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Stumping for Trump

Yesterday I posted a video clip of Sarah Palin and Wayne Allyn Root discussing The Donald’s bid to be the GOP’s candidate for President in 2016. Although I agreed with Palin and Root’s reasoning on Trump’s success in the polls, some of you took my post to mean I am behind Trump for President. […]

Best Analysis of the Trump Phenomenon I’ve Heard So Far

I think there is something in this video clip for all Threedonian tastes; Libertarian Wayne Allyn Root interviewed by Governor Sarah Palin gives a very astute analysis of why Donald Trump is resonating with voters. He even uses a Dallas Cowboys analogy to make his central point!

Penn Jillette on Government Funded


We’ve a Long, Long Way to Go (Rufus GOP Debate Post #2)

If memory serves, the first three primaries are held in New Hampshire, Iowa and South Carolina. Typically a lot of campaign contributions are based on what happens in those three states. Now here’s the really amazing thing about our current information:

These are all NATIONAL POLLS!!!

Why? Why is the media obsessed with national […]

Why The First GOP Debate Changed My Pick for President in 2016

For reasons I will address in a later post, this first debate wasn’t too important relative to who will eventually garner the GOP’s slot on the 2016 Presidential ballot. The first primary is still 6 months out. I didn’t plan to watch it, but the wife was interested so I ended up seeing some, […]

Debate Blog for Loyal Goatherd

Civilization versus Man

This article that Matt referenced in the comments, Matt’s buddy’s article

spurred me to think a bit. Like the author in the article I have always been good at civilization. I can navigate modern cities well; I’m a wizz at public transportation, urban cycling, hailing taxis. I know which restaurants and fast food options […]

Review: Red Eye with Tom Shillue

Greg Gutfeld announced he was leaving Red Eye and the show began rotating different men and women in the host spot. On Greg’s last show, when this plan was announced, I turned to my wife (the lovely, Mrs. Firefly) and said, “Please don’t let Tom Shillue be the new host.”

We watched the ensuing […]

Review: The Greg Gutfeld Show

With his announcement he was leaving “Red Eye” and “Red Eye’s” ensuing hiatus I anxiously awaited the premiere of Greg Gutfeld’s new show, the eponymous, “Greg Gutfeld Show.” With so many weeks to prepare I expected great things and I was not disappointed.

Oops, I meant to write I was disappointed. I wanted to […]

How O.J. Simpson Changed my Worldview

Heading to the store for eggs, bread and milk

Some background information: (I have only served on 1 jury. When leaving the house on the 1st day I remember thinking, “I hope I get picked, and I hope it’s something interesting.” I got picked and it was a murder trial. During the deliberation phase […]