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Return of the Prodigal Son by Rembrandt 

Bob Ross Draws Muhammed

This is really funny. You gotta love Steven Crowder. The man is a brilliant satirist with a love of the First Amendment and cajones of steel. We need a lot more like him in the world.

Also, his impression of the famous “Joy of Painting” PBS host is spot-on here. And probably not entirely […]

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Purification of the Temple by El Greco

The Morning After

Regrets? Only time will tell…

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The Burial by Antoine Wiertz (1854)

Friday Open Thread

Le Visionnaire by Macchiati Serafino (1904)

Red, White and Bronzed

With apologies to all you Team Stark members out there, it appears that Cap is the real “Iron Man”.

In honor of Steve Rogers aka Captain America’s 75th birthday, his hometown of Brooklyn has commissioned a 13-foot bronze statue of him. Check it out:

The statue will be officially unveiled at the San […]

Saturday Open Thread

“Pitching Quoits” by Winslow Homer