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Lon Chaney, Jr. in The Wolf-Man

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  • Scott M.

    Born on this day in 1861,arguably the greatest Polar explorer,Fridtjof Nansen


    Also a great Norwegian patriot!

    • Scott M.

      Here is his ship Fram in Oslo,which Lars has no doubt seen!


      • Indeed I have. You can walk aboard and poke around. Nansen was a great man; invented the “Nansen passport” after World War I, which enabled thousands of displaced persons to travel legally and start new lives. But (as I say in my Icelandic Sagas lecture) he was WRONG, WRONG, WRONG about the sagas. He predicted that nobody would ever be able to use the sagas to find remains of a Norse settlement in North America. Then Helge and Anna Stine Ingstad went ahead and did just that.

  • Scott M.

    The Scorched Earth of Rose McGowan


    She’s kicking the Hollywood rock over,whatever her motive,and stomping the enabling insects and grubs.Nothing none of us didn’t know already,but at last the Fake News Media are forced to report.

  • Scott M.

    Burn,Blue State,Burn!!


    A little payback to the libtard vermin who spewed their bile on Texas and Florida recently.I feel for those people out there.

  • Rufus

    Regarding media we live in a remarkable time. People wearing little or no make-up working completely alone record themselves speaking extemporaneously or reciting words they wrote independently and some of these people have their opinions witnessed by double, triple, ten times the number of people who watch pundits, reporters and journalists on commercial television outlets.

    This isn’t David vs. Goliath. That was one, small man against a larger man. This is David vs. the Third Reich. A single man or woman defeating the output of an entire, coordinated industry!

    A guy like CBS’ Scott Pelley rose through the ranks of the news industry and was groomed over a decades long career to anchor the nightly news. He has an entire newsroom of writers and editors prepare every word he speaks. Set designers ensure he is lit in the most appealing way. People have full time jobs dressing him and preparing his face and hair. Teams of people prepare graphics and film footage to highlight what he says, and make it more appealing. His network has a nearly incomprehensible spider web of connections; coaxial cable, satellites, ethernet, microwave pumping his video into 90+ of homes in the U.S., as well as computers around the world.

    And some guy or gal with a laptop and an opinion can prepare something completely independently that more people will choose to watch. It’s nearly inconceivable. Yet it’s happening.

    Podcasting, a subset of the Internet, has already completely toppled commercial radio. Visual was a little trickier, so there’s a bit of a lag, but it’s happening as we speak. Commercial radio has 3 remaining markets; older people who don’t have an interest in hooking a phone to an aux cable in their vehicle, sporting events and sports talk and political talk. The first group will diminish with time.

    • Glad to know I’ll diminish with time. I was afraid I’d get fatter.

    • TV and radio shows have diminished viewers/listeners because there is more choice. I get that podcasts etc are more popular…but viewership of network news has been tumbling downward for years now.

      • Rufus

        I completely agree. It’s nearly all about choice. What I don’t think the networks imagined (nor did I), is that simple, bare truth could be so effective against highly stylized propaganda. There is still an audience for the latter, and it may always be the largest audience, but how much longer can an organization like CBS keep the staff and hardware necessary to prepare that propaganda machine going with fewer and fewer advertisers paying their bills?

        Look how quickly print media collapsed. Look how quickly the record industry collapsed. This doesn’t mean there aren’t successful writers and musicians now, but the huge, powerful gatekeepers are mostly gone. Just as we witnessed the collapse of newspapers and record companies in the early oughts, I think we may be witnessing the collapse of the broadcast networks.

    • Rufus

      This Weinstein thing has potential to kick off a paradigm shift in entertainment.

      Years ago John Nolte raised the issue of racism and sexism in Hollywood. There is no other industry in this country that can advertise job openings based on physical characteristics, yet Hollywood is built on it.

      For years Glenn Reynolds has been raising the issue of state and federal subsidies to Hollywood, primarily in the form of tax breaks.

      The Left has been viciously attacking corporations, and individuals leading corporations, for any whiff of sexism, racism or favorable tax rules or subsidies. Most of the leaders on the Left know this is a game, but some of their acolytes bought the charade and are true believers. They won’t care that it’s a Hollywood mogul doing the misogyny, they’ll just care that it’s misogyny. Just as we are seeing on college campuses, the Social Justice Warriors they have helped to create with their pious, anti-capitalist films and TV shows are very willing to attack their instructors.

      This could lead to more eyes being opened to the sexism, racism, ethnicism, heightism, weightism, and, most damaging to Hollywood and television; corporate paternalism that is the entertainment industry.

      Why do media and Internet companies get subsidies and tax breaks? How many actors and actresses, directors, producers and writers have off-shore accounts to shelter their money?

      What are the odds another sports team owner will get tax dollars to build a new stadium with more luxury boxes? What are the odds Miramax will get tax breaks to film its next movie outside of L.A.?

      It’s too soon to tell, but there have been a lot of very, very vocal, high profile people throwing stones at other industries and people for years. We may be at the tipping point where the masses wake up and notice the Swarovski crystal and Tiffany glass fortifications those stones are launched from.

      • Rufus

        How it could happen:

        With the publicity of Weinstein’s fall we’ll see a rush of women who have suffered his unwelcome advances vie for money and attention.

        He is not the only living man in Hollywood who has been helping and hindering starlets, female writers and directors based on what they might be willing to do for him. When others see a path to notoriety and empathy through relating tales of Hollywood executives’ boorish behavior we could easily see a bumper crop of stories and allegations. Black Lives Matters latches onto any racially inconvenient police shooting, no matter how inconvenient the evidence, in order to draw attention to their cause and increase their power and control. Might not feminists do the same thing? What makes it even more likely is that the statistics will undoubtedly back their claims. Movies and television likely have more successful misogynists than any industry in America.

      • I firmly believe that Weinstein is just the tip of the iceberg. If we were to give everyone in Hollywood a dose of sodium pentothal and force them to spill the dirt, the amount of filth, abuse and corruption that would come to light would make the whole town come crashing down. If we knew the truth about every Hollywood party and casting couch “audition”, we would never be able to stomach going to another movie again.

  • INFJ

    Help, I’ve lost the title of the little book written by my old friend. -fritz-.
    Someone please let me know.

    • Rufus

      From his post:

      A friend of mine and I have written and published a book, called, “The Genesis 3:5 Project, The rise of the new gods”.

      It’s all about the fall of Satan and mankind from the very beginning, down through today and the eventual end of time as we know it.

      It’s available through Amazon for %9.99, and has just been put out on Kindle as well. I am not selling the book with any monetary desires, other than that it may do some good in this rotten old world in which we live!