From The Trailer Park - Creed

My reaction: blessedly not as painful as it could have been, and God damned if I didn’t get goose-bumps when they showed the picture of Rocky and Apollo. A different great fighter once said, “There is no tomorrow!” Come on, Creeeed!!!

This Afternoon's Broadcast Is Brought to You by ...

Lone Justice. I can take a little pain, I can hold it pretty well …

Q-Bert, Gleeten, Glauten, Globen

From the Trailer Park -- Rock the Kasbah

I miss seeing movies based on the “A Film by Barry Levinson.” Let’s hope the best stuff’s not in the trailer.

Mash-Up Monday -- Wednesday Edition

Hell yes!!!

From The Trailer Park: The Martian

An addendum answer to a question JimmyC posed earlier today …

Bo Diddley - In Memoriam

Entertainer supreme (to experience him re-stringing a guitar because of a mid-song string breaking ranks high on a long list of amazing concert memories) and rock & soul pioneer, the world lost the incomparable Bo Diddley seven years ago this week. Continue to RIP, axe-god, and long live his tunes and self-referential beat.


Monday Morning Mashup (Wednesday Edition)

Duff and Krist, you mad geniuses!

Put him in, coach

From The Trailer Park: Pixels

As seen in the batch of pre-Avengers: Age of Ultron trailers yesterday. Can’t remember the last time I was amped to circle an opening weekend for a Sandler movie (maybe That’s My Boy?), but this ‘un made the cut!