From the Trailer Park -- Beware the Batman

for a new animated series on Cartoon Network premiering July 13.

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  • David Marcoe

    Here’s hoping they aren’t pandering to the Ritalin-popping ankle-biter demographic…

    I can appreciate that these characters have their origins in stories written for children, and that appeal (and market) has never diminished, even as they’ve grown into figures that can shoulder heavier-weight drama. It is kind of grotesque when the basement-dweller set among geekdom sets up a hew and cry over, gasp!, comic/superhero-oriented shows for kids. They do the rest of us geeks, who actually dwell among humanity, great harm to our reputation.

    No, what I oppose is dumbed down entertainment for kids, produced on the faulty premise that things like continuity and and character progression are too sophisticated for anyone under the age of eighteen. It’s been a trend lately on both the Marvel and DC side that well-liked or well-loved shows solid ratings haven unceremoniously taken out back and given both barrels, to be replaced with “kid friendly” versions that are both dumber than their predecessors and seem phobic of any of the finer points of storytelling.

    Of course, what still remains the gold standard for children’s animation is “Avatar: The Last Airbender.” That was was lightning in a bottle, for it was both truly appropriate entertainment for children and attracted a substantial adult audience, for it had things like a continuing narrative, dramatic conflict, moral dilemmas, and interesting characters, along with solid production values and beautiful animation. The writers/producers did all this without falling into the opposite trap of shoving in material not appropriate for children, in an effort to make it “mature.” No, they did something rarer, they told a good story, with a beginning, middle, and end.

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