9-11 Open Thread

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  • What can I say? Never forget? We’ve pretty much forgotten. America was at fault, Bush was at fault, Christianity was at fault. Everybody was at fault except radical Islam. America was given a wake up call, and we smashed the phone.

    • The other day I read that anyone age 20 and under has no memory of 9/11. And since they don’t remember it, it’s easy for the media, education system etc. to mold their opinion of it.

      I was born not too long after the Vietnam War ended, but growing up it seemed like ancient history. That didn’t matter much, though, because it was being discussed at great length in our culture. It seemed like every other week there was another movie about the war or a news story about the veterans. Politics aside, it was treated as an important part of history. That’s not happening with 9/11. The only time anyone wants to talk about it these days, it’s usually “what we did to deserve it” or “how the warmongers/corporatists are exploiting it”, not “how do we stop it from happening again?”

  • Raoul Ortega

    So the forecasts for this hurricane first had it going up the east coast of Florida, then the west coast. Last night I saw that by this time it should be past Pensacola and in Alabama. So instead it went up the middle, and over coastal Georgia.

    Last month Neil Tyson (World’s Foremost Authority) made the preposterous claim that because astronomers figured out the motions of the solar system, their eclipse prediction proved that we should all believe the claims of the Climate Change Cult. Because it’s all science, or something. Yet here the weather modelers couldn’t get things straight as to what one particular storm was going to do during the next 48 hours, but we still need to impose Socialist economic policies because of what the Cult’s computer models tell us might happen late this century.

  • Dr. Schplatt

    It makes for interesting conversations at my school when none of the students and even some of the parents of the first and second graders can’t remember 9/11 because they were too young.