Knowledge is powerful

Difficult getting past what’s unfortunately too true with the modern media and their influence on a public either too lazy to dig deeper into a story’s facts, or too unwilling to accept knowledge not shared via quickly disseminated sound-bites: “It’s not what gets reported, it’s what gets repeated.”

With that “joy in repetition” in […]

From The Trailer Park (Netflix Edition) -- Jessica Jones

Krysten Ritter’s “Don’t Trust the B—- in Apt. 23” deserved better treatment than ABC gave it, so God bless Netflix streaming for not only having that entire series available, but also for giving Ms. Ritter a kick-ass home for this ‘un. If it’s only half as good as “Daredevil,” and the trailer/teaser indicates it just […]

R.I.P. - Yogi Berra

From the Open Thread to here, a tribute to one of America’s finest, a genuine hero (more on that later), as written by Tom Verducci, one of the (if not the) finest writers on baseball. I know you’re already making ’em double-over in laughter up above, Yogi!

Shortly after George H. W. Bush won […]

This Afternoon's Broadcast is brought to you by ...

Keef. A touchy situation fascinates a man…

From The Trailer Park — Creed (Trailer #2)

Not nearly as goose-bumpy as the initial trailer, but, damn it, it’s still got those bells, Balboa, and the son of Creed. Bring it!

Bring your own bean soda, somewhere there’s a party ...

Besides the usual suspects on the alphabet networks and/or media outlets with floundering ratings/sales, who says only the Republicans can enjoy in-fighting? Certainly not the latest Taki’s Mag piece from David Cole Stein (I somehow missed the column a couple week’s ago). Please be sure to check out the rest of it here.

“In […]

Black or Whitey

Jack Marino welcomed producer/writer/director/actor Jeff Hennessey to the Warrior Filmmaker show yesterday, and the two Boston-area natives talked about Jeff’s “Whitey” web-series and more. Enjoy the podcast with the ol’ link clickety-clack here, and get in the Black Mass mood via the below “Whitey” trailer.

This Afternoon’s Broadcast Is Brought to You by …

… The Mission (UK). And when there’s darkness all around, you shine bright for me …

I, state your name ...

Outlaw, thanks for the inspiration with that National Lampoon trailer! Edgy and borderline blasphemous Republicans/Conservatives — Hmmm, wonder if PJ’s still accepting applications …

R.I.P. -- Rowdy Roddy Piper

Not that I was much of a wrasslin’ fan in Hot Rod’s heyday (or now), but always found him more entertaining than his cohorts. 61 is gone way too soon these days, too. Prayers and condolences to his loved ones, family and friends.