Sunday Open Thread

Socking it to Satan…as seen on Coronado Island.

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  • JimmyC

    Happy Sunday, Threedonia! Hope everybody’s having a good weekend.

    Yesterday we celebrated Jimmy Jr.’s 7th birthday party. We had a much bigger crowd than expected – over 20 kids and their parents showed up. It was a big, boisterous group, but the party went well and good times were had by all. Here’s the thing: it was a wildly diverse group of people – lots of different ages, races (the nonwhites probably outnumbered the whites 3 to 1), economic backgrounds, political persuasions, etc., and everyone got along famously. Everyone was happy and gracious, and we all enjoyed the shared experience of coming together and letting our kids play and enjoy each other for a couple of hours. These kind of experiences are a nice reminder that we’re not nearly as divided a country as the media wants us to believe.

    That said, between the stress and the social anxiety of putting that party on, Mrs. C and I got home last night feeling like we’d just run a marathon. Parenting is exhausting.

  • Scott M.

    NFL players in London diss the USA,honor history’s greatest slave trading nation

    British shipping magnates were so good that even Spain and Portugal hired them to transport Africans across the mighty ocean.Ignorance is bliss if wisdom be folly.

    • Raoul Ortega

      Gotta give it to Trump here– he’s like introducing a minor impurity into a super-saturated solution or into superheated water. You immediately get a reaction, sometimes a violent one.

      Right or wrong, he is helping to clarify a lot of issues and bring them to the attention of people who’d much rather ignore that issue and hope it would just fade away.

  • Dr. Schplatt

    Had a co-worker ask me today, “Hey, I bet you’re really missing the past 8 years, eh?” I responded, “Having the shits doesn’t make you miss the hemorrhoids. They’re both a pain in the ass.”