The Anti-Child Left

A liberal publication called The Independent recently posted this article:



I’ll save you the trouble – I’ve read the article and it’s absolute garbage. The “science” they cite is a dumb video by a couple of snarky YouTubers, and has nothing to do with actual science. The article itself basically just repeats the claim that you shouldn’t have kids because they’re stressful, expensive, time-consuming, etc. All the stuff we already knew about them. It basically lists all the obvious downsides to having kids, and none of the upsides, to let you know that if you’re looking at it from a purely selfish, me-oriented position, having kids is a bad deal. It’s an ugly, simple-minded piece of writing that appeals to the very worst impulses of humanity.

Oh, and it doesn’t actually get to the real point until the very end, when the author points out that having kids contributes to global warming and overpopulation, and therefore by not reproducing, you “might be saving the world”. Almost like that’s been their agenda all along or something.

But hey, that’s just one article, right? It’s not like this is something the liberal media is saying all the ti-



Honestly, between this and their boundless support for abortion, liberals should just call themselves the We Hate Children Movement.

Of course, we know liberals aren’t really concerned about overpopulation, because if they were, why would they encourage massive immigration from Third World countries that are culturally known for having lots of kids?

Could this anti-child crusade possibly be motivated by the fact that people who have kids tend to become more conservative, as the experience makes them pro-life (for obvious reasons), and want their kids to have jobs and not be taxed to death or be victims of criminals or terrorists? Of course it is. It’s always about power with these people. And purely in terms of political gain, destroying the black family is the best choice the Democrats ever made. If they manage to destroy the American family, they’ll probably never lose an election again. And between abortion, feminist “empowerment” through relationship-free sex, the constant redefinition of marriage and gender, and anti-child environmentalism, they’re well on their way to doing so.

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