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ATM at the Vatican

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  • Loyal Goatherd

    So the last shall be first, and the first last: for many be called, but few chosen.

  • Scott M.

    Coffee,kruellers,and,since I’m from the South…KUDZU!

    Someone years ago had the notion of using this Asian vine as a tool to fight soil erosion…OOPS!Millions of acres in these parts are still covered.A weird beauty,though,as you can see.My sister and I as kids used to see animal and dinosaur shapes!

    • -fritz-

      Yes…I hear people who visit from there refer to it as the “Great Kudzu solution!” Some folks don’t know it’s not good to mess with mother nature! Ask any Australian about the “cane toad” solution! 😀

  • Scott M.

    I remember that ATM,Floyd.When you get your cash,the screen says “Bless you,my child”.

  • Matt Helm

    I was thinking yesterday that it would be great if they made a movie or cable miniseries of Henry Knox’s journey transporting his Noble Train of cannons and artillery from Ticonderoga to Cambridge, MA. Three hundred miles through ice and snow, over mountains, rivers, and lakes, cutting their way through dense forest. The story of that feat gets pushed to the side in lieu of all the other landmark moments of the Revolutionary War.

    • Scott M.

      Good idea,Matt.Correct me if I’m wrong,but Knox was a 300 pound bookseller from Cambridge,later our first Secretary of War.You are right,that feat was magnificent.Imagine that morning when the Regulars woke up and saw those guns trained down on them around Boston Harbor.

      • Matt Helm

        If it weren’t for Knox they wouldn’t have driven the British out of Boston, and the war might have stopped then and there. If they ever resumed fighting the British at a later time, even a decade or two, I doubt we would have had the Founding Fathers that we had. They would have been other men, and the History of this country (and the world) would have been much different.

    • Write the script and I’ll pass it along to your fellow Nor’easter Jack Marino. Need something to get him making movies again.

  • -fritz-

    Rumor floating in my neck o’ the woods that Ted Nugent will run for Pres. next time out! He says he wants to correct all the mistakes the “One” has made. Only thing wrong with that is that Ted can’t possibly live that long…none of us can! Oy!

    • They keep saying that about Keef Richards, but look how that hasn’t worked out. Heard a portion of the Nuge’s ad earlier today, too, and it involved something along the lines of “I’m Ted Nugent, and I have 9 kids by 7 different women … and I’m running for President.” Based on that statistic alone, Democrats should love this guy. Shrewd movie, Uncle Ted, shrewd move. Crank up “Dog Eat Dog” as a campaign theme and the guy you’d replace may even consider a vote for you.

    • goozer

      Can’t vote for The Nuge — he owes my brother $10G. No lie!

      I still rock out to Stranglehold, though. 😎

      • I’ll be at an archery clinic he’s facilitating before his concert at The Grove of Anaheim next week. If I can get the dough, can he count on your vote?

  • -fritz-

    Coffee, krullers and cowgirls!

    Where in the heckinvar is Tink and Texacalirose? Inquiring minds want to know! :-)

  • JimmyC

    Ron Swanson (on Parks and Recreation) is one of the best and most conservative characters on TV right now. Exhibit A:

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