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For many years I wondered how the scientific method was something that was “discovered” or “invented.” The exact time when science began to be rooted in it is vague (as is the concept of “science” as a discipline), but most historians credit Galileo as being the first big adopter and promoter of it. How, […]

Tuesday Open Thread

Ledecky’s Margin of Victory!

Elites Beat Feet to Easy Street

If you haven’t already seen it, please go read this post by Ace, http://acecomments.mu.nu/?post=365276 It’s based on a WSJ article by Peggy Noonan, “How Global Elites Forsake Their Countrymen.” (There’s also some good stuff in the comments.)

Noonan and Ace do a better job than I did in this piece, Why Trump is Right […]

How Apple Avoids Paying for the Nanny State

This is a very good post on how Apple (and many other corporations) shields its earnings from the IRS: http://taxprof.typepad.com/taxprof_blog/2016/08/stiglitzapples-tax-strategy-is-a-fraud.html

A few years ago I spent a summer working in the Swiss Canton of Zug. I’ve worked in almost 20 foreign countries, but my experience in Zug is one of the most surreal.

Zug […]

Why Trump is Right and Floyd Is An Elitist Hypocrite

The view from Floyd’s office.

In this comment:

Floyd Turbo gets on his high horse and tells unemployed blue collar folks they need to suck it up. Our Wal-Marts are full of cheap goods from China that make life for the Turbos peachy-keen, so the Trump’kins can take their protectionism and stuff it.



A few days ago JimmyC wrote a post about Libertarians. I loved the cartoon! I’m not going to take the time to defend the party (and they seem about as inept as the GOP right now), but I want to point out something no one seems to be stating about Governor Johnson.

Despite whatever […]

It’s Morning in America!

Let Freedom Ring!

Behold, Threedonia!

As readers of the site know, Floyd made frequent use of an image of an overweight, slovenly, Mediteranean looking man. An image that came to be infamously known as “manboobs.” In the spirit of a new beginning spurred by Floyd’s demolition of the old site I propose a new image for Threedonia 2.0. A beginning […]

Rule Britainna!

I am surprised, and pleased, by the results of the British referendum to leave the EU. I think it’s the right decision, and can’t state my reasons any better than Daniel Hammond did in his recent speech, so I won’t try.

This is significant, very, very significant for a lot of reasons. I’ll make […]

Rufus Explains That Everyone Else is Wrong

OK, maybe I could have chosen some words better and maybe you’re not all, technically wrong, but my hyperbole got you to read this post.

My “Innovation Stagnation” post turned into a debate over the definition of paradigm shift in technology instead of the larger point I tried and failed to make.

JimmyC and […]