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Happy Birthday ‘Merica!

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  • Scott M.

    Nice to hear the whole piece,which is only 15 minutes long(most people only know the last couple of minutes).Not quite sure why it became associated with the 4th,but I’m glad that it is.

  • Matt Helm

    The Pops always close their July 4th concert with this. It’s the cue to start up the fireworks display.

    • Scott M.

      I know,Matt…I was just wondering how the tradition got started.Did it start with the Pops?

      • Matt Helm

        Yes, in the 70s when Arthur Fiedler started the tradition. The first time he did it was during a nation-wide televised Pops Fourth of July concert at the Hatch Shell. Other symphonies around the nation saw it and then copied it. I wasn’t at that one (don’t think), but I saw Fiedler conduct a few 4th concerts, as well as John Williams. Saw Lockhart too, but … big deal.

  • Scott M.

    Only one Fiedler!

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