Schoolhouse R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A.

I’m afraid that these cartoons would be considered offensive today.  Pure jingoism.

Let freedom ring!


There’s Treasure Everywhere!

My nephew found this nest in our front yard today, and I had to take a picture and share it.  Click to enlarge.

New to Netflix Streaming: Musical Edition

I’ve been meaning to post these new additions to the Netflix streaming service for the last week or so, but it’s an enormous update and I’ve been daunted by it.  So, I decided just to organize the new releases and post links, with no commentary.  (I’ll leave that to you in the, uh, comments.)


Yes Rufus, Moose Was in Braveheart


Moose at last Tuesday's dart match.


Hamish at a rock-throwing contest.

Unfortunately, Moose can’t not smile, so it’s hard to match the expression.  (That’s him trying to look tough.)  Plus, he used to have a beard.

But I think it’s still pretty close.


Someone Just Walked Over My Grave

Having an uncommon last name, I set up a Google Alert for it so that if any of my relatives do anything newsworthy, I’ll know about it.

Imagine my surprise when this popped up five minutes ago:

My family didn’t change  their name from Krzewski until some decades after he was born, so I […]

Feets Don’t Fail Me Now!

From USA Today:

Florida police investigating the robbery of a convenience store by a man in a motorized wheelchair found the suspect stuck in sand behind the store as he allegedly tried to make a getaway, The Gainesville Sun reports.

John Champion, 22, was arrested by Chiefland police on charges of armed robbery and aggravated […]

Netflix Streaming: Coming & Going

Not a whole lot of movement to and from the streaming service this week, so we have a combined post.


Netflix: Coming & Going

Just a few titles coming and going this week.


Netflix – Coming & Going

I only have two new titles to tell you about this week: Fawlty Towers is back after–what–a month?  Make up your mind, Netflix!

I’m looking forward to seeing Best Worst Movie, and have been since Christian Toto wrote his review of it.  It’s a documentary about what some claim is the worst movie ever […]

A Very Kriskey Christmas

We had a few people over this year who weren’t members of the clan. One of them remarked when he came in that he thought he could smell gunpowder.

“Not us,” I said with a smile. “Guns are for Easter!”

Here’s what broke out after the outsiders left:

The airing of the grievances went […]