Verrrry Eeeenteresting!

This is a series of election maps showing what the election results would be if only certain races/genders/education levels voted. It’s apparently from Real Clear Politics, although I haven’t been able to confirm that, so take it with a grain of salt.

election map

(It figures that my state would be blue no matter what.)

Assuming these are accurate, it gives a pretty clear picture of why the Left wants to keep us divided along racial and gender lines.


3 comments to Verrrry Eeeenteresting!

  • -fritz-

    Congrats, Jimmy, on living in the ghetto of Washington State! 🙂

    • *Future Ghetto. Remember, we were Republican-led for decades, and it takes some time to undo all of that safety and prosperity, but the socialists, I mean Democrats are working overtime to get it done as efficiently as humanly possible.

  • That map is really interesting – and understood to take with a grain of salt. I’m a hostage of the Peoples Republic of Minnesota and out of 8 maps, MN is red in only two. Somehow I am not surprised by that.