I Have a Dream... but First... an Exam!

Back in 1962, Martin Luther King, Jr. was a visiting professor at Morehouse College… this is exam from that course. I wouldn’t have agreed with some of his non-civil rights stances (his support of LBJ over Goldwater, or his stance on Vietnam policy — overall, not the clusterf*** LBJ perpetrated), but people often overlook his status as a public intellectual. He didn’t come by his positions accidentally or flippantly, even if some of them were wrong. He had a deep and abiding love for this country and its ideals — the living up to those ideals was his dream. Like all successful dreamers, he was tested first and then he could pursue his dream and come close to it. Anyway… I’d love to have sat in on this course. I don’t know if I’d have believed him, but to sit on the and participate on the discussions would be fascinating.

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