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Hollywood's Best and Worst Investments

When you think of the Hollywood actors who really bring in the box office dough, who do you think of? Tom Cruise? Tom Hanks? Will Smith? George Clooney? (Just kidding about that last one, Clooney’s a sucky actor whose movies almost always bomb; the only reason he still gets work is because he’s a […]

Let's Generalize About Men!

Very funny song from the new season of the show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend that mocks modern feminists and their views toward men.

I don’t watch the show – not my cup of tea – but Mrs. C tells me it’s a real kick to watch. Certainly there’s more self-awareness and self-mockery in this three-minute […]

Sometimes Halloween Comes Early

I’m not sure how familiar you folks are with Drag Queen Storytime, but it’s a program that leftists in the public libraries have created to help “destigmatize” LGBTQ+ people. The idea is that they bring in drag queens to read to children at storytime, thus teaching them that gays/trans/etc. are perfectly normal and well-balanced folks […]

The Coming African Tide

When immigration issues are discussed in this country, it is usually in regards to Mexico & Central America (or, more recently, the Middle East). But, writing in the National Review, Sami J. Karam discusses an upcoming population explosion in another region – the African continent – and its potential immigration repercussions.

Today sub-Saharan Africa […]

This Week's Trailer Park Round-Up

Greetings, Threedonia! Small-town cops, mutants, psychos and unstable war vets. We’ve got trailers for them all this week!

1. The New Mutants

Marvel’s new show is an X-Men spin-off, based on Chris Claremont’s famous comic book series about five young mutants being held in a secret lab against their will. The trailer starts out […]

God Bless Texas

Spotted at the Texas State Fair, Oreo Beer Shakes, courtesy of Barrera’s:

The drink is their Oreo Beer, an American milk porter with “vanilla, brown sugar, and cream, with hints of roasted coffee.” The shake is then garnished with an oreo cookie and crushed oreos around the rim.

Considering that oreos are basically my […]

Wiping Away America

Earlier this week, I held an impromptu history lesson for my 7 year-old son, where I taught him about Christopher Columbus. Why did I do this? Because his public school teachers had taught him nothing about the man. There was no school holiday for Columbus Day, and no lesson about him. Apparently the explorer […]

From The Trailer Park - Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Trailer 2)

So much to unpack here, how couldn’t I post this? From this new trailer, we can infer a few things about the next chapter in the Star Wars story:

-Rey’s training with Luke Skywalker does not go smoothly, with Luke very apprehensive that she will go down the same dark path as his former […]

The Pigs of Hollywood

In the wake of the ever-growing Harvey Weinstein scandal, author and former music journalist Thomas Wictor sent out a tweetstorm on the subject yesterday that is a pretty amazing read (although I do have one caveat with it, which I will discuss later). You can read the entire series of tweets here, but I […]

Happy Columbus Day!

I love both of these tweets. Happy Columbus Day, Threedonia!