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Operation Baby Lift… over 3,300 Vietnamese orphans were airlifted to the U.S. in 1975.

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  • Scott M.

    “Money’s the name…Moore Money.This is my brother Les.”

  • Scott M.

    A museum to sink your teeth into

    Somehow I missed this attraction when I was in London…thank God.

  • Scott M.

    The rigors of a true Christian education

  • In my endless quest to catch up on movies, I finally got around to seeing Maleficent last night. I was expecting a fun Disney movie with some annoying-but-mild moral relativism (this is a movie that makes a classic supervillain look sympathetic, after all). But I was wrong, it is so much worse. The kind of social engineering that Disney has been giving us lately (grumpy feminists in Star Wars, gay innuendo in Beauty and the Beast, etc.) is annoying, but normally doesn’t bother me too much. But this movie, especially the ending, disgusted me and frankly left me sick to my stomach.

    (spoiler warning) Not only does the movie show a man’s actions turning Maleficent evil, it actually twists the entire Sleeping Beauty story to make her (Maleficent) the hero and the King the villain – because he’s a man, of course. The original story was female-centered, but it at least let Prince Phillip be heroic and wake the girl up with a kiss. This version doesn’t even give him that. It makes him a worthless idiot, and when his kiss doesn’t work, he is thrown out of the room and out of the movie. Maleficent is the one who wakes her up with a kiss, because girl power. And not only is the prince thrown out, the evil King is literally thrown out when he attacks Maleficent and she drops him to his death. The movie then immediately cuts to the Princess, smiling happily at Maleficent. Yes, smiling at the woman who just killed her father. Because who cares, he was just an evil, worthless, patriarchial man, right? And it ends with her living a utopian “happily ever after”, surrounded by women. No prince, no father, and she couldn’t be happier.

    Seriously, every single man in this movie is evil, worthless, or a pathetic toady, and the empowered and awesome women are happy to be rid of them all. That’s the movie’s message. And if that’s really true, then why should we men bother? If we’re really all that worthless, why should any of us bother to stay and raise the children we father? Why should we become soldiers, cops, business owners, or bridge builders? Why not just sit on our asses and play video games all day while the AWESOME, EMPOWERED women go out and do everything? Seriously, why should we bother if we’re that bad? Screw you, Disney, and screw what you’re teaching my son about being a man.

  • Scott M.

    Sheryl Attkisson on our American Stasi

    Ah,nothing like the lives of others!