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The Smithsonian has a new story up about how a central planning failure in Brazil turned into a horrific catastrophe that cost thousands of lives and destroyed untold miles of pristine Amazon rainforest:

…the story of Rondônia kicks into gear in the late 1970s, when tens of thousands of agricultural workers found themselves out […]

We’ve a Long, Long Way to Go (Rufus GOP Debate Post #2)

If memory serves, the first three primaries are held in New Hampshire, Iowa and South Carolina. Typically a lot of campaign contributions are based on what happens in those three states. Now here’s the really amazing thing about our current information:

These are all NATIONAL POLLS!!!

Why? Why is the media obsessed with national […]

Why The First GOP Debate Changed My Pick for President in 2016

For reasons I will address in a later post, this first debate wasn’t too important relative to who will eventually garner the GOP’s slot on the 2016 Presidential ballot. The first primary is still 6 months out. I didn’t plan to watch it, but the wife was interested so I ended up seeing some, […]

The Arsenal of Democracy

There will be an unprecedented flyby of over 70 WWII aircraft over our nation’s capital today in celebration of the 70th anniversary of VE Day.

The live feed can be seen here: http://ww2flyover.org/live-webcast/

I always will be a Soldier.

Proud to be on this team.

Killjoy is Here

Meanwhile in Great Britain the BBC Director General has to sign off on some jokes – from the Telegraph:

It has produced some of the finest comedies ever to grace British television screens, from Dad’s Army to Monty Python and Blackadder.

Viewers may be surprised to learn, then, about the lengths the BBC […]

Acting like a maniac ...

From the Trailer Park -- Red Army

With only few hours before FX’s Season 3 premiere of The Americans, a little Soviet-era hockey to vet zee vistle. Below trailer and also story from one of commie’s favorite places of propaganda, the LA Times.

Crying Uncle

For those secure in how they arrived at their opinion of Jerry Sandusky, Penn State administrators Spanier, Curley and Schultz, and/or long-time coach/philanthropist Joe Paterno, be it via ESPN’s false narrative, the NCAA’s draconian and overreaching sanctions and the Penn State Board of Trustees complying with the sanctions, and/or the misinformation and lies from the […]

New Year, Same Old Dumbassery

Well it appears that once again, no liberals made a New Year’s resolution to start using their brains this year, because they waited less than a day into the new year before reacting with spittle-flecked outrage over yet another non-controversy.

On New Year’s Day, Sarah Palin posted the above pictures of her […]