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Boris Karloff as Frankenstein’s monster (1931)

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  • Scott M.

    General Kelly takes the field,and the result is utter rout

    Kelly so quietly and methodically devastated the hyenas and jackets of the Fake News® media that they for once were relatively speechless.It was something akin to when lawyer Welch called out Joseph McCarthy,except more powerful.Incredible and gratifying.Thank you,General.

  • Scott M.

    The astounding beauty of organ pipes in Bavaria

    Almost an art deco feel.Visual purity.

  • Scott M.

    The world’s greatest killer,sugar

    Personally,I’m a salt and tobacco man.

  • Scott M.

    A Harvey Weinstein Halloween:”Rape or Treat! “

  • A couple of recent “controversies” show just how adept the mainstream media is at manipulating us. First is President Trump’s call to a military widow, where he supposedly told her “he knew what he signed up for.” The media is reporting that as though that’s all he said to her, coldly. But actually he said “He knew what he signed up for, but still it hurts.” So he actually meant it kindly and sympathetically, while still giving credit to the sacrifice he willingly made. But the media only quoted half the sentence, out of context, to make him look like he doesn’t care about veterans’ families. Sheer lying and manipulation.

    Second is President Bush’s recent comments about white racism. The media makes it look like Bush was referring to Trump and his conservative supporters as white supremacists, but he was actually talking about the alt-right – many of whom are not conservatives nor Trump supporters – and nowhere does he mention Trump or Trump supporters. Again, the media reports it all out of context, and now conservatives all over the place are enraged and saying they wish they hadn’t voted for the guy.

    Stop listening to the media already. Just stop. Or at least get some context before you go off on a headline. Jeez.

    • I’m amazed by the strange new respect for George W. Bush. “You mean Chimpie McHitler? Bushitler? The guy who lied us into war? The racist cowboy moron who let a million New Orleans residents die because he hated black people? That George W. Bush?”

      • It’s amazing how Republicans are always evil monsters when they’re in a position of power (or potential power), but suddenly become human beings when they’re not. John McCain was liberals’ best friend before and after he was running for President, but while he was running he was Satan incarnate. And of course, the evil Nazis Bush and Romney were totally fine after 2008 and and 2012, respectively. (Unless of course Romney tries to run for office again, at which point he will suddenly become evil again.)

        It’s almost like liberals’ definition of evil is “someone who threatens our power” or something.