Monday Open Thread

June… a month of book chucks… Saw this one in SI — an excerpt.

Put him in, coach

Thursday Open Thread

Painting by Graig Kreindler From Bob Feller Museum

On this date in 1941, the Cleveland Indians’ Bob Feller pitched the only Opening Day no-hitter in MLB history blanking the White Sox 1-0

Opening Day Open Thread

Super Trooper

Not sure how Outlaw feels about the Washington Nationals, but I’d like to think he’ll root for Gio Gonzalez unless he’s facing the Astros or Rangers.

Sunday Open Thread

Kansas City Royals third baseman Mike Moustakas (8) celebrated with Kansas City Royals shortstop.

The KC Royals are up 2-0 on the Orioles… both League Championship Series are shaping up to be good old-fashioned baseball… small ball, base running, great fielding, infield hits, and homers — not galore, but the timely kind… and good […]

Wednesday Open Thread

Royals win big over the A’s with 2 runs in the 12th… sorry Tink

Monday Open Thread

You can polish off a no-hitter with a strikeout I guess. No THIS is how a team closes out a no-hitter.

Saturday Open Thread

One of the things I like about baseball is its ability to take me back to good memories. So despite the world situation and that I’m a Texas Rangers fan and am disappointed at their abysmal season this year I find a certain comfort in knowing that there will be October baseball this year […]

Almost-October Surprise

Suppose I (and Royals and A’s fans) should be tweaked Fox Sports decided to include the Seattle Mariners as post-season-bound, ignoring the Indians (who are only a game back of Seattle for the still-think-it’s-silly second wild card spot), but too pleasantly distracted by new AC/DC to care. Yes, I realize using “new” in front of […]