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Back from my sojourn to Israel… a picture from The Golan Heights… 36 miles from Damascus… now that ISIS is defeated Hezbollah will turn its efforts south once again.

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  • Scott M.

    Do you know the way to Tel Aviv?

  • Scott M.

    This is for Jimmy,Jr.So cool!

    Seriously,next time you read something about PETA criticizing zoos and wildlife parks,show them this.In Africa,maybe one or two of those Cheetah cubs would live.Only humans care that lions,tigers,cheetahs,rhinos,giraffes,bison,etc.,live.Why?Because we are the stewards of the earth,because we are sentimental…we think beyond the tooth and claw.Our gift from God.

  • Scott M.

    Identifying the Shitholes of the World

    Perhaps we should steer these Shitholese to the People’s Republic of China…I imagine that China has much better immigration laws than we do.

    • Raoul Ortega

      Seems like a good morning for a rant…

      Note that this all started with an anonymous retelling in the Washington Post. Until we see video showing the context in which the remark is made, I don’t care that the man told the truth in a crude and direct way. The people squealing the loudest are the same people who’ve been coarsening our culture for decades, and they should be proud of what they’ve accomplished. They are also getting all upset over words, that the usurper of their Holy Office of the President of the United States said mean things about their mascots. No effort to refute him, just Victorian female vapors over the use of a naughty word.

      To pick on a prime example, one which the Clinton Foundation has done it’s best to make worse– If Haiti isn’t a “shithole”, then please explain what about it qualifies it to not be described as a “shithole”? What wonderful characteristic of Haitian culture and society do we need to import to make our country and society a better place? (Does anyone outside of Miami open a Haitian restaurant and what sort of food would they serve if they did?) All we are doing is providing a safety valve, a place of escape which allows the people who would other wise cause the most trouble (the smart and those willing to take risks) a way out, and allow those who make Haiti what it is to continue without consequences (again, see Clinton Foundation). That also goes for Mexico and all of Central America, where all we are doing is allowing the status quo to continue.

      Then there’s Merkel’s ongoing experiment in importing millions of barbarians into Germany, and what’s happening there. Our elite masters are setting themselves up for a reckoning, and they seem delusionally determined to make sure that it is a violent and bloody as possible, on the assumption that they can and will escape the consequences.

      • Rufus

        This yo-yo/roller coaster ride is getting beyond tiresome. Some group or groups, somewhere wants it this way, and they are getting their way, but it’s doing great harm to people. It just keeps getting ramp’ed up and amp’ed up. I’m so tired of it all.

        Every day comes another super, important, divisive topic that we must immediately take sides and shout and fight for; trans bathrooms, civil war statues, 3rd world island nations governed by kleptocrats, hollywood producers’ sexual proclivities, kneeling football players, even the weather. You can’t mention the day’s weather at the office water cooler without getting into a fight.

        Divisiveness has been popular forever, Vince McMahon and John McLaughlin made careers on it, but this decade plus escalation seems intentional. It’s creating real anxiety in people. People are wasting inordinate amounts of time on things that, in reality, they have little to no control over nor exposure to and many people spend their waking hours in a depressive funk over issues that may not even exist.


      • Rufus

        The last thing the Clinton foundation needs is focus on Haiti and their work there.

        Once again, Trump’s lunacy may result in the downfall of his enemy. LeBron James can’t win basketball games any more and Eminem can’t rap.

    • …Twitter is also in the process of developing a system for “down ranking” what Olinda Hassan, a policy manager for Twitter’s Trust and Safety team, calls “shitty people.”

      “Yeah. That’s something we’re working on,” Hassan told the Veritas journalist. “It’s something we’re working on. We’re trying to get the shitty people to not show up. It’s a product thing we’re working on right now.”…

      Do S**tty people make s**tholes or do s**tholes make people s**tty?

    • For the record, Trump claims he never used that word, and this is a guy who’s pretty open about using rough language and standing by it.

      But even if he did say it, spare me your fake outrage, lefties. Liberals think America is a sh*thole (Colbert even said that on his show yesterday) and are constantly putting it down in worse terms than that. How about you guys stop hating your own country for a minute, then we can talk about how we should feel about other countries.

      Or if it’s the vulgarity that you supposedly have a problem with, then maybe you should stop wearing pussy hats, going on slut walks, and calling conservatives teabaggers. That would definitely lessen the amount of vulgarity in politics.

      • Raoul Ortega

        Yeah. I heard what he really said was “Nations of Dung”. Leave it to the “Democracy Dies In Darkness, and We Turned Out the Lights” crew to get it wrong.

    • JimmyC

      To paraphrase a meme I’ve been seeing go around: if other countries aren’t sh*tholes, then why can’t we send illegals back to them?

  • Scott M.

    The good 2017 of Taylor Swift

    Taylor Swift tends to herself,which is anathema to the phony virtue signalling of the Marxist-Leninists who run our “Entertainment”.I prefer Taylor Swift to rapist hypocrites like James Franco.

  • I guess it makes me a bad person, but I just can’t get worked up about Pres. Trump’s scatalogical comment. If my pastor used language like that, I’d be concerned. If one of my colleagues at the Bible school and seminary used it, I’d be concerned. But him using it? Smelling salts will not be required. Yeah, it’s bad from a diplomatic point of view, but it was a private meeting. This is pretty much how I imagined he’d talk in private meetings.

    • If the stories are true he made them behind closed doors at a meeting about immigration. Non public meetings aren’t meant for dissemination, nor are they meant to be necessarily diplomatic. The person who would reveal what was said for purely political purposes at the possible expense of our nation’s standing in the world is as reprehensible or possible more so than the person who allegedly called a shithole, a shithole.

    • Raoul Ortega

      I’m more concerned that it was anonymously leaked by someone who says they weren’t there, to an organization that’s repeatedly shown that they can’t get simple, provable facts right, and is known to selectively edit facts, but immediately all the usual suspects leaped to believe it and demand that Trump be denounced. When will these Life Long Republicans and other Stupid Party members realize that they don’t need to immediately comment on everything they hear?

      (By the way, I haven’t heard what Feinstein’s afternoon excuse is for her releasing that transcript. Is it any different from this morning’s excuse? Or has she finally found the story that she’ll stick with?)

      • Rufus

        When will Americans learn almost none of these people are looking out for us? Stop giving them money and power. Most are on the same team, the Fed team, and they’re colluding to get a bigger and bigger share of our money and time.

    • JimmyC

      It’s far and away not the language I would’ve used, but his overall point is correct – these countries are corrupt, poverty-stricken, horribly-run messes. Are we supposed to still be shocked when Trump acts like Trump? We had a chance to elect a gentleman back during the primaries, but that’s now what people wanted. We elected a profane, wrecking ball of a guy and he’s our president for at least the next 3 years, so it will do no good to get out the fainting couches every time he runs his mouth.

      Anyway, Hillary, Obama and Biden have also been documented as using f-bombs and other vulgarities over the last 10 years. If it’s okay for them to do it, why isn’t it okay for Trump?

    • Rufus

      LBJ helmed meetings while sitting on the toilet. There are some things the public doesn’t need to know.

    • Rufus

      The most precise use of “scatological” I’ve heard this decade.

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