My Darling Dad


When I was a little girl, my dad would stretch out on the floor and have me walk on his back. When I was older, he’d stretch out on the floor and have me walk on his feet. The past several years, as Dad has been in and out of the hospital, I […]

3D Weekend Five: Reading Material, Periodically Speaking

I used to be a magazine junkie.  Now, of course, websites & stuff.  Plus, libs overtook some of my favorites and turned them into Republican stomping grounds.  But, even though I Subscribe-No-Mor, I’ll read ’em at Walgreen’s while waiting for my pain meds.

5.  InStyle: Clothes/hair/makeup/gifts.  It used to be celeb-lite (though it was an […]

The 3D Academy Awards

We watch so you don’t have to.

Let the snark begin.  Go Sniper!

3D Weekend Five: Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

(The original title was “Weepies”, but I thought for this testosterone-y site, that would be a real turn-off.)

I’m late to this party because I have been on the PUP-list since December (Physically Unable to Perform)…tough going that a writer can’t write, or hold a book to read! but my hands are better now, so […]

Happy Birthday Tracy!

I hope you’re enjoying your day — you and Zoon and all the little zoonettes.

Penelope’s was the 12th; I thought it was tomorrow (confusing her bday with her handle); Happy Belated!

Happy Birthday, Eric!

This one was an oh-my-lord, couldn’t-resist!  Hope you like it too.

May your 2015 be all that is “Most Interesting…”

3D Weekend Five: Specially Christmas Specials

A catch-all for hymn/secular singin’/TV ep/movie/character/scene favorites for this time of the year.

5.  Feliz Navidad (Jose Feliciano): Because there’s such joy — and even a Yee-haw! (close enough) — in his singing.  Plus which, I finally figured out that the words I mumbled over are “prospero ano y felicidad“, so now I can sing […]

Happy Belated Birthday, Matt Helm!!

We’re two days late — very sorry!! but we ran out of gas over Pluto.

Have a wonderful, wonderful year, old friend.  May the world continue to be blessed with your wit, your great stories, and your fabulous cooking.

3D Weekend Five: Best Movie Rants

Not stories and not soliloquies!  Pure, rabid, Mad-as-hell/I-can’t-take-it-anymore, foaming at the mouth, RANTS.  These are some of my personal favorites.  Except for #5, I can quote them all from memory.  And have!  #1 is especially satisfying on days when your professional life is making you insane.

5.  Beautiful Girls: Rosie O’Donnell on Real Women v. […]

Happy Birthday, Floyd R. Turbo!!

BlogFather, Blogfather!  Lovin’ the new business card.

This is where the party is.  Thanks to TiC for the updated shots.

Have a piece; enjoy your day; thanks for all you do.