Under The Milky Way Tonight

Suren Manvelyan is an Armenian astronomy and physics professor, as well as a very talented photographer. His latest project is taking pictures of Armenia’s rural landscape at night. The result is a breathtaking look at a rarely-explored part of the world.

Harichavank Monastary:

An abandoned bus, with the Moon and Venus in the background:

Lake Armaghan:

The ruins of Artavazik Church:

An “ice hill” created by a broken pipeline in winter, near Saghmosavank Monastery:

Neghuts Monastery:

Another view of Neghuts Monastery:

Bjni Fortress:

Varagavank Church:

Ohanavank Church, evening:

The ruins of St. Sargis Monastery:

Tatev Monastery. The turquoise light you see is being generated by a ropeway, the longest in the world:

The “Dragon Stone” at Stone Lake, with a meteor in the background:

Sunset at Lake Sevan in winter:

Mount Ararat. (The mountain itself is in Turkey, but the view is in Armenia):

You can see more of Manvelyan’s work (including more night pictures) at the link above.

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