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Elsa Lanchester in The Bride of Frankenstein (1935)

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  • Scott M.

    One of the treasures of my personal library is Anne Applebaum’s astonishing history of Soviet law and order, “Gulag”.It is so quietly devastating that the horror chills the reader.She has a new book out about the Bolshevik starvation genocide in Ukraine

    It behooves us to listen to people like Anne,here on the upcoming centennial of the Communist coup in Russia.The Left has always winked and nodded at the killing fields of Marx and Lenin.The best response to that is to call forth the voices of the martyrs,the cry of an ocean of blood.

    • Liberals: “Lalalala can’t hear you! Nazis are the only bad guys in history that we need to talk about, ever! Nazi, Nazi, Nazi!”

    • Magnus Caseus Formatis

      I just placed the book on my list at the library. A few selections down, also by Applebaum, I found this book: “From a Polish country house kitchen: 90 recipes for the ultimate comfort food.” Could be interesting, and, perhaps, a lot more fun than “Red Famine.”

  • Scott M.

    Best TV detectives(public or private)

    Thomas Magnum(Magnum PI)
    Danny Reagan(Blue Bloods)
    Endeavour Morse(Morse)
    John Luther(Luther)
    Hercule Poirot(Poirot)
    Rick and AJ Simon(Simon&Simon)
    Christopher Foyle(Foyle’s War)
    Robbie Lewis(Lewis)
    Bobby Goren,Alexandra Eames,Zach Nicholls(Law & Order Criminal Intent)
    Lenny Briscoe,Ed Green,Mike Logan(Law & Order)
    Elliot Stabler,Odafin Tutuola,Olivia Benson(Law & Order SVU)

    Remind me who I forgot.

  • Scott M.

    Why you will never hear “Uranium One” mentioned on NACBS

    The real Russian scandal.

    • Well, obviously without any government oversight there’s no way to tell if those farts are fresh enough. It’s a silent, but deadly problem that must be addressed.

    • Scott M.

      Sounds more California than Tennessee.Main stink here is UT Football.

  • And the hits just keep on coming.

    I remember seeing a couple of Toback’s movies back in the ’90s – for some reason, he’d managed to convince a pre-comeback Robert Downey, Jr. to star in them – and being vaguely unsettled. They would start out like quirky indie dramas and then blindside you with an explicit sex scene that made you feel like you were sudddnly watching pron. Very strange. The guy definitely has issues, and if these accusations are true, he’s a scumbag of the lowest order.

  • So the Bible reading at Mass today was the one where Jesus famously says, “give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, and give unto God what is God’s.” That line is quoted alot when discussing taxes or the separation of church and state, but what is not usually mentioned is that Jesus said it because he was being challenged by the Pharisees, who were trying to catch him in a logical trap.

    I was struck by how much the Pharisees in that story reminded me of the modern Left. They’re so obsessed with “destroying” conservatives, and absolutely refuse to engage in a civil discussion, so they are constantly asking loaded or biased questions, trying to trap us rather than just debating us. Consider this smug pro-abortion writer, who thinks a dumb, ridiculous hypothetical question somehow “destroys” the pro-life argument.

    I’m not comparing conservatives to Jesus – far from it. What I am saying is that using these kinds of sleazy, meaningless attempts at traps is a common practice of moral cowards, from the Pharisees all the way up to leftists in 2017.

    • Raoul Ortega

      I’ve notice that Leftist love to use various Biblical references out of context and twist their meaning. “cast the first stone” and “eye for an eye” are two popular ones. It’s related to their love of bumper stickers and t-shirts and twitter as primary means of conveying their message– phrases that are short, catchy, emotional, superficial, and deceptive.

  • Changing gears … but staying on target, pic wise.

    Watched ‘Young Frankenstein’ with my 8 year old tonight. We laughed the hardest at Peter Boyle ‘singing’ ‘Putting on the Ritz!’

    But late in the film, when Madeleine Kahn emerged with a funky new ‘do, my son said, ‘hey, she’s the Bride of Frankenstein’ now …

    Felt very proud.