We're The Media, And We Know Better

Courtesy of the Washington Free Beacon, a good supercut of mainstream media “experts” predicting that the Trump tax cuts won’t benefit anyone except the rich, and then reporting the reality afterwards. Womp womp!

It’d be great if we could ask our newsmakers to understand basic economics before they report on it, wouldn’t it?

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  • Dr. Schplatt

    Listening to acquaintances change from complaining that the Republican tax cuts wouldn’t result in extra money in their pockets to complaining that they aren’t getting enough money back in their pockets is kind of hilarious and depressing at the same time.

    • JimmyC

      I’ve decided that the liberal’s default mode is being angry at Republicans, and they will put aside all logic, reason and consistency in order to stay in that mode.

      I saw a video in which a bunch of liberals talked about how terrible Trump’s tax bill was, and then when the interviewer presented that same bill to them as an “alternative” bill being pushed by Bernie Sanders, they all loved it.

      It’s all political tribalism – “our” side is always right, “their” side is always evil.

  • Yep, pathetic crumbs, that’s right, Nancy! I got my special bonus, $1000.00, this Friday. Special check means no deductions for insurance, HSA and the like, that occurs only on regular paychecks. Adding back the 12% I defer to 401(k), my pathetic crumbs added up to $654.21. $345.79 taken, a tax rate of 34.579%. I know, I know! I’ll get it back in 2019 on my taxes. But if my pathetic crumbs are so pathetic, why take over a third of them? Then hold them interest free for over a year. It would seem that even my pathetic crumbs are, in fact, real US Dollars of which one third are not pathetic but patriotic crumbs. Leaving me just the pathetic part.

    I’m not complaining about anything, but if Nancy thinks my $654 is pathetic, why would she want her $346? Isn’t that even more pathetic? Here’s an idea, stop me if you heard of this one, how about I get to keep my bonus and Nancy and her ilk can figure out how to reduce wasteful government spending by some pathetic amount. Come on Nancy, they’re just pathetic crumbs going to (Insert vote buying program here).

    So truth be told, every pathetic crumb adds up to a whole loaf and the only real pathetic crumb is Nancy Pelosi.

  • Raoul Ortega

    Refund? I always set the withholding so that less is deducted, and I keep more for as long as possible. I figure if I don’t have to cut the IRS a check for a few hundred dollars every April, I did something wrong.

  • kishke

    This is not about accurate reporting. They have an agenda to push. They are taking sides.

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