Capitalism Schmapitalism

Capitalism Schmapitalism summary and discussion (if anyone has interest).

About a week ago I posted some items I had sitting in my drafts folder. Some were almost 2 years old, some were about a year old. All were an attempt to define why I jokingly took Floyd to tax for his post attacking Donald J. Trump’s Smoot Hawley policy opinions.

As JimmyC pointed out, the posts are a mess (if you care to wade through them click on the “Capitalism Scmapitalism” tag at the bottom of this post to find them), that’s why they had remained in my drafts folder, but posting them and re-reading them has given me the insight necessary to synthesize my points.

1. The world is at economic war with us.
Why is it valid to say we should fight those who want to change the religious fabric of our nation or the world, or those who want to instill Communism in foreign lands, or those who want to change the culture in our country, or how we educate or children, but anything to do with Economics must be completely hands off and laissez-faire? China, Russia, the EU, Japan, are all large economies backed by political systems openly competing against our economy. Why should we let them take our jobs? Our industries?

B: Countries get in big, internal trouble when large segments of their young (20 – 35) male population are unemployed, underemployed or discontented.
Putting young men to work in jobs that fulfill their need to feel valued and independent is vital, not only to their well-being, but to the well-being of our nation. 25 year olds who have a decent, fulfilling job and can make a car payment and share an apartment with a few buddies rarely strap bombs to themselves and head for subway cars.

III) Material health vs. spiritual health.
There is no question the world has improved materially since we’ve laid down our arms and allowed other nations to beat us in the labor market. My family has taken more, cooler vacations than my parents were able to manage. Our house is at least 5 times the size of theirs. Clothes, food, cars… All better. I don’t think my kids or their peers are any happier than my generation was. As a matter of fact, I think they are less happy on average. I don’t think today’s parents are as content as my parents’ generation. Adults and children trying to medicate depression and anxiety away. Kids can’t focus on their schoolwork. Parents can’t stay married. And now, most parents believe their children will be the first generation of Americans to not even surpass their parents in material wealth. What has the pursuit of material wealth gotten us?

Four – When America was the world’s Economic powerhouse nations worked to emulate us and the world became freer.
When America utilizes its labor and capital in its own self-interests, other nations see the good that comes of that and strive to make their governments function like ours. If America cedes our industry to foreign lands, those lands can win bigger shares of the U.S. market for their goods by mistreating their own workers and abusing their natural resources. When America thrives our nation creates the best ideas. We should continue to develop and improve them as an example to the world on how to conduct a free and open society. If we put national effort and pride into protecting the economic lives of our own citizens other countries will learn from that, just as they learned from us at the on-set of the Industrial revolution and through the space age and computer revolutions.

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  • Rufus

    And you thought the oxygen had been sucked out before!

  • Good points! I’d add to #3, that William Wilberforce observed that England was materially prosperous, but spiritually poor. He could see the link between the two. It’s not an absolute observation; but, when I read your points in #3, I can’t help but think back to 1963, when the Lord’s Prayer was yanked out of the classroom. Liberals have been at war with Christianity for decades; and, they’ve made significant advances.