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Mary and Elizabeth Meet Zechariah the Priest by Lorenzo Selembini (1420)

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    • I left Hell-A a year early it seems. Would love to still be there, cackling as the left continue to eat its own.

      Oh, you may want to throw an extra “dun” in there, in case Queen wants to go Robbie Van Winkle on you. 😉

    • In a just world, all this would lead to a return to more traditional sexual mores. What will actually happen, I’m afraid, is that men will be further marginalized in the world of business. And pretty much everywhere else.

      • That would be nice, but mostly what I’ve seen is the Left digging in deeper, and getting into an internal debate about to what degree all men and their evil, toxic penises are to blame for this.

        • Raoul Ortega

          It also means that any “harassment” that occurs after Summer of 2017 that’s not reported immediately can and should be ignored. What reason can there now be for the so-called “victims” of “rape culture” not coming forward immediately?

      • Rufus

        That’s the goal.

    • Scott M.

      Wonder if George Staphyococcus is getting nervous?

    • Aaaand another one!

      What is up with Minnesota Democrats? Is it so cold up there that the only way they can keep warm is by rubbing their hands on other people?

      • Scott M.

        And all the pervs are above average.

      • As a morbidly shy guy, I always suspected his act. He went on and on about how shy he was, yet he managed to get married multiple times, not counting girlfriends. That sounded more like a successful seduction ploy than self-knowledge to me.

        • Rufus

          Lars, Gary Keillor is a good writer and did a very good job of identifying an untapped niche in entertainment and creating a very good program. Like it or not (I’m in the former camp), it was very well structured and well done.

          Regarding “the act,” I agree. I think a lot of him is an act. I think he was laughing at instead of with a lot of the homespun folks he parodied and he often came off a bit oleaginous and insincere. I liked most everything about his show except him. He had the good sense to surround himself with good talent, but he didn’t have the good sense to stay out of their way, and instead featured himself too often. His singing was borderline awful. And what shy person who is not a good singer would voluntarily sing so often, and so publicly as he did?

          He could have easily stayed more behind the scenes, and the show would have been better for it. He does not seem shy to me, but rather the opposite; someone who loves the limelight and craves attention.

          • Good analysis, but I would like to add an addendum. It is not impossible — or even unusual — for shy people to enjoy performing. Non-shy people have a hard time understanding this, but there’s a distinct difference between a performance situation, where you know what you’re supposed to say, and have a reasonable expectation of audience response, and social situations where there’s no script. Larry Shue, the comic playwright, once explained it by saying, “You can’t rehearse for real life.” A number of famous actors have been extremely shy — Henry Fonda springs to mind, but I know there are others. I’ve also heard the same described about a friend’s brother, who suffers from PTSD.

            I say this because I’m one of those who’s shy but has no stage fright.

            And yet, I somehow manage never to get a girl.

            • Rufus

              That’s interesting, and the opposite seems true also. I know some folks who are very out-going and comfortable in unscripted situations who would rather have a root canal than perform in a scripted situation.

      • Rufus

        (from wikipedia)
        “At age thirteen, Keillor adopted the pen name “Garrison” to distinguish his personal life from his professional writing.”

        Of course he did.
        His real name is Gary.

  • Scott M.

    Iranian wrestler ordered to throw match so as not to face Israeli

    Yeah,how courageous.Too bad he didn’t go ahead and win,mullahs be damned.That would have been courageous.

  • Scott M.

    Lefty media ignore Washington sexcapades…what a shock!

    Wow,all of these intrepid feminists reporters,and quiet as mice.

    • Raoul Ortega

      Something to watch for– how many of these Democrats will get primary challengers who are women running on being women? That’s something that should really scare all these Progressive Leftist Democrat men who thought they had safe seats for life. Expect a lot of personal nastiness from both the challenger and the challenged, especially all sorts of indiscretions dredged up from the past. (I can’t wait to hear the defense when one of these misandryist feminist’s hook-up past gets outed, for example…)

      In the general, in competitive districts, I’d also expect a lot of those “women, running as a woman” to crash and burn the way so many true believers have done for the GOP the last few years. But enough may get in from the safe districts that they will probably break the solidarity the Dems have shown in the past few decades.

      • Scott M.

        Yes,you are seeing females who are politically liberal unwilling to give a pass to men who behave like Bill Clinton now,unlike in the past.And as you say,that might cause some problems for randy male libs.

  • Rufus

    I recently heard writer Eric Metaxas interview comedian Jeff Altman and it reminded me of something I have wanted to write about for awhile. “Jocks,” Policemen, Soldiers… are often clever, creative and hilarious people.

    Anyone who has ever spent five minutes in a locker room changing before or after a tournament, meet, game… will likely tell you there were one or more guys doing dead on impersonations of their coach and other teachers. Hilarious bits parodying their coaches and teachers idiosyncrasies.

    I’m sure Outlaw would relate the same about men he served with, including himself. My friend who was a cop is hilarious, and has great material about what he saw serving on the force.

    It bugs me when I see writers portray these type of men as clueless troglodytes. I think some of those writers are jealous, or simply haven’t spent time around such men, and relegate them to a tired stereotype.

    • Pure classism. From people who claim to believe in equality.

    • I think I’ve mentioned this before, but the blue-collar people I’ve worked with tend to shoot from the hip, with lots of politically incorrect, expletive-laden and raunchy jokes and comments. They can be a little too rough around the edges, but in many ways it makes things easier when you can relax and just say whatever’s on your mind. The cop movie End of Watch absolutely nailed how these kind of guys talk. White collar guys tend to be more polite and less intense, but there’s always a thick layer of BS over everything they say to avoid offending anyone by being blunt.

      • Rufus

        The guys I’ve seen run the gamut, from raunchy to witty. Quick. Funny. Amazing observers of humans who can quickly find the humor in any situation.

        If you were on a College campus and tasked with finding a guy who could win an open mic night at a comedy club I think your best shot would be to avoid the drama classes and creative writing classes and head to a sports locker room or an ROTC training session.

        Not that there aren’t funny and talented people in the humanities, it’s just that you will always find some funny guys in a locker room.

        • I have never been around so many smart-asses in my life until I joined the army. During my nearly 25 years of service there were always several people who you could depend on to lighten the mood. We used to say if we didn’t laugh about things we would cry.

    • Warner Herzog said to aspiring filmmakers, “Skip film school. Get involved in real life. Drive a cab. Work construction. Travel. Experience life. Then, make your movie.” That quote was paraphrased; but, I think you get the point. When the only creative experience some folks have is college, they really don’t have much, except, maybe a superior attitude towards others who may not have a college degree; but have stories to tell, just the same.

  • Scott M.

    Another one bites the dust!

    These sanctimonious twerps are falling like 9 pins.I just saw the clip of Lauer grilling Bill O’Reilly…IRONIC???

  • FYI, Paul Joseph Watson has a recent video up in which he analyzes Joe Biden’s creepy interactions around young girls. It actually made me a little nauseous to watch, and I felt like I needed a boiling hot shower afterwards. I wouldn’t be surprised if Biden is one of these “open secret” Democrats that everyone in D.C. knows about but no one talks about. If he does run for President in 2020 like he’s been saying, I’d expect that video to get a lot of play. I can’t imagine anyone being willing to vote for him after seeing it.