“Hey, shorty, booger in my nose?”


Guess it shows how far off the radar Eddie Van Halen’s fallen when the former year-after-year “Guitarist of the Year,” and leader of the “None taller than 5’7″” band that bears his name, doesn’t get a mention in Rock’s Short List. Listing midget rockers is easy, though. Napoleonic complexes are good like that.

As the twisted mind behind the performed-once-only “I’m Too Big for Rock and Roll,” I’d like to know where the taller guys jam…

Off the top of my head, James Hetfield, Nick Cave, Mick Fleetwood, Chad Smith, Peter Garrett and __________ ? Anyone, anyone?

I’m too big for rock and roll
It’s got no place for me
Although I’m only six-foot-one
That guy on bass is six-foot-three
The Lumberjack on drums?
In case you’re not one to venture a guess
I’ll let ya know he’s tippin’ the bar at a healthy six-foot-six
(Or six-seven, depends on his shoes)

Eddie Van Halen, Prince, Angus Young, Anthony Kiedis?
Yup, they’ve all made millions ’cause they got sick of people kickin’ their asses
But you know what? I could walk up to every one of them
Ask, “Hey, shorty, booger in my nose?”
They wouldn’t answer … but they’d know

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