, hangars, ready rooms, conference rooms, individual offices, cubicles, storage rooms, tool and equipment rooms, workshops, break rooms, galleys, recreation areas, Navy and Marine Corps Exchanges, and heads.”

“Individuals conducting the inspection will immediately seize and document any contraband discovered during the course of workplace inspections,” the memo says.

“Contraband includes materials that are patently lewd, lascivious, obscene, or pornographic, as well as supremacist images, publications, or materials,” it says.

Those items can include song lyrics, “inappropriate cartoons,” picture with “inappropriate comments,” and “unprofessional” calendars or posters, according to a spreadsheet template provided to commanders to record their findings.

The searches are a result of an order by Defense Secretary Hagel, after a Pentagon survey found that approximately 26,000 Service members experienced “some form” of sexual assault in 2012.

So a jihadist Army officer can give a PowerPoint on Islamic jihad, but no pictures of boobies. We are in such very good hands.

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  • Daniel

    I wonder what “The One” and his ilk’s shenanigans have done to recruitment and re-enlistment numbers. Outlaw? Any idea? I’m really curious as to whether there has been any significant change.

    • Got no clue I retired and I keep in touch with just a few guys who are officers, so re-enlistment isn’t that much of a concern to them.

      They ARE driving people out in droves because of downsizing…and usually the first to leave are the ones you really would like to keep.

      Every time I read something like this it makes me glad I got out.

  • Scott M.

    No more Betty Grable pin ups,I guess.

  • Matt Helm

    Why don’t they just put out an across the table general memo that says, “Men can’t be real men anymore!”

  • -fritz-

    Next thing you know they’ll be doing courts martial for being an NRA member!

  • -fritz-

    So, let me get this right. It’s OK to be openly homosexual in the military, but if you are normal (yes I said “normal) you’re in trouble?

    • Daniel

      Yup, especially if you flaunt your normality.

      It is proof of Neuhaus’ Law: “Where orthodoxy is optional, orthodoxy will sooner or later be proscribed.”

      It is elaborated on thusly: “Orthodoxy, no matter how politely expressed, suggests that there is a right and a wrong, a true and a false, about things. When orthodoxy is optional, it is admitted under a rule of liberal tolerance that cannot help but be intolerant of talk about right and wrong, true and false. It is therefore a conditional admission, depending upon orthodoxy’s good behavior. The orthodox may be permitted to believe this or that and to do this or that as a matter of sufferance, allowing them to indulge their inclination, preference, or personal taste. But it is an intolerable violation of the etiquette by which one is tolerated if one has the effrontery to propose that this or that is normative for others.”

      • -fritz-

        In other words, right is wrong and wrong is right! Evil is good and good is evil! This all leads us right to the heart of the “freelove” bunch who came up in the hippy ridden late 60s and 70s…”If it feels good do it!” No wonder the Bible tells us that things will get really bad in the end times!

    • Anonymous

      That’s what I meant by men not being real men. It seems it’s not allowed anymore.

  • Scott M.

    What’s long,hard,and full of seamen?

  • I know it’s easier said than done to talk tough, particularly coming from the mind of a civilian, but I’d almost want to get court-martialed or disciplined for having pics of a lascivious nature in my footlocker.

    • Scott M.

      Guy on a ship might put a picture of his wife up and have it torn down.

    • You wouldn’t receive a courts martial but something that is called non-judicial punishment. I was only a Platoon Leader for a while but I would crush idiots like the guy you say you would want to be. Their leaders don’t make these rules, they are just required to enforce them and people like the ones you ascribe to be just make life harder for everyone and prove absolutely nothing.

      If a guy had a picture of his wife in a bikini in plain sight, not only would he be asked to take it down, he’d be an absolute dumbass…even if she was a clone of Raquel Welch the amount of grief he would receive on a daily if not hourly basis would be mind boggling.

      If you are in the Army and want to look at your Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader poster you are free to do so, you just can’t have it in your workspace. Do people go overboard and become a bunch of whiners and complain about anything and everything? Yep some do, and I hate them as much as you do. But someone who flaunts rules and regulations is a cancer in the unit and I would aggressively punish that person to the fullest extent of the regulations. Mr. Roberts, Hawkeye Pierce types don’t do well in the military for a reason.

      Is this stupid? Yes. Is this mind boggling? You betcha. But it is the result of people making stupid dumb decisions about male female relations and the things they have chosen to display in the workplace and in public areas. Commanders try to be even handed and punish the guilty, but at a certain point when individual punishment doesn’t stop the activity they begin to engage in group punishment. We are at that stage.

      • See, I knew it’d be easier to talk tough. I’d also like to think Army training would have beaten that John Winger-esque smartass outta me early on in basic. 😉

      • Matt Helm

        It’s similar to trying to instill discipline in students. There’s always some kid who wants to be the clown and override boundaries and school rules. Even the littlest of distractions, whether it’s talking, or walking around without permission, or even a breach of dress code, undermines authority and sets off a chain reaction of followers who are too eager to copy them. Only punishment puts a stop to it, and restores order.

  • Wonder if the Air Force would make an exception since this gal’s formerly one of their own. See, ladies, we do actually read the interviews, too.

  • Loyal Goatherd

    The searches are a result of an order by Defense Secretary Hagel, after a Pentagon survey found that approximately 26,000 Service members experienced “some form” of sexual assault in 2012.

    Does anyone think that number sounds crazy? 26,000 is over 71 a day. I looked around to see where such a number could come from.

    26,000 was arrived at through an anonymous survey and constituted less than two percent of active duty military members. The actual numbers reported are less than 3,400, and those who actually were disciplined in some form were around 1,100. The definition of sexual assault in the Uniform Code of Military Justice includes everything from rape to unwanted fondling.

    This crackdown is related to the sexual assault “numbers” thrown around by the professionally aggrieved members of congress and their desire to harass our warrior elite.

    False Rape Culture

    • -fritz-

      The left is very good at “setting up” surveys, skewing results etc. It’s like the generally quoted statistics for kids killed by guns. The vast majority are actually directly involved in street gang activity/drug dealing, etc., and a lot are actually between ages 18 and 21. There are many more examples similar to this, where actual results are buried to make way for the more agenda driven outright lies that are told to make their point. The sad part is that not too many in any authoritative position calls them out on it! And the beat goes on!

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