Happy Birthday Outlaw!

Happy Birthday JimmyC

Some Firefly (not the Rufus T. variety for good reason) cheesecake for you. Enjoy your day and thanks for both your patronage and help!

President’s Day Open Thread

Columbia’s Noblest Sons by Kimmel & Forster, lithographer (1865)

This is the one hundred and tenth anniversary of the birthday of Washington. We are met to celebrate this day. Washington is the mightiest name on earth — long since mightiest in the cause of civil liberty; still mightiest in moral reformation. On that name, […]

Happy Birthday Tracy!

I hope you’re enjoying your day — you and Zoon and all the little zoonettes.

Penelope’s was the 12th; I thought it was tomorrow (confusing her bday with her handle); Happy Belated!

Happy Birthday, Eric!

This one was an oh-my-lord, couldn’t-resist!  Hope you like it too.

May your 2015 be all that is “Most Interesting…”

Friday Open Thread

Lee Van Cleef

Happy Belated Birthday, Matt Helm!!

We’re two days late — very sorry!! but we ran out of gas over Pluto.

Have a wonderful, wonderful year, old friend.  May the world continue to be blessed with your wit, your great stories, and your fabulous cooking.

Happy Birthday, Floyd R. Turbo!!

BlogFather, Blogfather!  Lovin’ the new business card.

This is where the party is.  Thanks to TiC for the updated shots.

Have a piece; enjoy your day; thanks for all you do.


Tuesday Open Thread

A dispute between an Indian man and a White man over penis size turned deadly in South Africa. Standing at a urinal the Indian guy said his was bigger than the white guy’s. An argument and fight ensued. The Indian and his friends returned with firearms, killed three people, and critically wounded two others.


Dear Kriskey, G-Man, JustJack: Happy Birthday!

I’m a bit late for Our Favorite Fed, a bit early for JJ, and it’s still the 20th, you drunken bum of a co-blogger!

Sorry that my health issues have gotten in the way of my responsibility as BDay Monitor.  But all of you should know, my shameful forgetfulness should in no way reflect, […]