The 36th Aviation BDE is Deployed

3 comments to The 36th Aviation BDE is Deployed

  • Is supah-cool with the servicemen, but music needs more Lucero, less Kings of Leon.

  • Scott M.

    Great film…first time I heard Kings of Leon,and I hope the last.

  • Matt Helm

    Nice. I’m with them on the music. I usually share your aviator videos with a Vietnam vet aviator teacher I work with, but he just retired and no longer has his school email for me to send him this.

    Speaking of aviation, my girlfriend took on a temporary job as private nurse to Glenn Curtiss’ daughter-in-law, who’s 90. Curtiss was not only the father of our aircraft industry, but he actually test piloted what he built, himself. Same thing with the motorcycles he built. He was the Tony Stark of the early 20th century.

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