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3D Weekend Five: Dining Out at the Movies

Celeb chef (and all-around tough guy)Anthony Bourdain was TCM’s Guest Programmer for March.  No surprise, his theme of choice was Food & Cinema.

Pick movies, or scenes from movies, that featured a memorable breakfast/lunch/dinner, cooking experience, or some dining al fresco.  This is dedicated to all the 3D foodies out there, especially Matt H.

5. [...]

3D Weekend Five: Hate to Love 'Em/Love to Hate 'Em -- Movie Villains

Yet another list has been trotted out (how dare they beat us to it!).  I’m always of two — okay, several — minds on the subject: Are we talking, Villains Who Creep Me Out?  Villains Who Charm Me?  Villains Who Terrify?  And is it the actor who makes it work, or the character?

So I [...]

Academy Awards Open Thread


From 2002: the last time I really cared about the Oscars.

I am currently fighting The Cold That Won’t Leave, so it’s with absolutely no pain or regret I tell you: this year, you’re on your own.

Do me proud.

3D Weekend Five: B-Sides B-Fine

Your favorite singers and their not-so-popular tunes.  This is a redux, but I love the topic.

5.  Pinky (Elton John):  From Caribou.  Not as well-known as his other Tiny Dancers & Bennys, but still my favorite.

4.  Vienna (Billy Joel):   From The Stranger.   “If you’re so smart, tell me: why are you still so afraid?”

3.  Low Budget [...]

Happy Birthday, Goozer!!

It’s before midnight, so it still counts.

Hope it’s been, and continues to be, a wonderful day.


3D (Holiday) Weekend Five: Presidentially Speaking

I know = you were expecting a Valentine thread.  Nah.

In honor of the February bdays, name your Top 5 U.S. Presidents.

5.  Theodore Roosevelt (26th):  His mystique has been…revisited, let us say…but I don’t think I ever got over my childhood history books, and the gallant soldier/statesman/good ol’ boy picture they painted.  Plus, Brian [...]

3D Weekend Five: Best (SB) Commercials

Something’s coming up tomorrow.  Oh yeah! the annual Great Ad Scrum.

It doesn’t have to have first appeared during the Super Bowl, but…

5.  Volkswagen & the Darth Vader kid:  Totes adorbs.

4.  Budweiser & “Wassuuuuuuuup?!?!”:  Yes, it wore out its welcome.  But I just screened the original for the first time in years, and [...]

Sunday Open Thread/Happy Birthday, Tracy! (tx mom to many)


Not exactly a family portrait in frosting, but you get the idea…

Dearest T! thanks for “mom-ing” some of us, what needs it, around here.  Hope your day is wonderful!

3D Weekend Five: Families, The Sequel

And now for the best TV families.  Cartoons & Reality TV count, only if there’s no one named “Kardashian” or “Gosselin”.

5.  The Hecks from The Middle:  Because this show has gotten better with age.  Partly because they’ve allowed the three kids to grow out of their early twerpy-ness.  And Dad is the smartest guy [...]

Tuesday Open Thread/Happy Birthday, Eric!!

In honor of your day (and the New Hire)…

Happy 2014!!  God bless you & keep you & yours, all year long.