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In the Presence of Enemy Mines

USS Gladiator

Popular Science has an interesting piece on sea mines and the U.S. Navy’s capabilities against them:

There’s a line in the mine warfare community twisted from the United Negro College Fund slogan and gets (over) used all the time: “A mine is a terrible thing that waits.”

And waits and waits and [...]

Friday Night Fight — Man vs. Dead Whale

My kids were tripping on the video below last week….

Not necessarily NSFW, but it’s gross if you’re a squeamish sort. In looking for the one below we came across the video above. I hereby declare it THE SINGLE GREATEST ACT BY A STATE GOVERNMENT in the history of these United States.

How Does It Feel?

I’m not the biggest Bob Dylan fan in the world — though I do have “The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan” on semi-regular rotation, but the new video for “Like a Rolling Stone” is pretty amazing — even for those who hate Bob Dylan. It is interactive and — as you can see from the screenshot [...]

Monday Mashup — Moon Landing Edition

Your Monday dose of badassery in the form of all 6 Apollo lunar landings shown at a 45 degree angle to give you the view the pilots would have had landing. Look in awe and in nostalgia as we will not, literally probably, see thie likes of this agin for decades to come.

Smokestack Lightening

Last Tuesday, Florida Power & Light put on a show in the name of Progress. Who doesn’t love a good demolition? Am I right?

Four familiar smokestacks at Port Everglades came down forever early Tuesday morning with a swift string of flashes, pops and echoing rumbles that — from a safe distance —sounded [...]

Blow Bridges

WHat’s better than videos of a bridge blowing up… an HD slow motion video of a bridge blowing up… Lake Marble Falls Bridge demolished last month by Texas DOT — shots courtesy of Kirk Drummond

Oh! They Missed A Darwin Award by THAT Much.

Two brothers in Kansas blew up their house while celebrating lottery win with drugs.

Authorities say two brothers accidentally blew up their house after celebrating a $75,000 winning lottery ticket by purchasing marijuana and meth.

Wichita police Sgt. Bruce Watts says one of the brothers was taken to a hospital and the other to [...]

Holy Shitsky!

Meteorite storm hits Russia… watch upper left corner, injuring nearly 1,000 people:

A terrifying meteorite shower left more than 950 people injured, buildings devastated and the mobile network wiped out when it hit Russia this morning.

Brightly burning rocks could be seen for miles as they crashed at around 9.20am local time and [...]

Super Fly (Over)

This video is a few years old, but NFL Films did this on pregame flyovers and it’s pretty awesome. I love the reaction shots of the players and coaches… nothing impresses like raw power and speed. When the planes are yours it’s like being an awestruck kid. There’s even some helicopter love for Outlaw.


Sir John the Inflated

If and when John F. Kennedy ever comes up in any of my classes I usually end up telling them that the hushed reverent tones with which he is referenced will become more skeptical and realistic as those Baby Boomers die out. I realize we all view our heroes through rose-colored glasses, but besides [...]