Veteran’s Day Open Thread 

Thank you to all veterans, our own fritz and Outlaw especially, for your service.

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  • Scott M.

    Sez the late great Mike Royko about Veteran’s Day,1993

  • Scott M.

    Keble College Chapel,Oxford

    The building astounds me,but many hate it (John Ruskin,the phony socialist,among others).I have a personal relationship with Keble,so I am immune to architectural carping…what think my 3D friends?

  • Still think it’s okay to be Takei?

    I give it 24 hours before he compares being accused of rape to being in a Japanese Internment Camp. Because he compares every freaking thing he doesn’t like to that.

  • Raoul Ortega

    It’s almost like the Progressive Left has created this culture where being a victim confers status. And the current fad is that being a victim of someone famous or a “gate-keeper” confers enhanced status. So we’re getting all these people crawling out of the sordid past of those who dominated the Progressive Left the few decades to claim their prize. And that includes journalists and writers for Progressive Left publications like New Republic or Nation.

    Where are the similar accusations on the Right? (Other than Roy Moore…) Shouldn’t there be a long line of disgruntled underlings from the Weekly Standard or various congresscritters lining up to cash in, especially along the Potomac? Isn’t tu quoque their favorite defense for this stuff. (Then again, it’s ain’t conservatives making the claims. We’re just watching and laughing…) It’s the Outer Party purging the Inner Party.

    Maybe it’s true that the Progressive Left only accuses others of what they do to themselves. Or maybe it’s evolution (something the I Heart Science types claim as a belief)— by not tolerating such behavior as much, the RIght as bred such behavior out of its side, while the Progressive Left bred for such behavior, and got lots of it.

    • For the record, the accusations against Moore are looking pretty fishy.

      The Hollywood accusers have nothing to gain from lying, as far as I can tell. This woman and her Democrat employers, on the other hand, have a LOT to gain politically by her accusing Moore.

      • Raoul Ortega

        Which is what makes this so suspicious. As all the Hollypervs and Journopervs are showing us, this sort of behavior continues until the perpetrator is caught and exposed. That’s not the case with the Moore accusations. What’s he done lately? (And isn’t a Christian supposed to “go, and sin no more” when caught and forgiven? Sounds like he might have done that.)

        Also interesting is the timing. Why not wait another month? Or is this an attempt to influence early voters? Do they really think that they can hit him with just this for a full month and have Alabama votes not elect him out of spite?

    • Rufus

      That first paragraph is the best description I’ve seen.

      Interesting theory in the third.

  • This is kind of a gross thing to discuss (so apologies for that), but as more of these Hollywood sexual abuse stories come out, I’m really struck by how many of these men don’t seem to be interested in sex with women, but in choking the chicken in front of them and making them stand there while it happens. Like, a lot of them are. I suspect they are the result of too much pron – they essentially see women as objects to look at and pleasure themselves to. That doesn’t make them any better or worse than a standard sexual abuser, but it’s an interesting bellwether for how our culture is going right now.

    • Raoul Ortega

      It’s a way dominate others. Note also that far to many of the so-called “victims” didn’t just walk out immediately, but waited for him (is that genderist, to use that pronoun?) to finish. Do they like being dominated, or is that part of the etiquette of the situation– only be offended once the perv has accomplished his goal. Because otherwise he might seek revenge? “Inquiring minds want to know.”

      • It’s like rape, it’s about control, not sex. I do find it interesting that just the accusation of wrong doing is good enough for most people in a lot of these situations to cast the accused out.

        I will stipulate that in the case of Harvey W, so many people are coming forward at once that I have no problem believing that it is true. Some of the others though, one might wonder if it might be folks trying to take advantage to settle old scores, etc.

        I am just saying that it might be prudent to take a measured view and not necessarily rush to judgement when it comes to all of these accusations.

    • Scott M.

      That’s the “sexual revolution” devouring its children …our bodies ourselves.Wonder how the old uptight 1950s sound about now?

    • Rufus

      Extraordinarily demeaning. Misogynistic in the true sense of the word.

  • Thanks and honor to our veterans.

  • Thanks for remembering the day! I hope all veterans who see this had an awesome day!