R.I.P. -- Rowdy Roddy Piper

Not that I was much of a wrasslin’ fan in Hot Rod’s heyday (or now), but always found him more entertaining than his cohorts. 61 is gone way too soon these days, too. Prayers and condolences to his loved ones, family and friends.


When Coach Taylor speaks/inspires ...

… you damn well better listen.

From the Trailer Park - Black Mass (#2)

That’s it, I’m re-reading the eponymous source book, starting tonight … or finally start watching Out of the Furnace. One or the other.


Those were the days ...

Spurred to binge down memory lane as much as possible before all the Family Ties episodes disappear from Netflix Streaming in a couple weeks, stopped by one of my favorites last night, “Philadelphia Story.” Check (or re-check) it out, and maybe someone can tell me which of today’s top-rated sit-coms, notably one with an uber-liberal […]

Monday Night Mashup -- Joy in Repetition

You think AC/DC has made the same record again and again? Well, an enterprising Phoenix DJ thought the ends to their songs sounded familiar, too, so he meticulously assembled them into one long track. Enjoy!

Of course, the band members have long been aware that some people think they’re guilty of repeating themselves. As […]

This Afternoon’s Broadcast Is Brought to You by …

… Kate Bush. Unaware and tearing you asunder …

From The Trailer Park - Creed

My reaction: blessedly not as painful as it could have been, and God damned if I didn’t get goose-bumps when they showed the picture of Rocky and Apollo. A different great fighter once said, “There is no tomorrow!” Come on, Creeeed!!!

This Afternoon's Broadcast Is Brought to You by ...

Lone Justice. I can take a little pain, I can hold it pretty well …

Q-Bert, Gleeten, Glauten, Globen

From the Trailer Park -- Rock the Kasbah

I miss seeing movies based on the “A Film by Barry Levinson.” Let’s hope the best stuff’s not in the trailer.