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Michelle Pfeiffer in What Lies Beneath (2000)

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  • Sure is quiet in here. OK, I’ll start. I had a great Basefook moment yesterday. I shared Andrew Klavan’s great article on Harvey Weinstein and the need for a return to real manhood. An in-law who’s a Democrat asked me, “Imagine if you had a serial abuser of women in the White House.” Meaning, you’re a hypocrite because you voted for Trump.

    I answered, “We had that. His name was Clinton.”

    Sweet moment.

    • Hey Lars, I hope you don’t mind if I repost your Confederate flag post from yesterday, because it’s just too good not to post here:

      “Things I don’t understand: How the Confederate battle flag absolutely represents slavery, but the flag of the Union that defeated the Confederacy apparently has nothing to do with black liberation.”

      Indeed. For that matter, I’m still trying to figure out how the Confederate flag still represents slavery, but the Democratic party does not. Or why Christians are still responsible for the things they did 1000 years ago, but Muslims are not responsible for the things they’re doing right now. Probably not a good idea to get too deep into this.

    • Rufus

      Well played, Sir.

      It’s amazing people are shocked that advocating for the toppling of societal mores that took thousands of years to perfect just might result in gender relationships where women are harmed.

  • Did you know that an African woman’s opinions are completely invalidated if she has a white husband? Oh, the things you learn from liberals.

  • I saw What Lies Beneath in the theater twice and loved it. It really should be seen on the big screen, to appreciate how Zemeckis used sound and visual tricks to keep the viewer on edge. The same could probably be said for Signs and The Blair Witch Project, two movies that I found very effective in the theater, but many people found underwhelming on DVD.

    The thing I remember most is that on my first viewing, there was a group of girls sitting behind me, and at the big climactic scenes, they were screaming so loudly at the scares that they started laughing at each other. If there’s one thing that proves that men and women are different, it’s their reactions to horror movies. Just watch this video of some teenage girls reacting to the end of Ringu (the Japanese version of The Ring), and tell me if you think young men would react the same way.

    • Rufus

      Not sure how old they are, but when I was around 12 I would have been the first one out of that room, sprinting over their bodies and shoving them out of the way!

  • For those who are interested, Matt Walsh is now writing for The Daily Wire, and has already written a couple of great pieces for them.

  • INFJ

    Jimmy, to answer the question you asked yesterday about Dietrch Bonhoeffer: yes he was German, a Christian martyr who was hanged by the Nazis near the end of the war. “The Cost of Discipleship” describes his life in Hitler’s Germany.