The Center Cannot Hold


is not hyperbole (I’ll quote from his article below my take). This really is a cold civil war. It’s not left against right or progressives against conservatives; it’s our government bureaucracy vs. the citizenry.

Some of you recently wrote about evil characters in movies and television that scared you the most and […]

Albert Does Dusseldorf

Speaking of the coarsening of discourse on television…

One of the Little Fireflies mentioned there was a new series starting on the National Geographic channel, “Genius” and asked if I would DVR it so we could watch it. I did a little research. I’ve read a few biographies of Albert Einstein so I thought […]

You're Not in Kansas Any More, (Christian) Toto!

If you haven’t recently been to Christian Toto’s website, “Hollywood in Toto, I encourage you to take a look, Hollywood in Toto

I think he’s on to something big.

Many of us met at the old, Libertas site. As evidenced by the number of readers and commenters that site had, it obviously filled a […]

Silent Majority vs. Major Whinority

I’m interested in learning what others here think about whether there is a “silent majority,” and, if so, just how major is it? I don’t mean Republican and Democrat, or even Left and Right, I mean the percentage of people who believe in live and let live and mostly want to be left alone […]

Vimeo Killed the Hollywood Star*

*Not a song by The Buggles

Magnus posted a well written piece from “Vanity Fair” where the author expressed an opinion that Hollywood would soon go through a shake up similar to what print journalism and music have gone through for a similar reason; the ubiquity of digital media. JimmyC agrees there is a […]

“Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.

Let me see if I have the facts correct:

1. DePaul University a Vincentian*, Roman Catholic University founded in 1898 in the United States of America forbids Ben Shapiro from speaking on their campus. 2. DePaul University had security forces meet Mr. Shapiro on the border of their campus, threatening him with arrest if […]

The Most Racist Election in the Most Racist Nation Ever!

The above chart shows, irrefutably, that the primary reason Doland J. Trump will be sworn into office January 20, 2017 and Hillary R. Clinton will not is because Hillary lost.

Far too many talking heads who know better are pontificating on television, in ink and on the Internet about dramatic changes in the electorate; […]

Morning in America

I’ve been one of the most vocal critics of Donald J. Trump in this joint and I did not vote for him, but I do have a sincere hope that his Presidency is good for our country. The last month, or so, have seen a string of positives from him and his camp. Was […]

Why Hillary is Worse

I imagine my Hillary voting friends are similar to many folks voting for Hillary; they follow the news (although they stick to liberal outlets) and they think Hillary is a bit corrupt, but they’re voting for her anyway. I don’t mind if someone says they believe in the policies of the Democratic party’s platform […]

In Defense of TV Violence: A Rebuttal

I’ve never watched “The Walking Dead,” nor do I plan to, but based on JimmyC’s description and the snippets he provided from Dave Taylor I think Taylor makes the better argument.

I don’t want anything banned, or censored. It’s not the coarsening of culture I’m concerned with as much of the dumbing down of […]