Monday Open Thread

President’s Day Caption….

Today’s Internet Victor — Kurt Schlichter…

One thinks the Duck Dynasty guy is the worst person who ever lived. One saw a jihadi blow up a crowd of little kids.

— Kurt Schlichter (@KurtSchlichter) December 19, 2013

Caption Thread

Keep it clean… HAHAHAHAHAHA… just kidding. h/t: this blog:

Best Photoshop EVER!!!

Or at least = Top Ten.

(h/t Ace of Spades HQ)


Caption Thread

We were in L.A. the other day and my wife snapped this picture… We now know what Tink does when she disappears on the weekends…

What’s her tagline?

Caption Thread — Clinton With Pron Stars

Our dear ex-POTUS Bill Clinton was photographed in Monte Carlo at a casino gala with pron stars according to TMZ. Captions?

Sunday Caption Thread

Here’s looking at them, kid.

Photo h/t: Humphrey Bogart Estate’s Facebook page And lest anyone from there think I’m ridiculing Bogie… quite the contrary… he’s one of my favorites.

Friday Caption Thread

Kenn Christenson requesteth… we comply… Caption Thread.

“Careful, that’s where I keep my coke!”

“Can you tell Geithner his time is up?”

“Nope… “Keystone XL still ain’t up.”

“Just like I did in that delivery room back in Indonesia Mr, President!”

Netflix – Coming & Going

I only have two new titles to tell you about this week: Fawlty Towers is back after–what–a month?  Make up your mind, Netflix!

I’m looking forward to seeing Best Worst Movie, and have been since Christian Toto wrote his review of it.  It’s a documentary about what some claim is the worst movie ever […]

Your Saturday Caption Thread

Occupy protestors at UC-Davis. That’s a great pic.