The President's Perfect Pocahontas Ploy


Anyone who reads my posts or comments knows I’m not a Trump fan who thinks that everything he says or tweets is some kind of genius 3D Underwater Chess move to defeat his enemies – quite frankly, I think a lot of it is just an egotistical guy running off at the mouth. That said, after reading Guy Benson’s post about the reaction to Trump’s “Pocahontas” joke about Elizabeth Warren, it occurred to me that it was an absolutely brilliant move by the President. Benson describes the response to Trump’s joke thusly:

…new attention is being focused on the racial hoax she perpetrated for her own professional gain.  That scrutiny, unsurprisingly, is not flattering for Warren, who cynically and baselessly claimed Native American heritage in order to parlay her career as a law professor into the Ivy League.  She carried on the mythical charade until she secured tenure at Harvard.  Well, a whole new audience was introduced to Warren’s preposterous fraud this week when The Daily Show devoted some time to highlighting her feud with Trump.  It didn’t go well for her.  The piece starts with some requisite Trump mockery, and a clip of Warren blasting Trump and vowing that she refuses to be silenced.  Host Trevor Noah’s liberal studio audience applauds her indignation. That’s our gal! But then Noah examines why Trump ridicules Warren with that particular nickname, and things get awkward:

Benson then goes on to play the clip from The Daily Show, in which the liberal trained-seal studio audience laughs very uncomfortably as Trevor Noah discusses the topic and makes his usual canned jokes about it. That response is key: they’re supposed to be laughing at Trump as always, but after hearing what Warren did, the whole thing is uncomfortable and just makes HER look bad.

And that was Trump’s masterstroke. Yes, it was inappropriate for him to make the Pocahontas joke at a ceremony honoring Native American war heroes, but that was the point. He could’ve tweeted it or made the comment to the press, and nobody would’ve cared. But by choosing that venue, he knew that the race-obsessed liberal media would cover it, over and over again, because they can’t miss an opportunity to call him a racist. And covering his joke forced them to also talk about something they have avoided talking about for years: Warren’s own racial transgressions.

Those transgressions really can’t be underlined enough, because they’re pretty serious. We’re talking about a rich white woman lying about being Native American in order to leapfrog ahead of those less privileged and steal their Academic opportunities for herself. Normally, this would be like liberals’ ultimate worst nightmare, and if she were a nobody like Rachel Dolezal, she would’ve been cast out by her fellow lefties in the same way. But she’s a powerful Democrat politician who might even run for President some day, so she’s safely on the Democrat-Media Complex’s protected list, and the media has done everything they can in recent years to make that scandal go away. To liberal Democrats, power isn’t everything – it’s the only thing.

Trump knows this; he used to be one of them, after all. And he knows that Warren could potentially be one of his biggest challengers for the White House in 2020. But her presidential aspirations will be a lot harder to achieve if there’s a race-based scandal following her around in people’s minds. And he knew the mainstream media would never report on one unless it was forced to. So he created a “scandal” of his own by making the Pocahontas joke at the event, knowing that the entire media and left-wing blogosphere would attack him for it, which would cost him nothing, since they already hate his guts and think he’s a racist. But in doing so, they had no choice to discuss what the joke was referring to, and in doing so they informed (or reminded) millions of left-leaning and centrist Americans about what Elizabeth Warren did, something that should make all liberal voters as uncomfortable with her as that Daily Show audience was. And that association is now fresh in their minds, and will remain so whenever they hear her name.

I’m not saying I agree with his tactics, particularly his hijacking of a ceremony that was supposed to be about honoring our veterans. But from a strategic perspective, this was undeniably effective, and there is a lesson here for other Republicans. Stop expecting the media to play fair with you; that’s never going to happen. Instead, accept that they are partisan propagandists, learn their tricks, and use their tactics against them. You don’t have to be a blustering loudmouth like him, but you don’t have to lay down for your enemies, either. Anyone who wants to be successful in the Republican party should consider it part of their job descriptions, like Trump does, to learn how to handle the media strategically. It will likely mean the difference between their political career’s life and death, sooner or later.

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