The Andrew Klavan Podcast

This is simply the best 30 minutes of daily, political commentary on any medium currently extant. I just stumbled onto it a few days ago and have listened to the past 5 or so episodes. I cannot recommend it enough.

I subscribed to the podcast through the Google Play Store (same thing as the […]

Monday Open Thread

Honored to be with David Norman and Robert Zajac of the New York Police Department today, first responders at Ground Zero fifteen years ago. For many of us, today may feel like any Football Sunday in America. For David, Robert, first responders, and those who lost […]


Actor/Director Mark Ruffalo

I’ll preface this post by noting that I like Mark Ruffalo as an actor. He has brought great heart and a certain world-weariness to his roles in The Avengers films, the cop in Zodiac, and Shutter Island among others. If he’s in a film I’m more like than not to check […]

Clinging to Misery

Zo Rachel, as always, bringin’ the double truth, Ruth!

Wednesday Open Thread 

As seen on Drudge a couple of days ago.


Every now and again I think about the things that I once did, and become rather depressed at how the powers that be pissed all our sacrifices away. If you ever wondered what a day in Iraq for an Attack Helicopter pilot was like take a gander at this…

COP Cavalier, 23 August, 2007 […]

Obama's Disaster

Ramirez sums up the Presidential priorities perfectly:

Stay classy, POTUS. Next January can’t get here fast enough.

Monday Open Thread

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Leap of Faith

German long jumper Luz Long and Jesse Owens get friendly on the stadium floor during the 1936 Berlin Summer Olympics

The great website Letters of Note has this exchange between Luz Long and Jesse Owens — competitors in the long jump in the 1936 Berlin Summer Olympics (Long won silver — Owens won one […]

Rio Degeneration

Critics of socialist President Rousseff celebrate her impeachment on the streets of Sao Paolo.

In my previous post about how far-left policies are sinking South American countries while free-market capitalist policies are allowing them to thrive, I briefly mentioned socialist Brazil as an example of the former. While we’ve all read the stories […]