He Puts The OH In Ohio, Apparently

Bill O’Neill is an Ohio Supreme Court Justice and a Democrat who is running for Governor of the state, and has decided to get some social media attention for his campaign in an…interesting way. After hearing about the sexual harassment allegations against fellow Democrat Al Franken, he decided to respond to them by posting the following message on his Facebook page:


Well, that’s one way to go about addressing this issue. I’m not sure what is more bizarre about this statement: his unsolicited bragging about his prowess with the ladies, his awkward grammar that made half the readers think he banged Bob Taft, or the fact that he is conflating consenting sex in a relationship with other politicians’ rape, child molestation and sexual harassment charges, lumping them all together as irrelevant “sexual indiscretions” that are no biggie. Also, I love the fact that his big climactic statement is “forget all those stupid women who were sexually abused, what really matters is legalizing pot, am I right bros?” You can really feel how much this progressive male feminist cares about women, you know?

A lot of reactions to this statement have been along the lines of “WTF was he thinking?” Well, I can tell you exactly what he was thinking, because it’s the same thing most Democrats are thinking. Deep down, they truly believe that this is what Americans want to hear from them. They’ve seen too many Aaron Sorkin shows and Bulworth-type movies, and they actually think that Democrats lose not because their agenda is being rejected, but because they are being too nice, too safe. Thus, the logic goes, if they start using this kind of “straight talk”, they’ll start winning in landslides.

Of course, Trump is a blunt talker and he won last year, and indeed, O’Neill’s post reads like he’s trying to ape the left-wing caricature of Trump. But Trump connected with people because his language came off as refreshingly genuine, not calculated. Like the old joke goes, the key is sincerity. If you can fake that, you’ve got it made. But Democrats don’t have a sincere bone in their collective bodies. They’ve spent too much time putting down their fellow Americans to play to their left-wing base, and I doubt that boasting about yourself as some kind of Don Juan Cotton Hill who banged fitty women, is going to change that.

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