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Good Friday Open Thread

Ecce Homo by Antonio Ciseri (1871)

Monday Open Thread

Christ Curses the Fig Tree, Woodcut by Urs Graf (Swiss)

Palm Sunday Open Thread

Christ’s Entry Into Jerusalem by Albrecht Durer

Thursday Open Thread

Life line by Winslow Homer

Monday Open Thread

Massacre at Chios by Eugene Delacroix

On this date in 1822 Turkish forces massacred Greeks on Chios during the Greek War for Independence. After the Turks were finished, the island’s population of 120,000 had dwindled to a mere 2,000.

Sunday Open Thread

Snap O’ the Whip by Winslow Homer

Wednesday Open Thread

The Annunciation (1898) by Henry Ossawa Tanner

Sunday Open Thread

“The Monitor and Merrimac: The First Fight Between Ironclads”, a chromolithograph of the Battle of Hampton Roads, produced by Louis Prang & Co., Boston

On this date in 1862 the Battle of Hampton Roads was concluded

Friday Open Thread

Compartment C, Car 293 by Edward Hopper

Looking for Lodging? It’s Alimentary!

Casanus by Joep Van Lieshout

If you’re ever in Belgium and money is such that you need to um… pinch pennies — then try the lodgings at CasAnus.

This is one of those indescribable properties that leaves people stunned when you say that you slept in a giant model of a human intestine. From [...]