Tuesday Open Thread

” Jackie Kennedy” reacts moments after “JFK” is assassinated. From the Twitterfeed “History in Pictures”

The fake news got me.

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  • Scott M.

    Chinese takeout:one dead robber!


    Crime is getting so bad here that people are fighting back.Good,good.

  • Scott M.

    The legacy of Polish posters,during the brief reign of independence


    Beautiful stuff.

  • Scott M.

    “Timeless” to return to NBC in March!


    I really like this show.Hope more people watch…beats dreck like Taken!

  • Raoul Ortega

    Is that a photo taken by Olive Stone? ’cause he’s a major purveyor of “fake history.”

    • Scott M.

      Is Clint Eastwood there?

      • Raoul Ortega

        I don’t think that’s Clint Hill behind the limo, either.

        How exactly did a photographer get that close to a moving vehicle if this photo wasn’t staged? If this typical of the content of that “History in Pictures” twitterfeed?

  • Rufus

    Scott Jordan, CEO of scottevest just made one of the most egregious statements ever written by a businessman, and he wrote it on his own Facebook page, then he wrote an even worse apology.



    It’s worth reading both links. I don’t know the timing of his comments in the second link, but he totally refutes his own words with the apology referenced in the first one. Whatever the order or his actual, true beliefs, this is irrefutable proof that he is either an utter idiot, or an ego that causes him to believe he is beyond ridicule.

    What is it about Trump that drives so many to make fools of themselves?

    • He’s not wrong in that there are idiots watching every network, not just Fox.

      What a stupid comment to make. Rest assured I will never be in the market for any of their clothes.

      • Rufus

        There’s a movie (is it “Ruthless People?”) where one of the main characters believes he’s master-minding and executing a scheme when everyone is completely aware of what he’s doing and depending on his incompetence as a catalyst in a different scheme he is unaware of. There’s many times in the film where folks listening to him on wiretaps or watching him on hidden cameras turn to one another and say, “he is the stupidest man in the world.” Since hearing about Mr. Scottevests comments I’ve read a bit more about him and I’m reminded of that character.

        I can understand someone saying something bluntly, not realizing he may be overheard, or maybe, momentarily forgetting that he may be within earshot of someone who may hear what he is saying. But this guy made his statement in public, and no one who overheard him posted it on social media to out him, so he took to his own social media account to out himself. There’s that famous video/audio when President Obama doesn’t realize he’s on an open mic and says something clandestine to one of Putin’s advisers. Imagine that happened, but the mic wasn’t hot, so the next day Obama held a press conference and announced what he had said. That’s how stupid this guy’s actions have been.

        Maybe it was a calculation; get your name out there as the anti-Trump, anti-Fox News apparel company to court the 50% of the country that hates Trump and Fox News. That would be a dumb strategy, but even if that is his strategy* it’s doubly dumb to spend advertising revenue on Fox News if you plan to insult their viewers. If that’s your strategy, buy time on CNN and MSNBC and then make your Facebook post.

        His employees are scrambling to distance themselves from his statement to save the company and their jobs. It’s sad for them.

        *He has made other social media posts stating he is happy to not sell his products to Trump supporters and doesn’t want them as customers.

        • Rufus

          This is an example of what I’ve been learning about Scott Jordan after researching him in relation to this news. This is from an Amazon review published in 2014, over three years earlier. He seems to enjoy trolling Amazon reviews of his products and books and attacking people who don’t agree with his personal perception that he is a genius.

          The several negative reviews suggest the product is poorly made, often doesn’t fit as advertised, the company often does not honor their warranty, and is very difficult to deal with.

          My experience exactly. Management sets the tone.

          Started getting daily unsolicited and unwanted emails directly from this company There was no opt-out so I replied “stop spamming me”.

          Then received the following personal email from Scott Jordan, the CEO:

          “Dude, you are an [expletive deleted]! …”

          Bad products, nasty folks. Good luck with that!

        • Seems like that was the Judge Reinhold character, he had kidnapped Bette Midler and was rather inept at getting the ransom. I recall that Danny Diveto’s character was an idiot as well…I think he was Bette’s husband and the cops were listening in.

  • A must-read article about how right-to-work laws that limit Unions’ power and influence are wiping out Democrat votes at the ballot box, from the presidency on down the ballot. https://www.thenation.com/article/right-to-work-laws-are-killing-democrats-at-the-ballot-box/

    If you live in a red state and it doesn’t have right-to-work laws, petition your Governor to pass one, yesterday. If these sleazy unions can’t bully voters, the Dems lose and the states stay (or turn) red.

  • Eric Landers

    Photo was from a movie made in 1977 entitled “The Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald. Ben Gazzara starred.

  • Raoul and Eric Landers:

    It looks like you found some fake news. Here’s the descriptor for the History in Pictures twitter feed site: “Sharing the most powerful and entertaining historical photographs ever taken”