Andrew Klavan Memorial Head for an Orange Winner, Week 3: October 20, 2016

The Nobel Committee for Literature

You’ve got a cushy job at an institute funded by an endowment and there are many thousands of great writers in all the nations of the Earth writing brilliant works every year. All you have to do is pick one. You don’t have to write a great literary work, […]

Andrew Klavan Memorial Head for an Orange Winner, Week 2: October 8, 2016

You’ve got two of the most coveted jobs in the world; a television gig on a news network and a writing gig for a major paper. You make big money. Live a cushy life. Rub elbows with the rich and famous. Can get a table in any restaurant from DC to Boston. And all […]

Pyrrhic vs. Schadenfreude

I was thinking my preference for this election was a Trump victory for the sole, schadenfreude joy of knowing that at some point on November 8th Hillary Clinton would understand that it was all for naught. (Although once I allowed myself an acceptable period to laugh with glee, I would be sobered by the […]

She Lives

He Knows Her Best

Andrew Klavan Memorial Head for an Orange Winner, Week 1: October 1, 2016

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Brad Pitt. Brad Pitt could have remained single and “dated” any woman with a pulse on planet Earth, any […]

The Andrew Klavan Memorial Orange for a Head Award

I like humor. Well, who doesn’t? Even folks who have a lousy sense of humor, and you know who you are, think they have a great sense of humor. I like humor enough that I read comedians’ biographies, seek out their interviews and enjoy watching comedians talk about and dissect jokes like most folks […]

Sunday Open Thread

Ready, Fire, Aim!


is rather fascinating. I don’t pay a lot of attention to the retail world, but I had heard about Target instituting their, “pee wherever you want to” policy and I had heard mention of a boycott. I didn’t know the boycott was that official, nor did I know just how much Target’s […]

Debate Open Thread

Here we go… [My current plan is a bowl of popcorn and either a Sierra Nevada Octoberfest or Beck’s Oktoberfest or Sam Adams’ Octoberfest (or 1 of each).]