There were a lot of mic drop moments from Ben Shapiro’s speech at Berkeley, but this one is my personal favorite.

What you see in this video is what the Berkeley Left was so afraid of, what they protested, labeled “white supremacy”, had to attend therapy for, and forced the city to spend $600,000 to keep safe: an actual, free exchange of ideas. A liberal point of view on a touchy social issue (abortion), being debated by a conservative point of view. No big surprise that the conservative destroyed the liberal’s argument with basic logic, because like a lot of young lefties, the student tried to base his argument on emotions and blind political loyalty and then work backward to make the logic fit, rather than the other way around.

Imagine a genuine free marketplace of ideas on campuses where these kind of exchanges could happen all the time, with no one being “triggered”, no one running to a safe space, no one accusing anyone else of hate speech or inherent bigotry. Just two people sharing their points of view and then seeing what happens. That’s what the universities and free speech are supposed to be about in this country. But we can’t have that, because then the next generation might not get indoctrinated into becoming liberal drones who vote to keep the Democrats in power. Still, major kudos to Shapiro and other fearless conservatives who walk into the lion’s den and remind us of what higher education is supposed to look like.

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  • Ken in NH

    So a person in a coma is not a burden? Who’s feeding them, taking away their waste, providing power for A/C, &c? The coma fairy? And if the test is burden without sentience to one or two people, why do we outlaw infanticide? Richard Dawkins is an odious troll but at least he follows his own logic to their absurd conclusions and believes that infanticide should be legal. That’s evil, but I prefer honest, naked evil over gaslighting, goalpost moving, and lies to justify evil.

  • Shapiro is amazing — even if I don’t always agree with him. He’s fearless and takes the fight to them, qualities that we all should applaud.

    In a sane world “SNL” and its ilk would be mocking college students on a weekly basis.

    • So very true, CT. I’d also like to think with all the talent I know our side has, we’d be able to counter-program SNL with something/anything.

      • We tried with the Half Hour News Hour. It had some funny moments, but couldn’t get the ratings. I think the mistake they made was trying to be too overtly political of a show. If they’d focused on spoofing the media in general (which is what The Daily Show used to do back in the day), and just occasionally get political, they might have been more successful.

        • Yet nothing since. Inexcusable.

        • Rufus

          It’s nearly incomprehensible this hasn’t been done. One of the Little Fireflies told me about Sam Hyde and said his show was very good (from his Wikipedia entry): “In August 2016, Million Dollar Extreme Presents: World Peace, a television program Hyde co-wrote and acted in along with the other members of Million Dollar Extreme, premiered on Adult Swim. Four months later, it was announced that World Peace would not be renewed for a second season. Hyde attributed the show’s cancellation to his vocal support for President Donald Trump.

          Although Greg Gutfeld is a good guy, and does a good job I have been very disappointed with his Saturday evening show. I thought it was going to be a “Tonight Show” type set-up, or a comedy news show, but it’s just a rehash of the same stories that all the other pundits on TV and radio have discussed ad nauseum throughout the week. C’mon Greg! No bands?! No sketches?! No video shorts?! Each week there’s usually a fake ad and some times there are man in the street interviews, and other short bits, but that show in that slot could be so much more. Fox should give Gutfeld an actual budget and some writers and see what he can do with it.

          I heard Glenn Beck tried something on his network? “The Boy Scouts of America” or something like that. Never saw it. Never heard anything about it.

          However, isn’t “Archer” an anti-PC show? “South Park?” “Archer” seems a bit like “All in the Family” to me. The protagonist isn’t supposed to be heroic, but viewers understand his motivations correspond with human nature. “Archer…” “Archie…” Hmmm…

          • Tell me about with Gutfeld’s show, and don’t even try to convince me Tyrus couldn’t eclipse (in more ways than one) Ed McMahon in the side-kick department. Zo’s 20 Lb. Sledge could be the house band, throw a little love to Gary Eaton’ s Army You Have band as well.

            JimmyC 100% correct in that it shouldn’t be hyper-partisan, but there’s a huge void to offer an alternative to SNL.

            Oh, thanks for the laugh, too, suggesting conservatives provide an actual budget for entertainment-oriented projects. I tried to get something like this off the ground a few years ago while still in Hell-A, but far too many short-sighted — no sugar-coating it — cheapskates unwilling to invest in steering the narrative unless you plaster your screen with heavy-handed God-God-God-God messages.

          • Blue Collar TV was another one, and it wasn’t all that political, but definitely had conservative values. I don’t know why that one didn’t do better, I thought it was very funny and was targeting an underserved demographic. Maybe too much gross-out humor in the later episodes. Oh, and Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn, which came on after The Daily Show for a while and was kind of like conservative counter-programming.

            Another one I liked was a short-lived Spike TV show called This Just In. It was an animated show about a young Bush-supporting conservative and his liberal friends. It had some genuinely witty moments. And it was made with flash animation, which can be rendered quickly, so episodes were able to comment on very current events. I think that show only lasted about a dozen episodes, which is a real shame.

            All decent shows, but all relatively short-lived. I don’t know what the secret is to making a successful one, wish I did.

            • Rufus

              I thought Blue Collar TV was very successful?

              • kishke

                Duck Dynasty?

              • Getting cancelled after two low-rated seasons isn’t my definition of successful. The comedy tour was incredibly successful, but it couldn’t translate to success for the TV show, for whatever reason.

                • Certainly fair examples, to varying degrees, but ultimately too niche-minded (as was the occasionally spotty but I thought still funny, and definitely mishandled by ABC, The Goode Family.

                  Maybe it’s too late in our divided nation to realistically hope for a return to the days where offices and classrooms were buzzing with people quoting Belushi, Murphy, Carvey, Hartman, or Ferrell sketches alongside Fire Marshall Bill or Handi-Man. Couldn’t hurt to try, though.

                  • Rufus

                    I think we are all right that the networks, most all cable channels and Hollywood are not ceding ground to conservative view points, but I do see a real backlash or counter culture or something developing.

                    I’m young enough that I still have a few Little Fireflies in the nest and based on what I see and hear from them and their friends, young people do not watch TV. All my friends say the same thing; they never see their kids in front of a TV.

                    But they are looking at screens all day long. I can’t believe how many adults have said to me, “Have you ever heard of some guy named, Ben Shapiro? My kids tell me I ought to check him out.” Jordan Peterson, a greying, Canadian expert in psychology, neurology and philosophy is huge on Youtube. Young people are consuming his hour-long, dry lectures as fast as he can record them. Joe Rogan?! Tens of millions listen to his podcasts and watch his videos; 2 to 3 hour conversations consisting of him and another person sitting at a table with headphones on. He is not PC. He does not believe men and women are interchangeable. His viewpoints would not be welcome on NPR.

                    It’s interesting. Just as we ignored our parents’ radio stations and listened to album rock in our friends’ basements and ignored their networks and watched MTv, Comedy Central and ESPN; young folks are ignoring conventional television and movies. I hear my kids and their friends laugh at what their teachers are telling them. They go along to get the grade, but the minute they walk out of class they and their classmates exchange podcasts and youtube clips denouncing what their teachers teach.

                    There is a whole lot of humor and truth out there, and people telling the truth with humor, and the audience is finding them. It’s harder for old folks like me to see because I still view the old media as sacrosanct, but young folks don’t even know what a news anchor or newspaper reporter are.

                    When I was a kid I could name every news anchor on the national networks, including PBS, as well as the anchors on Chicago’s NBC, CBS and ABC affiliates. I could name a handful of Chicago newspaper reporters by name. How many High School students can name a single, network news host or journalist working in their town? Maybe a weatherman or sportscaster, but that’s likely it.

                    • No argument (and very encouraging to hear), but Samantha Bee, Maher, etc. still hold some amount of audience and influence on the 25-70 demographics. Damn shame to see them go unchallenged mainly because the right’s too unwilling to raise any counter-programming noise.

                    • Rufus

                      I agree, but I see hope of a trend that the Left is overplaying its hand. Youth is attracted to counter culture and Maher and Bee are culture. Nothing punk rock about them. They are who kids’ middle-aged parents watch. Check out Red Pill Black or Shoe On Head or Antonia Okafor (sp?) or Laura Southern on YouTube. Who would a teen-aged girl find more interesting?

                      It is a shame the Right fell asleep at the cultural wheel for 5 decades.

                    • I think you’re onto something there, Ruf. Jimmy Jr. never watches regular TV, except the occasional show on Cartoon Network or Animal Planet, and doesn’t watch many movies. Mostly he streams shows, plays video games with other kids from around the world on Xbox Live, and watches YouTube videos (supervised, of course). In terms of screen entertainment, his childhood is wildly different from mine or his mother’s. It’s going to make him a more discriminating culture consumer than I ever was.

                    • Rufus

                      I hope you’re not getting whiplash from how much I’m bouncing from; the end of the world is nigh to, everything’s coming up roses, but we are in a time of immense, cultural disruption. It’s hard to know which way things will go when standing on shifting sands. I see a lot of bad omens and a lot of portents of optimism.

                      One example in a hundred: I think I first heard of youtuber, Roaming Millennial, three weeks ago. I don’t even think she was on-line a year ago. In the past week she’s popped up on two different podcasts I listen to. I just google’d her. She has almost a quarter of a million youtube subscribers, over a half million views in the past 30 days and is making over $25,000/year simply from youtube ads. She’s likely earning even more from her patreon and other things.

                      Googl’ing some more, it looks like Erin Burnett on CNN(!) gets about 400,000 viewers and a good guess is maybe 100,000 are age 25 – 35, even fewer younger than 25.

                      So, some young girl put up a youtube page on her own and is being watched by far more young people than Erin Burnett with a team of writers, a producer and make-up artists.

                      I’m not sure the culture is where we think it is.

                      Post Script:
                      Jiminy Chrismas! I just googl’ed Shoe on Head. She had almost 3 million views in the past 30 days. That’s “million,” with an “m.” And she’s pulling in almost $150k a year, just from youtube! How many Hollywood movies sold a million tickets in the past 30 days? One girl. No writers. I don’t even think she has anyone else hold the webcam.

                      Huge paradigm shift. Where it stops… Nobody knows…