Chanel No. 2

I would’ve thought the French thought their farts didn’t stink.

A Frenchman has developed a range of pills aimed at making people’s flatulence smell sweeter – of chocolate or of roses – which he says will make the perfect Christmas present.

The 65-year-old artist and inventor says his pills are aimed at […]


I would like to make you all aware of a blog I enjoy that you may not have heard of,

The author was raised in New York in a very liberal, progressive environment and then woke up one day and realized she had no idea why she believed everything she believed. She started doing […]

Happy Birthday Fritz Open Thread

On this date in 1945 a devastating object was dropped. And Nagasaki was nuked.

Friday Night Fight: B-52 Stratofortress vs. Unnamed Island

From Foxtrot Alpha:

You are looking at 45 surplus M117 750lb general purpose bombs being dropped out of the weapons bay of a B-52H Stratofortress in under two seconds. You can see the impacts seconds later on the island far below.

Last March I asked a B-52 pilot how accurate using the B-52’s radar […]

I Don’t Think That Smell is Elderberries

France is about to receive some measure of payback for the dishonor its knights showed to Arthur,  King of the Britons.

Colin Furze, a plumber and inventor from Stamford, Lincolnshire, has begun building the biggest fart machine ever, which he plans to place on top of the cliffs of Dover and aim across […]

Friday with the Turbos

The view of the Bay from former WW2 gun emplacements at Marin Headlands.

In the Presence of Enemy Mines

USS Gladiator

Popular Science has an interesting piece on sea mines and the U.S. Navy’s capabilities against them:

There’s a line in the mine warfare community twisted from the United Negro College Fund slogan and gets (over) used all the time: “A mine is a terrible thing that waits.”

And waits and waits and […]

Friday Night Fight — Man vs. Dead Whale

My kids were tripping on the video below last week….

Not necessarily NSFW, but it’s gross if you’re a squeamish sort. In looking for the one below we came across the video above. I hereby declare it THE SINGLE GREATEST ACT BY A STATE GOVERNMENT in the history of these United States.


How Does It Feel?

I’m not the biggest Bob Dylan fan in the world — though I do have “The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan” on semi-regular rotation, but the new video for “Like a Rolling Stone” is pretty amazing — even for those who hate Bob Dylan. It is interactive and — as you can see from the screenshot […]

Monday Mashup — Moon Landing Edition

Your Monday dose of badassery in the form of all 6 Apollo lunar landings shown at a 45 degree angle to give you the view the pilots would have had landing. Look in awe and in nostalgia as we will not, literally probably, see thie likes of this agin for decades to come.