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  • Scott M.


  • Scott M.

    What a surprise…Kirsten Gillebrand is a hypocrite

    Where were all of these feminist valkyries when old Bill was raping his way across Arkansas?Nowhere.

  • Scott M.

    Alabama voters got what they deserved:there were 2 perfectly good conservatives in the GOP primary,either of whom would have won the general election handily.But publicity seeking missile Roy Moore gets the nod.And now the rest of us are saddled with another Democrat senator.Go to hell,Alabama.

    • Jones: 49.6% Moore: 48.8% Write ins: 1.6%

      Write ins and the high moral ground can take a bow.

    • Raoul Ortega

      “Go to hell, Alabama”

      Let’s not forget the incompetent meddling by those in charge of the Vain Stupid Party who prefer giving up a sure vote for conservative judges and polices for another lock-step Democrat because they find the guy who would be casting the votes for the thing they supposedly support to be “icky”. The same guys who, if they could be bothered to do what they campaigned on, wouldn’t have given Alabama voters a reason to stick it to the Stupid Party leadership. There’s plenty of “go to hells” to be issued.

      As for “publicity seeking missile”– he’d have fit right in with McCain and Flake and Collins and Murkowski and all rest. (And that’s just the Stupid Party egoists. The Dems have their share, too.)

      As for write ins (and Greens and Libertarians)– again, you’d think by now these virtue signalers would figure out that all they are doing is electing someone who will be a sure vote against what they claim to want.

    • I’m really not sure what to make of Moore’s loss. It’s definitely not a good sign that the GOP lost in ALABAMA, but I suspect it was more of a referendum on Moore himself than on the party as a whole. Yes, they were merely allegations, but that’s been enough to hang a lot of people on both sides of the aisle. And those allegations aside, Moore has said and done some pretty weird stuff over the years, and the media’s hyperfocus on him was not good for the party. So even though our majority in the Senate has been weakened, at least Moore and his antics are no longer an anchor around our necks going into 2018. Alabama voters put politics aside and said they didn’t want someone with that kind of sleaze attached to him representing them, and it’s hard to blame them for that.

      Of course liberals are taking a victory lap over this, but if Moore had won, they would be saying that this proves Republicans are bad people. You can’t win with these people – they’re going to act like smug jerks either way.

      • I tend to agree. From the perspective of a Franken constituent, I could see the Democrats setting up a “hypocrisy” shot for the next elections. They’ll still use it, but it’ll be less convincing now. And I expect the flow of liberal abuser stories to continue unabated.

        On the other side, it seems like the message sent is, “We condemn groping 14-year-olds more than killing babies.” Both awful, but murder’s murder.

      • I think if the democrats think this amounts to some repudiation of their policies, then they are in for a big surprise. This was nothing “Moore” than people not being willing to vote for a particular person.

        • Rufus

          Yes, and example #3,714 of the GOP’s fecklessness. I have no confidence in the party’s leadership and have mocked them on this site for years, but even I am impressed that they actually figured out how to lose a Senate race in Alabama. That’s the equivalent of the Dems losing a mayoral race in Washington D.C.

  • Scott M.

    See ya,Al!

    Only reason the Dems forced out Frankenberry was that he probably would have lost reelection.What little I know about Mark Dayton makes me think that Minnesoder will continue to be ill served in the Senate.

    • You can count on that. I’ll miss having Al Franken to kick around.

      • Raoul Ortega

        Francisco Franco is still dead, and Al Franken is still in the Senate.

        And while I prefer he stay there, I do look forward to several more resignations (starting with Menendez in about a month) from Dem ranks.

        Also, should Al finally do what he says he’ll do, that means next year the Dems will have one more seat to defend in an election they hadn’t been anticipating.

        • Raoul Ortega

          “Strange was a flawed candidate from the jump. The circumstances around his appointment by scandal-ridden Governor Robert Bentley were sketchy at best, and rightly or wrongly, voters just never trusted him.”

          The primary was a rebuke to the Vain & Stupid party leadership, which they still haven’t gotten. They keep pushing these flawed, squishy moderates who can’t seem to win what are supposed to be easy elections (see also, Tommy Thompson and what’s-his-name who lost in NoDak as other examples) and get all pissy when the voters reject them.

      • Raoul Ortega

        And now Franken is making noises like his “resignation” ain’t gonna happen.

        Even though his successor, a woman of course, has already been named. (I really thought it would be Keith X, but I guess, at least for now, women, even if they are White, rank higher than Muslims in the victim-mascot hierarchy.) Will we be entertained in the coming weeks with calls for him to step aside or will she be conveniently be forgotten?

      • Magnus Caseus Formatis

        He’s not gone, yet; and, I’m not holding my breath in anticipation of his last day in office.

  • Amazing story of a young Muslim woman who was planning to go to Syria and join ISIS, but became a Christian after reading the Bible.

    It sure is funny how often this kind of thing happens to even the most devoted Muslims when they are exposed to a different point of view. And of course, the media doesn’t consider this newsworthy at all, because it doesn’t fit their moral relativist narrative.

  • Just released, a book I’m excited to read, The Last Closet by Moira Greyland:

    “Marion Zimmer Bradley was a bestselling science fiction author, a feminist icon, and was awarded the World Fantasy Award for lifetime achievement. She was best known for the Arthurian fiction novel THE MISTS OF AVALON and for her very popular Darkover series.

    “She was also a monster.

    “THE LAST CLOSET: The Dark Side of Avalon is a brutal tale of a harrowing childhood. It is the true story of predatory adults preying on the innocence of children without shame, guilt, or remorse. It is an eyewitness account of how high-minded utopian intellectuals, unchecked by law, tradition, religion, or morality, can create a literal Hell on Earth.

    “THE LAST CLOSET is also an inspiring story of survival. It is a powerful testimony to courage, to hope, and to faith. It is the story of Moira Greyland, the only daughter of Marion Zimmer Bradley and convicted child molester Walter Breen, told in her own words.”

  • Update on Comicsgate, aka the liberalization of comic books that I discussed in my “No Escapism” post: an SJW writer has finally been fired after completely running G.I. Joe into the ground.

    Yeah, I can’t imagine how hiring an avowed socialist who mocks people for mourning 9/11 to write G.I. Joe didn’t work out for them.

  • SJWs’ latest whine: that the Golden Globes didn’t nominate any female directors. To hell with merit or artistic value, forced gender quotas are all that matters to our culture.

    The irony is that almost all of the directors nominated made liberal movies that bash white men, Republicans, cops, etc. (Chris Nolan is the exception). But that doesn’t matter, their fellow lefties are still stabbing them in the back over identity politics. That’s how good the Hollywood left has it – it’s not enough for them to make liberal propaganda, it has to be made by the right demographic groups to make them happy.

  • Scott M.

    Weinstein’s List

    Can’t wait for the Oscars and the sanctimonious liberals to explain this toxic culture away.They will,somehow.