Saturday Open Thread

Relax, everyone. It’s all going according to plan.


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  • Apologies for the late open thread this morning, everyone. Have at it!

    Also, congrats to Doc Schplatt on baby #2.

  • All kidding about the shutdown aside, it really says something about the Democrats that this is the hill they’ve chosen to die on. They wouldn’t shut down the government to help veterans, working Americans or any other group of citizens, but illegal non-citizens are what really matters to them. Screw everyone else, apparently. At least when the Republicans shut it down 5 years ago, it was an attempt to protect Americans from out-of-control government spending and a takeover of our healthcare system. The Dems are shutting it down to protect illegals from having the law enforced against them, at the cost of citizens. Great priorities there.

    And speaking of the Dems, how nice to know that they suddenly care about the President’s sex life, after decades of calling us repressed Puritans for caring about Bill Clinton’s.

    • Raoul Ortega

      The Progressive Left won that particular part of the Culture Wars, where no one was supposed to care about the President’s sex life. They are upset that we are doing exactly what they demanded. It’s part of being the sore winners that they are.

      And has anyone heard from Elian Gonzalez recently? I thought the Cuban gov’t would have been trotting him out some time during the last decade.


    Lars, your forefathers called, something about combing it out before the pillaging. Anyway, call ’em back…

    • Not surprising that Scandinavians would need directions on a comb. Kind of like the joke about how Swedes print TGIF on their shoes — “Toes Go In First.”