Instagram City

In an effort to increase international interest in the area, the small Indonesian village of Kampung Pelangi came up with a novel idea: paint the entire city in bright colors.

The result has been quite successful, making the slum-filled town into a popular tourist spot and Instagram post subject, and a boon to […]

Mothers Day Open Thread 

Mother Sara and the Baby by Mary Cassatt. Happy mother’s day to all and any mothers out there in Threedonia!

Saturday Open Thread

Justice and Divine Vengeance Pursuing Crime by Pierre Paul Prud’hon (1806)

Sunday Open Thread

Frescoes by Giotto (1302-05) at Scrovegni Chapel in Padua, Italy

Saturday Open Thread 

Under the Great Wave by Hokusai

Easter Open Thread 

Risen Christ with St. Thomas by Rembrandt 

Saturday Open Thread 

Harrowing of Hell by Pieter Huys

Good Friday Open Thread 

Ecce Homo by Antonio Ciseri

Thursday Open Thread 

The Last Supper by Tintoretto

Palm Sunday Open Thread 

Triumphal Entry. Fresco by Giotto