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The Colossus by Francisco de Goya?

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    This is what we’re coming to. I’ve never been a huge fan of trash talk, but it’s part of the culture, and part of the fun for many. Sigh.


  • Matt Helm

    Wouldn’t happen in Boston.

  • That question mark is very subtle, Floyd.

  • Matt Helm

    Floyd wants us to read Goya with a Valley Girl accent.

    • Floyd

      If you follow the link on Goya’s name it leads to an article where Goya’s assistant is thought by some to have painted the work — it’s tubular.

  • Stephanie

    We are finally settled into our base digs for two weeks. Went to drop off more food for Dog de Janiczek and they had the video tv set up showing the dog rumpus room at the Kennel. Buford trotted past wagging his tail wioth a ball in his mouth. Then he trotted past the camera again with a ball in his mouth. It was actually really funny! And I can spy on my pup anytime I want! But I am still not in the area that I can coherently put words to computer about what this move entailed. Lets just say we are still shaking our heads in disbelief. You gotta be kidding me!
    And good pick up on Goya! Awesome painting.

  • Matt Helm

    My discovery of Goya was back in Art school. Not in Art History, but in an attempt to fudge some homework that I didn’t finish. Five minutes before my Anatomy class I realized that I forgot to do the homework, which was to draw some figures on paper and their skeletons on a piece of tissue paper overlay. Five minutes before the class, I drew a bunch of people hanging from a tree, and the skeleton overlay. I thought the instructor would see it for the rush job it was. Instead she said, “Oh, you’re a fan of Goya?” I thought she was talking about the ethnic food company. She’s hispanic and I didn’t want to insult her, so I said yes, but wondered why she asked that out of the blue. A year later in Art History I found out what she was talking about.

  • Kit

    Watching a QUANTUM LEAP episode I recorded via TiVo(or DVR, or whatever). “Private Dancer -October 6, 1979”

    He is a male stripper at Chippendale’s and mustkeep a deaf waitress, who happens to be a VERY good dancer, from becoming a prostitute and eventually dying of AIDS in the mid-80s.

  • Kit

    Oh, and the deaf girl lives in a bus that she parked in a towing zone.

  • Matt Helm

    It’s going to be a true Matt Helm summer. I just got the lot of 18 Matt Helm books I won on eBay the other day (waiting to see if the school board asks me what I was doing on eBay on my office computer) and their gorgeous first edition paperback covers spanning the 60s to the 80s. For those unaware of the character pre-Dean Martin movies (see a certain someone’s avatar), the books are America’s answer to James Bond.

  • Matt Helm

    My name is closer to the real name of the fella that played him.

  • John Dean, Martin Borman? What are you getting at Matt?

  • Matt Helm

    Ancient Italian secret, Fritz.

  • Scott M.

    Fritz,his name is Gaius Julius Caesar,the biggest Italian of them all!

  • Scott M.

    AKA Dino Crocetti

  • A little something from my second-favorite writer:

    Breathes there a man who, against his better judgment and prior experience, has not attempted to adjust a lawn sprinkler while it’s running? Yet we try, over and over again, thinking we will outrun the sprinkler, or avoid a spritz in the puss. This is why men identify with the Coyote, not the Roadrunner. And well we should; a canine’s reach should exceed his grasp, or what’s an ACME catalog for?

    Sometimes, you just have to share…

  • Scott M.

    Mike,who is your first favorite writer?( I dread to ask…)

  • Scott, I see he’s Spanky again. Ah the many moods of his favorite writer, Mike!

    • Rufus

      G-Man, I think I’ve finally seen enough of Obama to feel comfortable that I’ve figured him out. There is an article in the recent Newsweek, “Obama on Obama” that is well worth a read.

  • Time to let it go, huh?

  • Rufus

    Not a weekly feature, but at least a few posts. Read the article, if you get a chance. Make sure you find a free copy, like I did, so you don’t give Newsweek any money. My goodness that magazine is awful. It’s gone from worse to abysmal.

  • Stephanie

    Obama on Obama 5,000 words about HIMSELF by HIMSELF…all about HIMSELF! A must read for any narcissistic wannabe with pathological messianic tendencies.

  • Rufus

    That’s kind of what it boils down to, Stephanie. Until that article I’d been on the fence regarding whether he was a cold, calculating politician with grand designs on power, or a naive, egomaniac who believes rainbow and unicorn power can change the world and he’s the only guy smart enough to make it all happen. I know the two are not, necessarily, mutually exclusive, but I know lean much more towards the latter. He’s a lonely little, fatherless boy, raised by a nutjob mother, who got into community organizing because he sincerely thought he was going to change the world, and is attracted to Michelle because of her extremely normal and stable childhood (compare to his own). Read the part of the article about his stint as U.S. Senator. He instantly became disillusioned because he was not able to do enough. In other words, he didn’t wield enough power and would have to work with others. He didn’t have time for that. What he has completely missed is the reason he was ineffective as a community organizer, a state Senator and a U.S. Senator is because his ideas are flawed. They don’t work. But, with each failed career did he look inward, to assess where he might be wrong? No. The answer was he just didn’t have enough power, and if he could get more control then he could do what he knows is right, and, when he does it, the rest of us will realize his genius, and be greatful for the Utopia he has bestowed upon us.

    I know, none of this is new insight. It’s just that I had several theories on what he was all about, but now I feel confident that I’ve got it right.

    It’s funny, one of the cliches about George W. Bush was that he had “daddy” issues. In reality, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama are the recent Presidents with huge “daddy” issues. Barack Obama even wrote a book on it. I think Barack also has huge “mommy” issues. I can’t believe the press hasn’t delved more into his mom, dad, step-father and grandfather.

    • I can’t believe the press hasn’t delved more into his mom, dad, step-father and grandfather.

      But then who would cover what kind of puppy they got, or what is enchanting about the job, or what shoes M wore to do something (that was a right wing whine)? I think it’s sweet that you can’t believe the press has all become either petty or personal press agents for him. *yes I know there are few good guys out there still* 😛

      • Rufus


        I guess I still get surprised at how shallow so many of us are. This may be equally naive, but I think Obama’s Presidency will help more see that shallowness. In my lifetime I have not seen a President treated with such adoration, especially from the Press. I still believe most of us Americans are cynical at heart, and more and more will grow tired of the daily news from and about “Dear Leader.”

  • Rufus–I agree with everything you’ve said. It seems like men such as these marry strong women who either run the show from the sidelines, or try blatantly to run the show. As you said, check out the current admin. and compare it to the Clinton admin. And there were others in the past also. Then compare them all to G.W. Bush. His admin. wasn’t perfect by any means, but we all knew the First Lady gave him a certain strength and support, but there wasn’t any chance that she was in charge of the running of the country. Bush was fully in touch with his manhood, whereas the others were “pretenders”; what I perceive leaders in name only. I also felt that way about GW’s dad, G.H.W. Bush, had a srong wife figure who pushed him.

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