Sorry, Dems, You Own This

Well, we’re now a couple of days into the Great Government Shutdown of 2018, which is apparently supposed to kill us all or something. Which is quite a feat, considering that we all already died from the tax cuts and the repeal of Net Neutrality, so apparently we’re stuck in some kind of death-rebirth loop, with Trump as our great destructor. But I digress. As with all politically-related issues, the important question isn’t “how do we fix it?”, it’s “who’s to blame?” Well, obviously this shutdown is being led by the Democrats, who are demanding that hundreds of thousands of DREAMers, aka non-citizens, be allowed to stay here at working Americans’ expense, so they are obviously the ones responsible for anyone who can put two and two together. But since shutting down the government is a risky move (just ask the Republicans who shut it down in 2013 and got a lot of bad press for their trouble and not much else), the Democrats decided to deflect blame onto the Republicans, claiming that the shutdown only happened because Trump, Ryan, etc. wouldn’t “work with us” to resolve the issue. That way they get to have their cake (a virtue-signaling temper tantrum that plays to their far-left base) and eat it too (get no bad press for it).

Obviously they had a big mountain to overcome in order to sell this narrative, and that mountain was known as reality. Consider this summary by Hot Air of the events leading up to the shutdown:

First offer from Republicans: Let’s fund the government and pass a DREAM amnesty, as both sides want to do, and in return you give us some concessions on chain migration and the wall. Republicans have no choice but to use DREAM as leverage for those concessions despite their support for the policy because Democrats are incredibly reluctant to tighten admission policies under the best of circumstances. So how about a little something in return for DREAM, in the name of compromise? Nope, says Schumer. Won’t do it. We’ll give you a few billion in mad money for border improvements but we’re not doing anything that might move the U.S. towards skills-based criteria for immigrants and away from “bring the whole family!” policies.

Second offer from Republicans: Okay, since we’re stuck on a DREAM deal, let’s table the whole immigration issue for now and instead agree to fund the government and extend CHIP long-term, as both sides want to do. We’ll come back to DREAM afterwards when we’re not facing a hard deadline. Nope, says Schumer. Won’t do it. The amnesty fanatics in my base refuse to let us sign on to any funding deal that doesn’t include DREAM. Even though not only is DACA still in effect, the feds are letting enrollees renew their enrollments.

Third offer from Republicans: Okay, since Democrats are hung up on amnesty and worried about voting for a bill that doesn’t include it, let’s temporarily change the rules so that they don’t have to vote for the bill at all. Last night McConnell asked for unanimous consent from the Senate to let Republicans pass a funding bill with 50 votes instead of the 60 that the filibuster requires. It’s not at all certain that he has even 50 votes right now, but he was willing to take full responsibility for the bill’s passage via his caucus alone. If he found the votes he needed, the government would stay open without any Democratic assent to the DREAM-less bill. Nope, said Schumer. Won’t do it. He objected to the motion for unanimous consent. McConnell still needs 60, all but ensuring a shutdown.

So anyone who took even a cursory glance at the facts would know that Republicans are not to blame here, but that’s certainly never stopped the Dems before. Over the last few days, they’ve tried to push this “it’s Republicans’ fault” narrative forward the way they always do: by shoving it down everyone’s throat, and expecting the low-information voters to just buy into it. (It certainly wouldn’t be the first time that Democrats have relied on what they call the “stupidity of the American voter” to get things done.) It was on the lips of every Democrat who could get in front of a microphone, and their shills filled up comment threads with it all over the internet. (If you don’t believe me, check out the comments section of Paul Ryan’s Facebook page right now.)

There was some pushback against this narrative by Republicans. Despite Democrats’ sleaziest attempts to stop him, one savvy GOP Representative actually used Chuck Schumer’s own words criticizing the 2013 shutdown against him on the Senate floor:

But hey, who actually pays attention to what happens on the House floor? Besides, the Dems had a big ace in the hole, the same one that they used to push all of their left-wing narratives on the country: the mainstream media. And they just knew they could count on their loyal lapdogs to push the blame for the shutdown onto Republicans. There was only one problem: the media refused to play along this time. Perhaps they were hoping to salvage what little credibility they had left, or maybe deciding that this narrative was just too ridiculous to try and sell – one lame attempt by CNN’s Jim Acosta to push the blame back to the Republican side was shut down so easily that the rest of them seemed to get the hint that this narrative would never fly. But whatever their reason, the media did the last thing the Democrats expected. They actually pushed back, reported the truth, and held the Democrats responsible for the mess they made.

First, CNN’s Erin Burnett called out Democrats for their hypocrisy, also citing Schumer’s words condemning the 2013 shutdown:

Her interviewee, Ed Markey, could only mindlessly deflect blame back to Trump.

Then MSNBC – freaking MSNBC! – called out Bernie Sanders to his face for his own harsh (and now hypocritical) words about the 2013 shutdown, causing him to stammer that he didn’t recall saying those words.

But reporters were just getting started. Over the weekend, major mainstream media outlets’ headlines put the blame for the shutdown squarely on Democrats’ shoulders.

In their rundown of the Friday night vote, The New York Times dared to suggest Democrats were to blame for failing to keep the government open. “Senate Democrats blocked passage of a stopgap spending bill to keep the government open,” the paper’s app blared in its mobile notifications.

Left-leaning blog, Slate, agreed with The New York Times that ultimately a 51-person Republican majority could not have overridden a Senate filibuster requiring 60 votes to terminate. Bloomberg news ran with the headline, “U.S. Shutdown Starts as Senate Democrats Block GOP Funding Plan,” and the Associated Press declared, “Senate Democrats derail bill to avert shutdown.”

Again, this was not just Fox News and the conservative blogosphere. This was CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, the AP, and Slate. This is the Democrats’ personal propaganda team, the mainstream media, doing the one thing Democrats could always count on them not to do: their job.

Democrats and their shills panicked and tried desperately to “fix” the narrative on social media, but the damage had been done. Just as the 2013 shutdown became Ted Cruz’s Shutdown (fair or not), this one is Chucky Schumer’s Shutdown. Democrats and responsibility don’t meet very often, but they own this one. And just as Obama played up the Cruz Shutdown to maximum political effect, so can Trump use this one against the Democrats who caused it, unless they come to the negotiating table and end it real quick. They’re probably going to have to, because this time, the media is not on their side, and the narrative they carefully crafted and handed down to their underlings isn’t saving them.

That’s bad news for the Democrats, who are already losing major ground now that the effects of Trump’s tax bill are being felt. The latest polling from left-wing CNN shows their lead over Republicans going into the midterms has dropped from 13 points when the tax bill was passed to only 5 points now:


The Dems were desperate for a win to boost those flagging numbers, and the last thing they needed was to actually be held responsible for a mess they created. It’s funny what happens when the media actually does its job, isn’t it?

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  • Raoul Ortega

    Once all those cute, cuddly little “dreamers” are made legal, it’s imperative that not only do they get to vote for their benefactors, they get to pass that legalization along to Papa and Mamacita who caused the mess in the first place, and then allow them to bring in Nana from Tampico and all the rest of the extended family. I guess they assume its easier than making sure the graveyards vote straight Dem every election.

    The Progressive Left has gotten to the point where they need a peasant class to keep them in power (and do all their menial tasks). Keeping the Democrats freed slaves subservient hasn’t been enough. Being a peasant is one job that native born Americans refuse to do, so the only alternative is to import them from a culture where being a peasant, and doing what el patron tells you to do, is perfectly acceptable.

    But what is really surprising is that the Dems, after a year, still haven’t figured out that the old playbook no longer works. The party of the smartest people ever not only can’t come up with something new, they assumed it would never stop working. At what point to they figure out that the sixteen candidates to become the next Bush-Romney-Dole lost to the clown candidate they pushed for a year? (And let’s face it, Trump got all that CNN airtime because they thought he was a clown who’d never make it, and by pushing him, they didn’t have to give time to the next Bush-Romney-Dole, who were going to lose anyhow.)

    One thing that graph shows is that the Dems were staying pretty much between 46 and 48, while the Stupid Party was slowly dropping (as they should, considering how little they were accomplishing). So once again, confident that history was on their side, the Progressive Democrats did what they could to stop their opponents slide into oblivion.

    • Very well said, Raoul. It seems like a big success of this administration is that it gets the message to other Republicans that “It’s okay to fight back. It’s okay to actually get things done, rather than just maintaining the status quo. This is what the voters want, and it’s not political suicide to make real conservative change happen.” If Trump’s presidency accomplishes nothing else (on top of what it’s already accomplished) than to make the rest of the GOP understand this and start acting accordingly, then it’s a success in my book.

  • Scott M.

    I dream Deplorable Dreams…

  • Welp, it turns out this post was an autopsy of a failed shutdown, as only 6 hours after I posted it, the Dems caved and made a deal to reopen the government. Now we know what happens when the media does its job rather than running interference for the Dems: total, unconditional Democrat surrender. No wonder it doesn’t happen more often.