Wednesday With Floyd

Ok that was Monday with my 500 cl of Chouffe…. in Brussels.

Today was…

In the Mauritshuis, The Hague Netherlands with a few friends such as this beauty. And beer.

Sunday Open Thread 

Bust of Plato. 1st c. Roman copy pf earlier Greek work.

Thursday Open Thread 

“The Abduction of Europa” by Bernardo Strozzi (1644)

Tuesday Open Thread 

Aeneas and a Sibyl in the Underworld by Jan Breugel the Elder

Saturday Open Thread 

Daphne and Apollo (1844) by Theodore Chasseriau.

Wednesday Open Thread 

Satyr’s Head… sketch by Michaelangelo

Michaelangelo and the Mechanics

Photographer Freddy Fabris, who is a big fan of the Renaissance masters and their work, was visiting an auto mechanic shop in the Midwest when he was struck by an inspiration. He decided to recreate some of the most famous paintings of the period using the mechanics as subjects. The results are both impressive and […]

Friday Open Thread

Fall in Poland.

Thursday Open Thread

The Warrior's Stone Mask

Wednesday Open Thread 

Capture of Constantinople in 1204 by Tintoretto (1580)