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  • Why would anyone hire Burton and Harris for the same movie? You’re just asking for both of them to call in sick after long nights in the pub, arguing who was a better King Arthur, and then offering to beat the snot out of anybody in general who cares to bring it, without fear or favor.

  • JimmyC


    Now that’s some good Onion-style satire right there.

  • This just in: liberals are STILL bullying Taylor Swift over her not pushing her politics on people. Yeah, it’s called respecting her fans, a-holes. Something the other celebrities might want to look into.

    Keep in mind that it isn’t some random trolls doing this. It’s Marie Claire magazine. It’s a mainstream media outlet with an audience, demanding that she reveal her politics like some kind of modern-day McCarthy hearing.

    • They really should be careful what they wish from Ms. Swift, because if there’s anything you learn from being a Hollywood conservative, the ones who keep quiet about their politics tend to lean to the right.

      • Yeah, there have been rumors flying around of her being a closeted righty for years now, but she’s said she doesn’t want to be seen as a propagandist and she wants her young fans to think for themselves. By God, that’s how it should be.

      • Rufus

        I’m sure you’re right, regarding the odds, Eric, but in her case, I think she’s just darn savvy.

        • I hope she stands her ground, but I still smell a wishy-washy statement before Christmas. Either way, great publicity for her new album.

          “It’s not how you play the game it’s how you win it
          I cheat and steal and sin and I’m a cynic”

    • She owes them nothing. It’s a free country and she can say or not say whatever she likes.

    • Scott M.

      Perhaps she doesn’t want to be associated with the leftist pedophiles and rapists who supported Hillary…Har,har,Harvey!

    • Rufus

      Contempt for the audience. It ruined Dennis Day’s career.

    • Rufus

      She was drunk and behaved poorly, but the account I read went too far passing judgement. She was directing the driver to her house, felt his GPS was not giving an optimal route and he would not follow her directions, at least initially. She got pissed and he ended the ride on the Uber app and told get out of his car. Maybe she was wrong, maybe they were both wrong, but I can understand why a woman traveling alone was not excited about being tossed on a random curb, at night, with no idea if and when another Uber would come get her.

      • Rufus

        Just read the oped at your link. Doesn’t jibe with the news report I read. Who knows? He said/she said. She really could be a diva, or she could have not wanted to sit on a curb by herself at night and the guy’s attitude prompted her to tell him she is an attorney and familiar with the law, which she thought he was violating.

        I’ve taken about a dozen Ubers. About half were great, four were efficient and reasonable, 2 tried to cheat me and I had to cancel the rides. I’ve been in a million taxis. A few were great, most were adequate, a few were cheats. I’ve had to bolt from cabs at stoplights because I didn’t trust the drivers.

        Women traveling alone need to be hyper alert. Things can go south. Fast.