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  • Quoth the parrot, “Nevermore.”

    • I’m not drinking any. I don’t need that much iron in my diet.

    • Rufus

      Half a litre, half a litre, half a litre onward!
      Into the valley of death metal drank the 600.

      “a portion of the proceeds for each sale is being diverted to Help for Heroes, a non-profit dedicated to helping British Armed Forces.”

      Good on ’em, but I’d rather have an Iron City.

      • Residents of da Burgh appreciate that, too … n’at!

        • Rufus

          In the early ’70s a beer can collecting craze swept the nation and I saw an opportunity to use my Uncles’ prodigious appetite for alcohol to my advantage. A lot of the kids in my neighborhood started collections and so I worked out a deal with a few of my Uncles; I’d buy their beer if they agreed to open the cans from the bottom with a can opener, leaving the top intact, and gave me the empties. My mom helped out by buying the beer I chose from the shelves during her weekly trips to the liquor store (I’d front her the cash before we walked in). My father was no help as I could not convince him to drink anything other than Budweiser. When I’d get enough cans I’d publicize an auction in the neighborhood, driving up interest so there’d be a bidding war in my backyard on the big day. My Uncles were convinced my generation would be the ruin of our nation because kids were willing to pay 3 times more for an empty can than a full one cost!

          Iron City was one of the first beer companies to realize they could increase sales by selling different can designs when the collectible craze began. This was a boon for me, since most companies kept their designs for years. Once I had sold a pristine, empty can of Schlitz to every kid in my neighborhood, there was nothing more the Schlitz brewing company could offer me. But Iron City started offering different cans; Steelers team cans, Penguins team cans, Pirates team cans, individual player cans, cans with different colors… Iron City was a boon to my business.

  • Shapiro takes a well-deserved (and very well-written) victory lap over Steve Bannon’s ouster.

    Good riddance. Bannon turned Breitbart into exactly the kind of sleazy propaganda machine that Andrew devoted his life to fighting against. He’s welcome to go pound sand forever. I just hope Breitbart can rebuild itself into what it once was, before Bannon became the Grima Wormtongue of the right.

  • Apparently a rapper I’ve never heard of is being accused of “transphobia” because he didn’t want to kiss a transgender woman (aka a man in a dress) that was basically being forced on him. So let’s see: consent is such a big deal in regards to women that a man asking a woman out now is sexually harassing her. But men, on the other hand, must kiss whoever liberals say he should kiss, whether he wants to or not.

    It’s almost like liberals don’t give a shit about sexual harassment, and they’re just trying to make women feel like perpetual victims so that they’ll keep voting Democrat.

    • At the same time keeping men perpetually guilty, so they’ll vote Democrat in penance.

    • Dr. Schplatt

      It’s like the scene from Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves when Marian is watching Robin bathe in the waterfall pool with this, “hey hey hey” look in her eye. Even as a kid watching that movie I remember thinking, “Why does she get to watch him take a bath an it’s ok, but guys can’t watch girls take baths?”

      • Good point. The one that has always bothered me was how a woman in movies/TV shows could could slap a man around whenever she felt like it, but one slap from a man and he’s an abuser. I’m not saying I’m in favor of a woman getting slapped, but why the double standard? I watched Red 2 the other day, and there was a scene where Bruce Willis’ wife gets mad at him, and she slaps him across the face like 10 times, and it’s supposed to be hilarious. But if he slapped her back once in self-defense, feminists would’ve protested the movie.

        I honestly don’t mind a double standard; men and women are different, after all. But after decades of hearing feminazis tell me how “privileged” I am, I’m all in favor of equality.

        • Rufus

          That doesn’t bother me. It’s the same reason a grown man shouldn’t smack a kid around. I’ve been slapped by women, punched by women and had women try to physically hurt me. In every instance it was easy to not get hurt and restrain them, if necessary, without hurting them.

          Men are bigger and stronger than women and should protect women, even from themselves when they’re acting stupidly. When little JimmyC throws a tantrum you don’t join him, you man up and show him how an adult behaves. If a woman acts like a child you do the same.

          Even though there are morons in the world who believe stupid things, carry on.

          • Rufus

            I also get why women slap men sometimes. Men are more physical, and some women understand that. With some men that’s how you get their attention. Watch a group of teen-aged or 20 something male friends. Lots of physical abuse, smacks, headlocks, tripping…

            Even if a man has the wrong facts in a disagreement with a woman he can shout louder, stand longer, hold his ground longer, and is physically more imposing. It’s no wonder some women find that frustrating and lose their cool with a slap. My wife could slap or hit me as hard as she can and unless she blindsides mè, or hits me clean in the eye or the crotch she probably wouldn’t even cause a bruise. Even if I gave her 5 minutes notice I would almost definitely knock her out with 1 punch. Her slapping me would not hurt me. Me hitting her could kill her. Maybe it’s not fair, but it’s real. It’s also not fair they have to carry fetuses alone for 9 months and breast feed them every 4 hours for about 6 months, but that’s the deal.

            And I agree with you that feminists are nuts.

            • Dr. Schplatt

              “he can shout louder”

              you’ve never met my mother…

            • I wasn’t arguing that men should be hitting women back, I agree they shouldn’t, I was merely offering that as one example of many double standards that Hollywood pushes on us. Women are treated as just as strong or stronger than men one minute, then wilting flowers who need to be protected the next. Women get to basically force themselves on men if they want (and it’s supposed to be sexy and empowering), but if a man even comes onto a woman he’s a sleaze. And so on. It’s like a shell game, teaching boys and young men that everything they do is wrong and they’re always the bad guy, turning them into beta males who are constantly apologizing for their “toxic masculinity”. It’s all well and good to say “ignore that stuff and carry on”, but the problem is, millions of us are not carrying on, they’re getting brainwashed.

              • Rufus

                A subset of this that really bothers me is the notion that somehow women were not strong prior to Feminism saving the world. Unless they were with a psychopath or sociopath, where their lives were truly in danger, most women were more than ready, willing and capable to smack a guy and let him know if he’d gone too far. My grandmothers didn’t wear lulu-lemon and go to spin classes or do kick boxing at a gym, but they worked hard all day, everyday. I doubt many modern women could have kept up with them.

                I think that’s what bothers me most about all this revisionist history. It’s not that people are nuts. That doesn’t surprise me. But so many believe they are enlightened and superior to prior generations.

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