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Making 3-Donia History!

View from my window.

The first Threedonia Post made from the Southern Hemisphere. Ever.

And I did it. Top that, Floyd.

The Sin of the Unprofitable Servant

(A friend and I recently had a debate through e-mail regarding the effectiveness of Pope Francis’ recent Evangelii Gaudium. There has also been some debate here, so I thought I’d share what I wrote.)

The Pope walks the walk, but his “trickle down” attack on Capitalism is lousy politics and lousy economics (and lousy [...]

It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood


Floyd and I have had a running debate about the validity of the humanities in a University education. This article (and especially the comments), is a must read for anyone considering graduate studies in the field. It’s also entertaining and well written enough for those of you who are not considering that route.

In [...]

Why is the Stock Market Breaking Records?

Eric recently asked a good question; if unemployment is so high why is the stock market doing so well? Like all things with the economy, the answer isn’t necessarily simple, but I’ll give it a go…

First, it’s not at all uncommon for the stock market to do well when unemployment is high. The [...]

Nick Searcy on “Red Eye!” Watch!!

He’s Nick Searcy, but you already knew that.

Nick Searcy is a guest on “Red Eye” tonight (or early tomorrow morning, depending on your perspective).

Set your DVR or VCR or, if you don’t have either, down a pot of coffee and watch it live!

This Day in Global Warming Climate Change Global Cooling News

Polar Bear Face Palm

Go here and read this: “The graph confirms there has been no statistically significant increase in the world’s average temperature since January 1997.” Some Brits seem to be getting a little irritated on the billions of pounds wasted on this malarkey, and, the article doesn’t address this, but [...]

The Mile Mark of Cain

“16-year-old, Mary Cain, a high school junior, won the women’s mile and became the first high school student to win a national indoor or outdoor championship since Allyson Felix in 2003.”

You can see the race here,

This young lady is going places! This is the U.S. indoor championships and she’s running [...]

Guns Are For Closers

I was going to post some highlights and link to the article (here’s a link, but the highlights became the entire article! It’s David Mamet so that should be no surprise.

For those of you who like to engage in debate with folks, post this to your Facebook page and dare anyone to refute [...]

Avoid the Fiscal Cliff!

I just used the Amazon link for some Christmas gift purchases. If Amazon has anything you need at a good price please do the same. Floyd, Outlaw, Wankette, Eric and the others receive no compensation for their work here; work we all benefit from. In years when such purchases don’t offset their operating [...]