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Louis XVI imprisoned at the Tour du Temple, by Jean-François Garneray(1755–1837)

On this date in 1793, King Louis XVI was executed by guillotine.


I Have a Dream... but First... an Exam!

Back in 1962, Martin Luther King, Jr. was a visiting professor at Morehouse College… this is exam from that course. I wouldn’t have agreed with some of his non-civil rights stances (his support of LBJ over Goldwater, or his stance on Vietnam policy — overall, not the clusterf*** LBJ perpetrated), but people often overlook […]

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On this day in 1778, Capt. Cook discovered the Hawaiian Islands

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Ready for a new semester…

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Jet lag is awful

Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the ends of the earth...

The Valley of Elah from Azekah

Recently I co-led a group of 40 college students to Israel for a 10-day stem to stern tour that covered both biblical and political Israel – not hard given the close proximity of both in such a small land space. I don’t know that I’ve yet processed the […]

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A rabbi praying (had been praying — reading in this pic) at the Wailing Wall.

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McDonald’s in Israel is 10,000x better…no cheeseburger given the stricter religious clientele in Jerusalem, but the patty was thick, the veggies fresh and the bun great too. The fries were the same though…. Tel Aviv had a lot more non-kosher options.

Saturday Open Thread

Every once in awhilea cow gets blown up courtesy of the Syrian Army. Most are probably clear but there’s only one way to know for sure.