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Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney make a wish.

Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney make a wish.

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  • Matt Helm

    I think Rooney won.

    • Matt…have a safe day out there in the trenches! Seriously!

      • Matt Helm

        Funny you mention that fritz, because as if the kids weren’t bad enough, our new assistant principal is worse. I had a run in with him last month where he asked me why the teachers at my school don’t care about our students, because I said I had too much work to finish up while I cram a sandwich down my throat. He bitched me out in front of my kids. I emailed him how unprofessional and inappropriate he was, and never heard from him. I sat down with the principal about it and she was shocked, but I don’t think she ever mentioned it to him.

        Today, I dropped the kids off at lunch and had to go to the office to turn in standardized tests the kids took that morning, which is a formal, big deal. He calls to me out the side door of the cafeteria to come over to him, and says because I just dropped them off and left, they were disorderly storming the cart to get their trays and forks. I gave him a sarcastic, Oh no! And in front of my kids he said, “This is why your students don’t respect you.” I emailed him that it was inappropriate of him to say that in front of my students, and copied it to the principal. He responded to us saying, “I don’t remember having any conversation with you in the cafeteria. Never thought I’d say this, but thank God for the union, because I’m going to do whatever it takes to get rid of this guy.

        My kids acting like idiots is one thing, but when we have a child for an AP, that’s worse.

        • Rufus

          I’ve worked with some liars. They can wreak a lot of havoc, especially when in management. Can’t stand ’em.

        • Dr. Schplatt

          I feel for you man. I left a school last year for greener pastures after a similar experience.

          • Matt Helm

            Thanks. A union official just got back to me and is making an emergency meeting with admin about this guy tomorrow morning. Mine isn’t the only complaint against him; he tore apart the middle school teachers in front of a behavior problem kid’s parent, making them look like idiots for not bringing certain data that he never asked them to bring. They all have grievances against this guy.

            When my student attacked me, he got 10 days suspension, and recommended for expulsion. This AP over the weekend, changed it to just 3 days of suspension, and the expulsion recommendation was gone. I emailed him about that too, and he didn’t know what I was talking about there either. Fortunately, when I told the principal about all this today, she said she remembered that he got 10 days and never knew it was changed to 3. This POS has dug his own grave and doesn’t know it.

            • Rufus

              You deserve a break and some satisfaction. Good luck tomorrow!

              • Matt Helm

                Thanks. I find some satisfaction in not respecting this man. My office partner is in awe of how I speak to him, or stick up for myself when he tries to intimidate me. She’s such a pushover that she hyperventilates vicariously through my emails/words to him.

                • I tell my kids that there is a certain amount of shit one has to take in life. One of the keys to happiness is finding what shit you don’t have to take and then don’t take it.

                  Don’t take that shit Matt! :-)

                  • Matt Helm

                    Thanks, Floyd. I’ve told him how inappropriate and unprofessional he’s been. He also said that when I dropped my kids off for lunch today, I endangered the safety of the other 200 kids in the cafeteria. He copied that to the principal. Ha! She’ll laugh at that. Like I’m a terrorist for doing my job to walk the kids to lunch, and leaving, which is in my job description.

                  • Rufus

                    Funny, but at dinner tonight I learned that one of the little Fireflies is having some trouble at school. She had exacerbated the problem by turning the other cheek, “WWJD?” as she told me, and shrugged. I had to explain to her that Jesus stood up for himself and people do not respect people who do not stand up for themselves. When someone does something mean it’s best to address it and them right away. Often the person will respect that and you’ll get along, but even if they don’t others will understand that you respect yourself and will respect you in return. As I told her, “You can’t control how others treat you, but your actions affect how others see you.”

                    Of course, it can be harder at work, when there are hierarchies and we are all paid to tolerate a bit of megalomania. I’ve been amazed at how many very successful bullies and thugs I’ve encountered in the professional ranks. Like your Assistant Principal, they must have encountered a great many sheep along the way to make it as far as they do. I’ve seen grown men in very high profile and paying positions behave worse in Board meetings than 5 year olds at recess.

            • Cheering you on, here, Matt! Soc et tuum !

        • INFJ

          Hope you get some help from your union, Matt.

  • Coffee, krullers and correctness, of the political sort!

    I had never heard of it till Hillary of the Thighs used it back in the 1990s when she was shrieking about defending her hubby’s politics from that “Vast right wing conspiracy”!

  • INFJ

    Where’s your apology, Karzai! I want our guys home NOW! Then I’d love to see your apologies to the returning Taliban, but of course you’d be long gone, you ungrateful bastard!

  • Ken in NH

    Look at me! Look at me!

    Wait, how the hell do you know so much about me?!?

  • JimmyC

    This is pretty funny: The Ten Commandments of Online Atheists. Sadly I’ve encountered all of these at one time or another, mostly on Reddit or Imgur, but they’re all over the Web these days.

  • Texacalirose

    I just filled my dehydrator with beef jerky, my very first batch, to take on my Thanksgiving week horse camp. If it turns out OK, it will save me tons of money and NO SOY!!!! I’m going to make bacon soon, but pork belly is hard to find. I’ll probably make Buckboard bacon which is made from pork shoulder. Bacon is bacon and NO NITRITES!!

    A woman at work has a persimmon tree, so she brought me pounds and pounds of them. Those bad boys are a dollar a piece at the grocery store! I made several loaves of persimmon bread and then pulped the rest to keep in the freezer.

    I really love this foodie blog! (This is a foodie blog, ain’t it?)

  • Scott M.

    As Fritz would say,””I’m just wild about Harry”

    A little advice,Dingy…what goes around comes around.

  • Somehow, I think our very own Loyal Goatherd can top this story.

  • Scott M.

    The Apotheosis of Charles Manson

    Vincent Bugliosi,by the way,is in the twilight of his life,so I’m glad to see these two shits are sort of buds.

  • Rufus

    Now that we’re a foodie blog I thought I’d share some information about something I’ve been playing around with the last year, or so. Glenn Reynolds, the “Instapundit” is big into Gary Taubes’ beliefs regarding weight gain. I read one of Taubes’ books, and there’s a lot to digest (Get it? “Digest?!”), but the basis of his reporting is insulin tells fat cells to store energy and most sugars cause the pancreas to release insulin. A lot of his advice is similar to Atkins, South Beach, etc., but he really only cares about the glycemic index value of foods. The lower the glycemic index the less likely you are to get fat from eating it. Also, about three years ago one of my sons got into the Caveman, paleo, diet fad, and still follows it, so I’ve learned a bit about that from him. (If I remember, one of Texacalirose’s sons is also a Caveman.)

    So, about a year and a half ago I started cutting out breads, chips, stuff like that… Wheat and corn have crazy glycemic indices. I tried to eat more meat, fish, green, low glycemic index vegetables, nuts… I lost some weight, but then put a little more back on. I have to say I didn’t really notice the weight loss effects Taubes and others swear by, but I’m not sure I have a lot of weight to lose, either. I think if one is 20, 30, 40 or more pounds overweight a low glycemic index diet could have merit, but, for me, I can’t say I noticed much. I did, however, have more energy. I noticed I was no longer getting tired around 2 – 3 in the afternoon, as I often had. Also, I noticed some weird stuff on my bike rides that I hadn’t expected at all. I thought my bike riding would suffer because high glycemic carbs are so crucial to endurance training (or so the literature claims), yet, I was stronger than ever. I also noticed my knees stopped aching when I kneeled for long periods of time (and, when you are as fallen a Catholic as me you spend a lot of time kneeling) and other minor aches and pains also diminished or completely went away. I hadn’t expected anything relative to joint pain, only weight loss (which didn’t really happen), so I don’t think the diminished aches and pains were psychosomatic at all. Weird.

    Since I didn’t notice the weight loss proponents of low glycemic eating touted I decided to scrap the experiment and go back to eating the way I had. I immediately realized I could no longer eat big lunches, nor did I want to. One of the problems when trying to eat low glycemic is there aren’t a lot of convenient foods to eat. One can’t just grab a salmon filet from a gas station quick mart and almost all fast food is 2/3 bread, or more. So, during my low glycemic test I started eating protein bars for breakfast. Now that I found I could no longer eat big lunches, especially lunches featuring buns and/or bread, I started eating a larger protein bar for lunch and have been doing that for at least a year. So, from about 8PM – 6PM (about 22 hours) all I eat is one 20g protein bar around 6AM and one 30g protein bar around 11:30AM. To my amazement, I’m not particularly hungry and I hardly get tired. I also find I am sleeping much better. Around 6 at night I eat whatever Mrs. Firefly makes for dinner (even if it’s bread, pasta, etc.), but I try not to eat after that. On nights I do snack I find I feel awful the next morning and I don’t sleep well. Oh, I haven’t really lost any weight either. I imagine I’m consuming ½ to 1/3 the calories I used to, but my weight is staying the same.

    So, where the h*ll did this myth start that we have to eat a huge breakfast? I’m sort of fasting about 22 hours a day (and I do completely fast 23 hours a day during lent and at least 24 hours one or two other days a year) and I have tons of energy. I’m not getting sick. I’m sleeping better. On days when I walk up and feel groggy I think about the night before and it almost always corresponds to my having eaten some type of snack food before going to bed. 6- 8 servings of bread a day my *ss! The food pyramid is a pyramid of lies!!

    • Scott M.

      Foodie blog!”Beans,beans,the musical fruit,the more you eat the more you toot!”

    • Matt Helm

      Is that the belly fat diet? I ate just like you explained and I lost girth and weight easily. Not that I was real fat, but I got fit just from the diet alone, though I exercise lightly. This year because I’ve been miserable at work with the kids and idiotic admin, I’ve been reaching for comfort foods (and beer) and have gained a few pounds. After the holidays, I’m going back to cutting breads, sugar, etc. If you ingest no more than 16g of sugar a day, and only up to 120g of carbs, it makes a difference.

      • Rufus

        A dago not eating pasta?! Santa Maria!

      • Rufus

        I think it is related to the belly fat diet. I never thought about it until I read the book, but it seems odd that humans think they need to eat so often each day, and so much bread.

        Where did the three big meals a day idea start? No other animal eats that way.

        • Matt Helm

          Who you callin’ animal, animal! Gotta break it down to which animal eats as often, or more or less frequently. Carnivores have shorter intestines and a lot more acid in their stomachs, so they digest things faster, which means a faster metabolism and more frequent meals. There are similar rules to Omnivores, Herbivores, and Scavengers. Man is the only animal who cooks his food, so there’s that to the equation, too. I’ve read that smaller portioned but more frequent meals are good, and also that they aren’t so good. Diff’rent Strokes for different folks. Some things might work for some, and not for others. Sometimes we wedge ourselves into a routine that works and because WE don’t feel as hungry, or feel the need to eat as frequently … it might not be the same for others. Confess … we crave all that crap that is bad for us because it tastes so so good. That’s why diets or healthy ways of eating is so hard for us to stick to. Crap just tastes so good. It’s like crack.

          • Rufus

            Agree with the taste and cravings, although I do think foods that spike insulin make one hungry for similar foods (high sugar content) sooner.

            I also agree that there is a lot of variety in what works best among humans. I’m sure we all know someone who eats junk all day long and is as thin as a rail, as well as folks who eat little and are fat.

            However, I find it hard to believe many humans were capable of eating 3 or more good sized meals daily until, perhaps, the 18th or 19th century.

            The most amazing thing to me about all this is how little is actually known about what diet is best, or even good. There are billions of people consuming trillions of calories each and every day, yet doctors and scientists still debate fundamental concepts, like whether fat, protein and carbohydrate are all necessary and in what amounts! Taubes correlates the obesity epidemic with the medical profession’s campaign against fat that began in the 70s. He insists we need to consume fat to stay lean, and fat intake reduces cholesterol. Much research backs up that claim, yet most scientists and doctors believe the opposite.

            I’m sure you’ve heard the recent studies stating salt intake is not bad for blood pressure, and actually helps lower blood pressure! How could we still be debating such fundamental things?

        • Beg to differ, the grazers are (mine are anyway) up before dawn, eating most of the day and when they’re not actively eating, they lay around and chew their cud. They would wonder about us, eating so little how we fatten up so. And what is it about humans and sex? Dams release a scent that tells the sire, I’m ovulating once a month when not nursing nor pregnant, so about three times a year. One of those times she will not run away from the sire quite as fast as the other two times. Viola, a new generation is concieved, twins are the rule. Humans, underfed, oversexed!

          • Rufus

            As Matt wrote, there are differences among herbivores, omnivores and carnivores. However, the omnivores and carnivores I’m familiar with tend to eat large meals infrequently. Heck, bears go weeks without eating in winter. We feed our dogs once a day and I don’t notice their energy waxing or waning as the day progresses. Don’t lions eat every few days?

            Also, there are plenty of animals that live very long lives consuming only one food, or just a few foods. Where did the idea arise that humans are the one animal that has to eat dozens of different types of food daily to be healthy?

            Also, it has been known for almost a century that elderly people who go on a near starvation diet typically extend their lives. Extreme low calorie intake in humans extends life. Yet, every mother alive believes eating a variety of a lot of food is the key to good health.

            • Matt Helm

              Some animals have to eat so many pounds of food per day to stay nourished. Lions eat 15-16 lbs a day, so even if they don’t eat as frequently as we do, they still eat a lot. The other difference between our diets and animals'(besides our having to cook), is that they have to hunt or forage, which demands a lot of exercise. All we have to do is drag our fat asses out of our vehicles and walk the short distance to the supermarket door. Animals don’t snack, and the majority of our snack foods aren’t healthy, or don’t have any beneficial nutrients. This is why kids are getting fatter. With kids, I’ve noticed it’s not sugar that they binge on, it’s all kinds of chips, and they don’t exercise enough to burn it off.

  • I just watched part of a Ronald Reagan retrospective on H2. He was giving one particular speech during which he gave a thumbnail sketch of what he hated about communism. Fits today’s America to a t! Disgusting how far we’ve sunk in that short amount of time! Krusvhev didn’t have to bury us. It was done by a “shovel ready teleprompter reader” that throws like a girl!

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