Liberals Are Failing In The Culture But They Don't Care


Over the weekend, the Hollywood Left suffered not one, but two high-profile flops. The 2017 Emmys, which were basically a three-hour anti-Republican bash-fest, had their lowest ratings of all time. And ultra-liberal actress Jennifer Lawrence’s latest film, an artsy anti-Christian torture porn mess called mother!, bombed with Lawrence’s worst mainstream opening of her entire career.

Conservatives are understandably taking a victory lap over these left-wing failures, citing them as proof that leftist culture is a failure. Well, they’re definitely right, from a conservative, business-oriented point of view – unabashed liberalism doesn’t sell, not in any aspect of the culture it infects. Consider:

-Liberal movies are bombing everywhere they open (see mother!, Bushwick, the Inconvenient Truth sequel, Miss Sloane, the Ghostbusters remake, and on and on and on), and actors’ constant attacks on Trump and his supporters are hurting their movies, big-time.

-The media’s ratings are way down, all across the board.

-Both ESPN and the “kneeling for the flag” NFL it reports on have their respective viewerships down.

-Comic books, which are mainly written as far-left SJW propaganda these days, are selling a tiny fraction of what they sold 20 years ago, when the industry suffered a catastrophic crash.

-Michael Moore’s latest documentary and his Broadway show both flopped.

-Left-wing corporations that shove their opinions down customer’ throats find their stocks tanking.

-Enrollment and alumni donations are way down in liberal colleges like Evergreen and Mizzou.

And so on, and so forth. It’s not an accident that the few entertainment outlets that are consistently doing really well – video games and streaming TV – are genuine free marketplaces of ideas. For every liberal Bioshock Infinite, there’s a conservative Halo; for every liberal Orange Is The New Black, there’s a conservative The Ranch.

So yes, liberal culture is failing everywhere it exists. But here’s the thing: liberals don’t care. They really, really don’t. And it’s not because they’re ignorant, it’s because they’re not looking at any of this from a financial perspective. Their goal isn’t to tell stories or entertain people or to make a successful product. Their goal is to push their politics down as many people’s throats as possible. Everything else, including profitability, is a distant second to them.

They are not artists, and they’re certainly not entertainers. They’re soldiers in a culture war. That is their primary reason for being. And like every war, the objective is to take over as much territory as possible. Thus, making a liberal-themed movie or TV show with other liberals is its own victory, whether it is financially successful or not.

I know what you’re thinking – “how can it be a success if it fails with audiences?” That’s because you’re not thinking like a leftist. Take, for example, “Miss Sloane”, a piece of leftist anti-gun propaganda that came out late last year. If you haven’t heard of it, I don’t blame you – nobody has. It bombed, making only $9 million WORLDWIDE on a $13 million budget. The investors lost their money, no question about it. But the liberal filmmakers and actors who made it did not lose anything. They’ll keep right on making movies – the film’s star, Jessica Chastain, has 9 more movies lined up, according to IMDB. They are accountable to no one for the movie’s financial success – the studios blame audiences, marketing, etc. – anything but the people who made it.

And more importantly, they probably sold around a million movie tickets, mainly to other liberals who got to have their political opinions confirmed on the big screen, a few centrists that might have been nudged slightly to the left on the issue, and a few conservatives that they could give the metaphorical middle finger to. So they reached a million people, and they did it using other people’s money. In a culture war, that’s a victory, my friends.

It’s all about taking territory, gaining as much ground as possible. Every time they make an album like “American Idiot”, or produce an episode of Law & Order that bashes Christians, or hijack an awards show speech with an anti-Republican rant, that’s not ridiculous to them. That’s taking another hill in the culture war. Reaching as many people as possible via camera or microphone and shoving their opinions down their throats, indoctrinating young and/or impressionable people into becoming more leftist, that is always a win in their book. ALWAYS.

To put it plainly: they’re not in the money-making business, they’re in the propaganda business. It really is just that simple.

I know, I know – how can they possibly keep that going? Eventually driving away customers and public good will has gotta come back to bite them financially sooner or later, right? Well, not really, because (a) most of them are already rich and don’t care about their future income, (b) many of the people who would normally hold them accountable for their failures do not because they share the same politics, and (c) they only fail if the whole industry fails. And that’s not going to happen. Movies are a multi-billion-dollar business that has been around for over 100 years. Do you really think it’s going to go under if enough Trump supporters boycott it? Not bloody likely. Profits will be hurt, sure, but the studios will limp along and keep employing propaganda artists just the same.

Yes, some people lose their jobs when these products fail. But liberals don’t care. From their perspective, this is a war, and they are taking hills. Try telling a General that “we lost some men taking that hill!” The General will just say, “people die in war.” A culture war costs jobs, just as a real war costs lives. Liberals are perfectly fine with putting other people out of work if it means getting their message out there.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t boycott or avoid supporting the liberals who go out of their way to offend us. By all means, spend your money on whoever you want. What I’m saying is, it’s not going to make them change. They don’t care, because they’re in it for the cultural indoctrination, all the way, and they’re going to keep it going as long as humanly possible. Politics is downstream from culture, and they’re playing the long game.

What WILL work is if we start taking our culture back. Like Muslim jihadists, liberals know they’re in a war, even if their opponents don’t. The best thing we can do is realize we’re in one, too, and act accordingly. Andrew Breitbart understood that, which is why he made Big Hollywood the first site on his news page. If we really want this constant bias and indoctrination to stop, then it’s time for us to get in the game and start taking some hills of our own.

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  • A lot of people believe that advertising doesn’t cost; it pays! Same thing with propaganda. As long as liberals have the money, they’ll keep pumping it into their message.

  • Good piece. But I wonder if the intended effect is happening. I reached out to a hardcore lib about the Emmys. His reaction? He liked Colbert’s shtick but found the rest unnecessary.

    I think this 24/7 political combat is exhausting the very people they hope to reach.

    Oh, and I interviewed the great Bruce Campbell today for my podcast. He had some amazing quotes about stars getting political. I’ll be pulling together my notes from the chat Friday for my weekly show.

    Spoiler alert: If you like his Groovy-ness already you’ll soon like him more.

    • Interesting. I actually read an interview with Campbell during the Iraq War where he got really snarky and political, and I lost some respect for him. That said, I give celebrities a free pass to do that once, because we’re all human, and it doesn’t really bother me unless it becomes a pattern of behavior. He at least seems self-deprecating enough to realize his silly opinion doesn’t matter any more than anyone else’s.

  • Rufus

    There’s a lot here, JimmyC. Interesting topic and opinion. While I do think you’re correct that many involved are akin to zealots, I think you’re wrong about the dollars. Here’s an interesting quote from Roger Simon (who, as he writes, has worked among them for decades):

    “But here’s the truth about those entertainment-types, having worked among them for decades. They’re really afraid you’ll think they’re just dumb actors. So they pontificate endlessly, particularly at awards ceremonies, to convince you (and themselves) they’re not nitwits or just mega-rich Tesla communists (formerly Cadillac communists or Mercedes communists). But if they were watching Trump’s UN speech — and sooner or later we all were — they know deep down what we all know, even if they wouldn’t say it in a million years for fear of never working again: he was great.”

    (This is going to seem so tangential that it belongs on another post, but stay with me…)

    Imagine it’s January, 1945. It looks like the Allied forces have tipped the scales and the Axis powers will be defeated. Would anyone, in their wildest dreams, imagine that Japan and Germany would be two of the world’s most thriving, freest Capitalist societies in two decades? There were serious scholars, politicians and military men in the U.S. and U.K. arguing that forced sterilization or worse may be necessary to quell the Nazi and Imperialist fervor of the German and Japanese citizens after the war. Yet, within about 5 years the citizens in both countries were drinking Coca-Cola, driving Caddies, dancing to Glenn Miller and waiting on line to buy tickets to MGM musicals.

    A lot of people are simply attracted to power. “Who is winning?” “What is winning?”

    You’re right that the power today in Hollywood is Leftist. But, as Simon writes, expose the ideology as dumb, or, even worse, take away the attention and dollars, and you’ll see a lot of people do an about face overnight.

    It’s the early ’70s. The counter culture revolution is in full swing. Dystopian movies are all the rage in Hollywood. Patriotism is declasse. Carter gets in office and it’s all malaise and melancholy. Our best years are behind us. We’ve reached peak oil. Buy a tiny, poorly made car and drive under 55mph. Famine is imminent. Inflation is the norm… Then Reagan comes in, turns the throttle up on the economy and freedom and the next thing you know actors are lining up to star in “Die Hard 7, Die Hardier.” Cigar bars can’t open fast enough. SUVs outsell sedans and every Hollywood A-lister wants to be seen driving a Hummer.

    Most of the folks in Hollywood are sheep. Really narcissistic sheep. A great example is Jane Fonda. When the counter cultural revolution was going on she married(?) one of the leaders of the revolution and became a counter cultural revolutionary. When the go-go ’80s were in full swing she married one of the wealthiest men in the world, became a Christian and asked Vietnam veterans to forgive her perfidy. Obama was elected to two terms and now she’s anti-Capitalism and pro-socialism. That would seem insane (and it is) unless you understand that ideologies are like clothes, or peacock feathers to a lot of these people. Jane Fonda cares as much about politics, the environment and the economy as she does about hemlines. Which is to say she cares a lot. She cares about what’s in style. Who and what is winning? What are all the people in power wearing, saying, buying, protesting, advocating?

    But even more important is the money. Yes, you are right that projects almost guaranteed to fail have been getting funding. But not twice. The Left abandoned Michael Moore when he stopped being profitable. John Cusack’s anti-war movie bombed and now he’s not signing big contracts. And on, and on. The funding will dry up.

    The super successful performers can ignore the money (although many won’t), but the whole thing is built on money and people will shift allegiances quickly, and often, to go where the dough is.

    • Dr. Schplatt

      Taiwan, ranked near the bottom in total population, manages to have an economy larger than 170 other nations. They sit at 25th in the rankings. All of this because in the 60s and 70s the government looked at Hong Kong and thought, “hmm..being rich like them would be awesome.” and capitalism started.

      • Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Singapore…the media obsesses on left-wing authoritarians like North Korea and China, and ignores all the capitalist success stories in Asia. Almost like it’s by design or something.