God Bless Texas

Spotted at the Texas State Fair, Oreo Beer Shakes, courtesy of Barrera’s:

The drink is their Oreo Beer, an American milk porter with “vanilla, brown sugar, and cream, with hints of roasted coffee.” The shake is then garnished with an oreo cookie and crushed oreos around the rim.

Considering that oreos are basically my […]

Wednesday With Floyd

Ok that was Monday with my 500 cl of Chouffe…. in Brussels.

Today was…

In the Mauritshuis, The Hague Netherlands with a few friends such as this beauty. And beer.

Tuesday Open Thread 

Anti-Prohibition march (or is it more Pro-Beer?) in early 1920s Chicago. 

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Sunday Open Thread 

Are They Also Hiring Hell Raisers?

I may be taking a year-long sabbatical to work for The Smithsonian:

If you’ve ever said to yourself, “Can’t I just have a beer and tour the country and someone pay me for it?” Well, we have really, really good news for you! This job actually exists and The Smithsonian is currently hiring and […]