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  • Scott M.

    The Remorseless Wave of Fact

    Kudos to Eric for posting this yesterday…read it.I repost it in case any of you missed it.The truth vanquishes fraud.

    • Thankee kindly for re-sharing, just in case folks don’t read yesterday’s papers. 😉

      “It’s easier to fool someone than to convince someone they’ve been fooled.”

      Don’t be a fool, or for the Carlin fans, a foole.

  • Scott M.

    Worse yet,the Swedish National Anthem

    Lars has a headache…heh,heh!

    • I read an article recently that cited genetic research to show that (contrary to appearances), the basic Swedish genetic stock is different from that of Norwegians. The Norwegians came from the south, the Iberian peninsula and places around there, while the Swedes came from the east, Eurasia. Which is odd in light of Snorri Sturlusson’s statement in Heimskringla (the Sagas of the Kings of Norway) that the Norwegian royal family descended from a Swedish line that indeed originated in Asia.

  • Well, Harvey Weinstein is “God”, right? And God demands sacrifices, which High Priestess Oprah is willing to provide.

    Yes, truly she will make fine presidential material.

    • Say what you will about Trump’s buffoonish mannerisms and behavior, even in the face of how his anti-American policies are working, but the Democrats reek more and more of desperation with every week. See below from Eric Golub on that.

      When Trump was first elected, there were constant stories about an epidemic of anti-Semitism. anti-Jew violence was on the rise as a bunch of Synagogues received threatening calls.

      It was a lie. The calls were coming from a mentally ill Israeli Jew. The purpose of this whipped-up hysteria was to present Trump as an anti-Semite.

      When that narrative collapsed, the next narrative was that Trump had a secret plot with the Russians to rig the 2016 election. It never happened. We are now finding out that the real collusion involved Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and the supposedly non-partisan FBI and other government agencies against Trump.

      Then came an attempt to revive the narrative that Trump was a sexual predator. The problem with this is that after he won the election, his accusers all disappeared. We now know that Clinton backers tried to raise money to pay women to come forward and make accusations. As of now the only accusations were an attempt to attack Trump in the court of public opinion. Not one woman has filed suit in a court of law, because that would open them up to discovery. Lying in a deposition is a crime.

      Now the new narrative is that Trump is mentally unstable. He is unhinged, and needs to be removed before he blows up the world. We are finding out that the “doctor” who wrote a book diagnosing him without ever having met him might not even be a licensed medical doctor at all.


      The reason liberals keep doing this is because they are terrified of a real policy discussion. They are scared to death not that Trump will fail, but that he is already succeeding.

      Liberals favor higher taxes to pay for their social programs. They favor massive government regulation of human behavior to pay for their climate change agenda. They rely on judges to carry out what Congress cannot get done. Then they rely on administrative agencies to carry out their agenda. The Constitution is a straitjacket meant to limit what government is legally allowed to do. Liberals want more government, so they have to try and find ways to get around this.

      Trump is shackling the administrative agencies, which never should have become an all new powerful branch of government that are beyond the separation of powers.

      He is cutting taxes, reducing regulations, and breathing life into the businesses that hire people.

      The left is screaming that Trump’s actions will destroy the environment, and cause minorities to get murdered in the streets. His actions will get us all killed.

      When they turn out to be wrong, they will have nothing left.

      Americans prefer lower taxes to higher taxes. They favor more freedom to more regulation. They favor a muscular foreign policy that intimidates our enemies and reassures our allies.

      Barack Obama’s domestic approach killed economic growth. Donald Trump’s approach revived it.

      Barack Obama’s foreign policy was a miserable failure. Withdrawing from Iraq was catastrophic. It led to the creation of ISIS. The Iran deal was a horror.

      Trump picked a perfect Secretary of Defense in General James Mattis. ISIS has been smashed to bits. Iran is now on notice.

      Obama appointed activist judges who make up laws as they go along. Trump appoints strict constructionist judges who obey the constitution and do not legislate from the bench.

      Obama wanted as many illegal aliens and refugees as possible to flood this country so Democrats can get more votes and rig future elections. Trump wants secure borders for national and global security reasons. That is common sense, not bigotry. It is certainly not crazy.

      This is about ideology, not race. Obama’s ideology is leftist, and it has never worked anywhere in the world it has ever been tried. Trump is not an ideological conservative, but he is a pragmatic center-right individual.

      If Trump succeeds, the left is finished. So the left has to discredit Trump personally because they cannot win an honest policy fight. The left wins elections when they lie about who they are and what they want to do. Conservatives win when they honestly say what they want to do and then actually do it.

      The next time the left says we should “come together,” tell them to stop acting like Palestinians. Stop offering an outstretched right hand while holding bottle rockets in their left hands.

      Let’s have policy debates. Enough with the politics of personal destruction. Stop accusing this president of crimes when it was Hillary Clinton (directly) and Barack Obama (through Eric Holder and others) who committed real crimes.

      Trump is not an anti-Semite. He is not a Russian subversive puppet. He is not a mentally deranged lunatic.

      He is a guy who won an election, and the losing side has still never accepted the results.

      Look in the mirror, liberals. It is YOUR mental breakdown that is the problem, not his. Stop the violent Occupy-Resistance-Antifa domestic terrorism. Steve Scalise was shot. Rand Paul was beaten within an inch of his life. North Carolina GOP Headquarters were firebombed with Molotov Cocktails. Leftist activists deliberately provoked violence in Charlottesville that left a woman dead. The right held marches. The left, rather than hold separate marches on different days, deliberately held counter-marches on the same day in the same city. Blaming conservatives for leftist violence with a complicit media was more important than keeping human beings safe from death.

      You’re angry, liberals. Too bad. I was less than thrilled that Barack Obama won twice. I did not riot. I accepted the results and behaved peacefully. I disagreed with Obama, but I never hated his guts. It was not personal.

      Liberals, stop personalizing everyone and everything you disagree with. Trump is not your enemy. He is a legally elected American President. Respect the office. You cannot claim to love your country while simultaneously trying to overthrow your government. Leaders of coups are not patriotic.

      Obama’s policies sucked. That’s why Trump was elected. The Obama approach was higher taxes, government regulation of everything, more illegals, more refugees, softness on crime, and softness on terrorism. The Trump approach is the exact opposite. We had an election in 2016, and the Obama approach was rejected.

      Accept and move on. While you’re at it, get better policies. Until then, stop lying about being control freaks who want government to regulate human behavior. It’s who you are. Admit it. Stop trying to shred the humanity of a man just because you are incapable of respecting the rule of law in any form.

      Trump won. He has a right to govern. That is non-negotiable.

      Remember leftists: We conservatives are peaceful. We choose not to riot. we choose to obey the rule of law. If you try to destabilize this country, we conservatives will stand up for ourselves.

      As for Trump, he will be judged only on results. The early signs are that his policies are normal, rational, and succeeding.

      Liberals have gone bonkers. They deserve nothing until they learn the difference between enemies trying to kill us all and political opponents who are their fellow Americans just peacefully and legally disagreeing with them.

      Conservatives, smile. We are kicking their @sses everywhere. They can huff and puff, but their liberal house is being blown down. We will keep appointing real judges, gutting bloated administrative agencies, lowering taxes, improving the economy, and hunting down terrorists and criminals rather than coddling them and creating more victims.

      We conservatives won the election. Elections have consequences. We get to govern. We will govern.

      Try and stop us, liberals. Just do it peacefully if you know what is good for you. After all, despite your best efforts, we still have our guns. So put away your knives and Molotov Cocktails. We have superior firepower. Don’t make us have to prove it.

      Also, stop injecting your liberal politics into everything. Sometimes we want to be left alone to enjoy music, television, and football. You cannot make everything political and then lament why Americans are divided. We are divided because you liberals cannot just shut up and let us enjoy a ballgame in peace without your pregame temper tantrums.

      When you liberals treat us like human beings rather than targets, only then will we conservatives even consider “coming together” with you.

      eric @ Tygrrrr Express

  • Switzerland drops the hammer on welfare moochers.

    A good reminder that (a) a government that you depend on for your livelihood owns your ass, and (b) if I had to live in a foreign country, Switzerland is on my shortlist. Beautiful scenery, great infrastructure, low taxes (by European standards), and gun rights.

    • Rufus

      I’ve worked there. It’s an interesting place. You’re right about the beauty. And most the people I interacted with were ridiculously happy. Prices are insane! Things are very expensive, but it seems like everyone has a good paying job, so maybe it evens out? If other countries follow the U.S. and start dropping corporate tax rates (along with VAT in Europe) it may get interesting there. They benefit immensely from money funneled through their country by corporations based in other countries, and nominally headquartered there for tax purposes.

    • Rufus

      Live in another country…
      I’d probably prefer to move about every 3 or 4 years, even among U.S. states. I’d probably start with Germany, since it would be the easiest, then bounce around based on change; Since Germany is cold-ish and European, maybe do something tropical and Oriental next; southern Japan? Singapore? Then maybe a small-ish island, Malta? The Canaries? Majorca? I’d also like to try an African country and living in Israel would be on my list.

      • I may actually do a post about this, but yeah, some of those would probably be on my list as well. Not Germany, though. At least not until Merkel gets out of office and all the “refugees” she brought in are shown the door. Bavaria is quite a beautiful place, though, with some wonderful people living there.

        As for how much everything costs in Switzerland, I’ve heard that a lot. Personally, I stayed in a youth hostel and ate cheap pasta on a stove the whole time I was there, so I wouldn’t know. The whole point of hostels seems to be to recreate the college experience wherever you go so that you never actually get to experience the local cultures. It does make traveling affordable for twentysomethings, though.

        • Rufus

          The thing about expense in Switzerland is there were no cheap options. You’d be lucky to come in under $30 at the equivalent of an Applebees for lunch. It was similar to being on an island, where everything is expensive due to shipping costs, but that’s not the reason there; it’s just expensive!

          As I thought about it more this morning, Switzerland’s main source of income is money laundering. Nothing against it as a country, I admire them for having figured this out so long ago. There are so many businesses there that are literally fronts. Facades of “headquarters” to run paperwork through to avoid taxation. If other 1st world countries get wise and change their tax policy to repatriate income and taxes, Switzerland could be in big, economic trouble.

          I’ve worked in about 20 foreign countries and the folks there were among the most open and friendly. My top 5 regarding friendliness would be; The Philippines, Mexico, Brazil, Ireland and Switzerland. Maybe it’s as simple as Catholics tend to be warmer to outsiders than Protestants?

    • Scott M.

      Bahamas would be at the top of my list…maybe Belize.English speakers,not foreigners.

  • Oh snap!

    It’ll probably get released around the same time the Kermit Gosnell movie is, i.e. never. Hollywood has gotten very good at burying the movies that push back against their narrative. I commend Voight for trying to get it made, though.

    • So true about the distro BS, but last update I got from Ann, Phelim and the Gosnell movie team indicated that in addition to the continued special screenings they’re having around the country (including an upcoming one in my Erie, PA, hometown), seems a national release during the Christmas season will be happening. Of course, we heard that potential timeframe for ’16, too.

      • It’d be great if it happened, but I’m not holding my breath. It sounds like they went into that production without a solid plan for how to get it distributed widely. Rookie mistake. Caused me to lose a lot of faith in that group.

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