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They're the judge and jury all in one

Great interview from Christian Toto with true rebels, rebels!

They have come to think that music is a safe space to be nurtured and protected in, but they’re finding out it isn’t. They’ve become the uptight 1950s parents that refused to let their kids buy Elvis records.


Heads In The Sand

Last week, a Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs was held to discuss the threats posed to the free world. Among those who spoke at the hearing were Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Asra Nomani, two activists who have made it their lives’ work to fight for the rights of Muslim women. But […]

Tower of Babble

Grenfell Tower, London, UK

Conservative MP Daniel Hannan has some bracing and true words about the recent tragedy — the Grenfell Tower fire this past week. As in the UK so in the States when it comes to exploitation and manipulation of the victims, public, and their emotions. From CapX:

Do you remember the […]

Happy Father's Day, Threedonia!

There have been alot of great TV dads, but Jack Arnold from The Wonder Years might be my personal favorite. He bucked the trend of sensitive sitcom dads at the time, and was very old-school. A gruff and blustery disciplinarian, he had little patience for feelings or for his kids’ shenanigans, but he was […]

Hollywood Idiot

Ultra-liberal actress Elizabeth Banks, best known for playing a shill for a decadent, totalitarian big government in The Hunger Games movies (she became an Obama apologist as research for the role), was at one of those awards shows nobody watches when she decided to climb on her diamond-studded soapbox about women not getting enough […]

We Can't Stop What We Refuse To See

There have been many awful responses by left-wing imbeciles to the recent string of terrorist attacks in England, mostly about how the real enemy is “Islamophobia” and how we can totally fight terrorism with the power of hugs and rainbows, but this asinine tweet by Bette Midler in response to the London Bridge attack has […]

Money is not the only answer, but it makes a difference - Barack Obama

Ace at has written a few posts explaining what secondary boycotts are and why he has changed from advising against them to advocating for them.

I’m not particularly a fan of boycotts as a sort-of political movement, but I’ve never understood why so many folks give their hard-earned money to people who will […]

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